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How to Contact DoorDash Support: A Guide for Buyers, Drivers, and Merchants

Learn exactly where you can and can’t get DoorDash support. We’ll cover email, web, phone, and in-person in this guide.

Key Information

In-App Support

Open DoorDash app, tap ‘Help’ in the menu, and follow prompts to reach customer support.

Phone Numbers

Dial 855-973-1040 (general) or (855) 864-7626 (Dashers) for direct support.

Live Chat

Visit help.doordash.com and select the appropriate chat option (customer, dasher, merchant) for real-time assistance.

Email Support

Use the contact form on the site or email directly at support@doordash.com for less urgent concerns.

Ridester’s Thoughts: Start with in-app support first – that will usually help solve the most problems. If that doesn’t work, call the support number. It’s the second quickest way to get real-time help with your order without having to wait to hear back.

There are many convenient food delivery services operating today, making ordering your favorite food easier than ever. One of the largest, DoorDash, is no exception.

But sometimes, DoorDash orders don’t go the way they should despite how successful the app is and how well-managed the drivers are.

A missed food delivery, a payment method not working, and miscommunications in the app happen to folks all over the DoorDash platform.

That’s when DoorDash customer service has to step in and help customers, Dashers, and merchants out.

So, rather than stress about how you will reach them, let’s talk about the different ways you can reach DoorDash customer service and what the best ways are.

The Fastest Ways to Contact DoorDash

We’ve included an overview of our top picks below. For detailed information on each pick, scroll down.

  1. Use DoorDash In-App Support: start here first
  2. Call the DoorDash Phone Number: best way to get live help
  3. DoorDash Live Chat: second beast way to get live help
  4. DoorDash Email: great for problems that aren’t urgent
  5. DoorDash Help Pages (Help Center): many answers found here
  6. DoorDash Corporate Offices: for legal & large issues (rare)

Editor’s Note: If DoorDash isn’t loading when you open the app, that’s a strong indication that DoorDash is down. There are multiple ways to diagnose the issue, get the app working, and order your food – check out the link above to our comprehensive guide on this issue.

1. Use DoorDash In-App Support

For most folks, getting help through the app will be the best way to get help with an issue. It’s included with the DoorDash app when you download it, but getting to it is another matter.

To use the in-app support in the DoorDash app, you’ll want to follow these steps:

1. Open the DoorDash app and navigate to your menu

2. Look for the Help option and tap it

3. Select the order that you need help with

4. Follow along with the prompts to provide more information to the system

From here, you’ll be directed to a webpage on DoorDash’s customer support website, or to a customer service agent who will help with the problem via text chat. In either case, you’ll be given a new avenue to start getting your problem resolved.

Right now, that’s all the in-app sport does: it gets you to the best place to file your complaint.

2. Call the DoorDash Phone Number

To get big problems solved faster, talking to someone directly is your best bet. Rather than scrambling around and trying to find it, here are the two phone numbers you can use, depending on your relationship with DoorDash:

  • The DoorDash phone number is 855-973-1040. You can call this number for help whether you’re a customer, dasher, or restaurant.
  • As a more direct way to get help, DoorDash delivery workers can also call the phone number (855) 864-7626 to reach a company representative.

Once you call in, you’ll have to go through some automated messages to route your call to the correct people. You’ll hear a message that gives you four options:

  1. Press “1” if you’re a restaurant that works with DoorDash (or is interested in a partnership)
  2. Press “2” if you’re a DoorDash customer
  3. Press “3” if you’re a DoorDash Dasher in need of support
  4. Press “4” if you’re interested in becoming a Dasher

Once you make your selection, DoorDash will transfer you to a live support representative.

Your hold time depends on a couple of factors, like time of day and call traffic. So, be prepared to wait a little while if you call at peak hours, such as lunchtime or in the evening. Don’t despair, however, as a support rep will eventually get to you.

Like many brands in the gig economy (including ShiptInstacartUber Eats, and Postmates), DoorDash doesn’t frequently promote its phone number. But we’ve tested the number ourselves, and it does work.

Ignore any other DoorDash phone numbers you see floating around online, as they either won’t work or will direct you to automated phone systems (instead of live DoorDash support representatives).

3. DoorDash Live Chat

When you need a real-time conversation, the best DoorDash support option is their live chat. Available 24/7, this channel is user-friendly and often has wait times of a minute or less so you won’t be left hanging for long.

To start a live chat conversation, follow these simple steps:

1. Head to help.doordash.com.

2. Tap “Customer Chat” if you’re a customer, “Dasher Chat” if you’re a courier, or “Merchant Chat” if you’re a restaurant owner.

screenshot of the DoorDash live chat option

From there, you will see a few different options for support, depending on which option you selected.

screenshot of the doordash live chat selection screen

Once a selection is made, you will be prompted to log into the DoorDash platform.

4. Select the order that you are seeking help with.

steps to select an order while using the doordash app for live chat

3. On the following page, a chat window should pop up in the lower right corner. If not, tap the “Chat” button. Take note of the wait times.

doordash live chat screenshot

Fill in the form with your first name, last name, contact information, and support category and subcategory. Then, tap “Start chatting.” You’ll connect to a live support agent as soon as possible.

DoorDash can request that customers, couriers, and restaurant owners only use live chat for urgent and safety-related situations. This is only due to increased demand.

Most of the time, the live chat can be used for time-sensitive issues. For example, you may choose this customer service channel if you haven’t received an order that was marked as delivered or if a customer’s address is invalid on your navigation app.

This is also a great channel for app troubleshooting and deactivating or reactivating your account.

Of course, live chat is not a replacement for 911. If you’re in immediate danger or get into an accident, call emergency services (911 in the United States) or your local authorities.

You can reach out to DoorDash if needed once you’re safe. There isn’t a direct way to initiate a chat with support, however. This is a feature we’d really like to see DoorDash add, as it would make the app much more appealing to customers and drivers.

Once again, it’s much faster to call customer service at 855-973-1040.

4. DoorDash Email

For less urgent issues, you might choose to request support via email. Emails usually take a few days to resolve, but give customer support a chance to look into issues a little deeper.

To send an email, you’ll have to go through one of three contact pages, depending on if you are a customer, a Dasher, or a restaurant owner.

No matter if you are a customer, Dasher, or restaurant owner, all customer support emails for DoorDash go to support@doordash.com.

The DoorDash support email is support@doordash.com. This email address works for customers, Dashers, and restaurants.

While users could once directly email the company at support@doordash.com, you now have to fill out a contact form first.

A DoorDash team member will email you back when your issue is resolved or when more information is needed (usually within a couple of business days).

All you need to do is head to this customer contact page, this Dasher contact page, or this merchant contact page.

Then, enter your full name or restaurant name, email address, phone number, support category and subcategory, and description of the issue. Finally, tap “Submit.”

In order to get your issue resolved as quickly as possible, make sure to be specific about your problem when you do email support.

Include screenshots (or photos) of your issue if relevant, and explain what steps you’ve already taken to try to solve it.This will help the DoorDash representative assist you in a more expedient manner.

According to data from GetHuman, responses to emails occur within 22 hours on average. So you can expect to wait at least a day for getting help via this support method. If your question is more urgent, then email support is a better method to use.

5. DoorDash Help Pages (Help Center)

Sometimes, it’s easier for DoorDash users to get the answers they need by searching the web for them. The food delivery company offers robust help pages that provide thorough answers for almost any common issue.

Customers can head to this dedicated page for assistance with anything from navigating the DoorDash app to ordering meals and resolving payment issues. You can choose to search for answers for your situation or sort through popular topics.

Couriers can similarly use the Dasher help page to get guidance for managing an account, completing deliveries, and using the DoorDash Driver app. This page is also a great resource for people who are interested in becoming couriers.

Finally, restaurant owners can use this merchant help page for information on getting started on DoorDash, updating accounts and menus, and using DoorDash software and hardware.

6. Contact DoorDash on Social Media

DoorDash’s customer service extends to social media users, too. Customers that have a Twitter account can get onto Twitter and ask DoorDash for support on that platform as well.

The account will be slow to reply sometimes, but it’s an alternative to filling out the email forms.

To get to DoorDash customer support on Twitter, you’ll want to find their customer support profile: @DoorDash_Help.

  • You’ll tweet to that account, explaining the problem as best as you can with the character limit Twitter has.
  • After you send the tweet, the account will either reply to your tweet or direct message you about the problem.

From here, the process will play out differently depending on your problem and what the social media account can do about it. Usually, their Twitter account sends you to another customer service route like the email form or the Help Center.

DoorDash’s Twitter Help account is not the most effective customer support option from DoorDash, but it can sometimes fill the spot of a phone call or email if you have a minor problem to sort out.

7. DoorDash Corporate Offices

DoorDash Headquarters

DoorDash’s main headquarters is located at 303 2nd Street, Suite 800, San Francisco, CA 94107.

While this central location isn’t accessible to the public for day-to-day support inquiries, it can be used for mailing major concerns, such as unresolved large-scale issues.

However, for minor matters like a single incorrect delivery fee charge, it’s best to reach out through their customer service channels, as the chances of a response from the main office are slim.

Addresses for Dashers

Dashers have access to numerous smaller Dasher offices spread across various regions. These offices often have specific office hours during which couriers can schedule appointments, receive sign-up assistance, or obtain general driver information.

For local DoorDash support office details, you can navigate to DoorDash’s listings page, select your state, and then your city.

Other DoorDash Offices to Be Aware Of

DoorDash, having grown immensely since its inception in Palo Alto, California in 2013 by CEO Tony Xu and co-founders Andy Fang and Stanley Tang, now boasts 148 office addresses in nine countries.

These countries include the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and India. Depending on your location, you might find it more beneficial to contact your local DoorDash office for support.

View all addresses

  1. Albuquerque, New Mexico
  2. Alexandria, Virginia
  3. Arlington, Texas
  4. Atlanta, Georgia
  5. Aurora, Colorado
  6. Austin, Texas
  7. Avondale, Arizona
  8. Baltimore, Maryland
  9. Birmingham, Alabama
  10. Bloomfield Hills, Michigan
  11. Bloomfield Township, Michigan
  12. Bloomington, Minnesota
  13. Boca Raton, Florida
  14. Boston, Massachusetts
  15. Broomfield, Colorado
  16. Carlsbad, California
  17. Carlstadt, New Jersey
  18. Carrollton, Texas,
  19. Charleston, South Carolina
  20. Cherry Hill, New Jersey
  21. Chicago, Illinois
  22. Cincinnati, Ohio
  23. Cleveland, Ohio
  24. Clovis, California
  25. Colorado Springs, Colorado
  26. Columbus, Ohio
  27. Concord, California
  28. Crestwood, Illinois
  29. Dallas, Texas
  30. Dayton, Ohio
  31. Decatur, Georgia
  32. Denver, Colorado
  33. Des Moines, Iowa
  34. Detroit, Michigan
  35. Downers Grove, Illinois
  36. Draper, Utah
  37. Edison, New Jersey
  38. El Paso, Texas
  39. Fairfield, Ohio
  40. Fair Lawn, New Jersey
  41. Federal Way, Washington
  42. Ferndale, Michigan
  43. Fort Lauderdale, Florida
  44. Fort Wayne, Indiana
  45. Fort Worth, Texas
  46. Fremont, California
  47. Garden City, Idaho
  48. Garland, Texas
  49. Grand Rapids, Michigan
  50. Hayward, California
  51. Henrico, Virginia
  52. Houston, Texas
  53. Indianapolis, Indiana
  54. Irving, Texas
  55. Jacksonville, Florida
  56. Kalamazoo, Michigan
  57. Kansas City, Missouri
  58. Las Vegas, Nevada
  59. Lenexa, Kansas
  60. Lexington, Kentucky
  61. Los Angeles, California
  62. Los Gatos, California
  63. Louisville, Kentucky
  64. Mesa, Arizona
  65. Miami, Florida
  66. Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  67. Minneapolis, Minnesota
  68. Miramar, Florida
  69. Mishawaka, Indiana
  70. Mountain View, California
  71. Nashville, Tennessee
  72. Newark, New Jersey
  73. New Orleans, Louisiana
  74. Newport News, Virginia
  75. New York City, New York
  76. Norfolk, Virginia
  77. North Olmsted, Ohio
  78. North Richland Hills, Texas
  79. Orem, Utah
  80. Orlando, Florida
  81. Peoria, Arizona
  82. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  83. Phoenix, Arizona
  84. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  85. Plano, Texas
  86. Pomona, California
  87. Portland, Oregon
  88. Providence, Rhode Island
  89. Redwood City, California
  90. Rochester, New York
  91. Roseville, Michigan
  92. Sacramento, California
  93. Saint Paul, Minnesota
  94. Salt Lake City, Utah
  95. San Antonio, Texas
  96. San Bernardino, California
  97. San Carlos, California
  98. San Diego, California
  99. San Francisco, California
  100. San Jose, California
  101. Santa Fe Springs, California
  102. Santa Monica, California
  103. Schaumburg, Illinois
  104. Seattle, Washington
  105. Sharon Hill, Pennsylvania
  106. Spring, Texas
  107. Sterling Heights, Michigan
  108. St. Louis, Missouri
  109. Tacoma, Washington
  110. Tampa, Florida
  111. Tempe, Arizona
  112. Torrance, California
  113. Tucson, Arizona
  114. Tukwila, Washington
  115. Urbandale, Iowa
  116. Washington, District of Columbia
  117. Webster, Texas
  118. West Babylon, New York
  119. West Palm Beach, Florida
  120. Wichita, Kansas
  121. Wyoming, Michigan
Main DoorDash Address:

303 2nd St, Suite 800

San Francisco, CA 94107

Vancouver DoorDash Address:

849 Beatty Street

Vancouver, BC V6B 2M6

The primary mailing address for DoorDash is their San Francisco location. Meanwhile, Canadian users or couriers can refer to the Vancouver corporate office at 849 Beatty Street, Vancouver, BC V6B 2M6.

If you’re in a region served by DoorDash and need assistance, it’s reassuring to know that a local office, equipped with resources to address potential issues, is likely nearby.

With 148 global locations, DoorDash’s reputation as a leading food delivery service app remains well-established.

Common DoorDash Customer Service Queries

Here are answers to some of the common questions folks will ask DoorDash customer support:

How Do I Request a Refund from DoorDash?

The quickest and most reliable way to get a refund from DoorDash is to contact them via phone or Live Chat. Explain the situation to the representative and explain why the refund makes sense.

How Do I Contact Caviar Customer Services?

To reach Caviar customer services, open the Caviar app and find your Orders. Select the order you want to be refunded and choose Help. You can select one of the preset options or choose Speak With Representative to have someone take your call right away.

How Do I Speak to My Dasher?

When a Dasher accepts your order, you receive each other’s contact info from your accounts. If a problem comes up, you can try to call or text the Dasher’s number from the app or reach out to customer service via phone or Live Chat.

Get DoorDash Support When You Need It

Ultimately, the best way to talk to DoorDash customer service is through their phone line or Live Chat in the app. Both of these methods put you in touch with another person quickly and give you the chance to best explain the problem.

Other options are good if your tools are limited, but phone calls and live chats will work the best. Still, check out DoorDash’s Help Center and related web pages.

The more ways you have to reach out to DoorDash, the better the chances your problems get solved when they come up.

11 thoughts on “How to Contact DoorDash Support: A Guide for Buyers, Drivers, and Merchants”

  1. DoorDash customer support is very hit or miss in my experience. Sometimes they can be fast and highly efficient… sometimes it seems like they can’t get anything right. Fortunately the money in my market is great, I make $30 an hour sometimes, it’s a great hustle on the side

    On a slightly related note, DoorDash is running a limited time $100 signup bonus for new drivers, signup at https://drd.sh/yLyTfI/ today for the bonus!

  2. I ordered pizza today and the order never arrived, and I am unable to contact anyone to get a refund. Mello Mushroom says that they can’t help me either.

  3. Is anyone else pissed off at the new pay structure? I think its BS that DD uses our tip money to pay for part of what used to be a delivery fee of $6. Now its only $1 I think its pretty scummy of DD to cheat us out of our hard earned tips!!!! I know I bust my butt and all we get is screwed over by DD. Especially when we wait for sometimes 30-40 mins for the food (Portillo’s to be exact)

  4. I guess door dash has too many customers now. I ordered from Denny’s tiday as they are offering free delivery. Order supposed to arrive at 12:00. Called Denny’s at 12:30, not picked up yet. Called back at 1:05 and 1:15, still not picked up. I finally cancelled the order.

  5. We dashers should be compensated at least .10 a mile on all deliveries. Some these deliveries are pretty from the Pick up point.

  6. How get Burger King and Arby’s and Mamma Mia‘s in Baraboo how could we get these on doordrash list delivery restaurants are in Baraboo if drive to Wisconsin dells there food get cold before get home win live Baraboo

  7. I am vey very upset and disappointed with Doordash customer service. My daughter was so excited to start dashing after signing up a couple weeks ago, but since then she has had issues with her app not working. We called doordash customer service and they were not able to help us, so we had it escalated to someone a person name Riashal twice and she was not able to help and instead of saying she didn’t know, she asked that we go to the hot spot and take a pic of my daughters phone so she could see what happened and to call her back, so we did and when we went to call her back, they said she wouldn’t take our call and since then when we call nobody will take our call in escalation. This is the worse customer service i ever received and Im going to cancel my account with them since they are so unhelpful!

  8. DoorDash started out being a good service for our family in Brisbane Australia until we had a driver come to my house and swear at me, she abused me and threated to come back and do something to our house. I tried over and over and over to complain to Doordash, but they just kept on apologising and nothing would happen. The driver is still working for Doordash Brisbane. I believe the driver contaminated my food so i threw $100 of food in the bin.
    I got absolutely no help from doordash despite being threatened by a driver and much much more. I have reported the incident to police, the government and food health and safety authorities.
    Do not join Doordash because they employ dangerous drivers, their food safety is appalling, and there is absolutely no way to complain to Doordash because their responses are all automated and they dont care if you get poisoned by contaminated food or threatened by drivers that look like hard core drug users. They do not vet or screen their drivers and as such you will have criminals visiting your house who will steal from you. Doordash is highly dangerous and needs to be audited by government authorities immediately. The public isnt safe. Francis Tapim Brisbane Australia. I am an retired news and current affairs Journalist for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. 35 years service exposing corruption and consumers affairs scandals in the food industry.


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