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DoorDash Completion Rate: YES! It Absolutely Matters

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As a Dasher, you must aim at keeping your DoorDash completion rate at a minimum of 80 percent.

Anything below this could see a DoorDash deactivation – losing your status and getting removed from the platform.

That would be terrible news, as it would deny you a chance of earning extra money.

A completion rate that’s above 80 percent is good enough.

Anything below this bare minimum is bad for you.

This article provides a much better understanding of everything around the DoorDash completion rate to help you know what you should avoid or embrace.

What is DoorDash Completion Rate?

Before going any deeper, it would be helpful to explain what a DoorDash completion rate is in the first place.

Moreover, the DoorDash platform facilitates door-to-door food delivery services for food delivery companies, such as Uber eats.

It works closely with restaurants in different cities and states around the United States to make this possible.

For this to happen, the company needs a close relationship with an experienced delivery driver.

It expects the drivers to deliver most of their orders on time and to the customer’s satisfaction.

In essence, the successful delivery of orders is what the firm and its partners refer to as the DoorDash completion rate.

Furthermore, giving the drivers bonuses and promotions helps boost their morale and performance index.

Thus, promoting good service from your team.

Calculating Completion Rates

You don’t have to be the brightest student at an Ivy League college to know how to calculate completion rates.

The DoorDash platform provides information that helps you – or anyone else for that matter – to understand its ratings better.

How DoorDash Completion Rates Are Calculated

Your goal as a Dasher must be to complete more deliveries of the highest quality to enjoy higher completion rates.

The DoorDash platform only uses customer reviews to evaluate your performance.

Nothing changes when clients don’t leave a rating.

Secondly, even when customers don’t leave a rating immediately after delivery, the DoorDash platform will still apply the necessary changes the day they do.

Therefore, expect to see a difference even when you do no delivery when clients finally submit their delayed ratings.

Completion rates are the averages of all your individual ratings.

They are indicative of how pleased – or displeased – customers were with your service.

For this reason, you should strive to deliver the client’s order on time.

Efficiency attracts higher ratings that have a positive impact on your completion rate.

Did you know?

DoorDash ratings are an integral part of this food delivery platform, and play a massive role in whether or not you can remain active as a driver.

What is Considered a Good Completion Rate?

As previously stated, anything that’s above 80 percent would be considered a reasonable completion rate.

That’s what you should strive for to see your completion rate improve.

To do that, put your focus on every customer rating whose order you deliver on the right schedule.

What is Considered a Bad Completion Rate?

A bad completion rate is the opposite of the above.

It refers to anything that is below 80 percent.

Each customer rates you from 1-5.

DoorDash then uses 100 of such ratings to determine your completion rate.

If yours doesn’t go beyond 80, you run the risk of being deactivated and your clients seeking compensation.

The new rating system highlights the complaints and poor experiences expressed by your clients.

Therefore, it is crucial to ensure that they get the best experience.

DoorDash Recently Upped the Completion Rate

The DoorDash completion rate has not always been 80 percent.

It was much lower than this.

However, the company recently upped it because of many factors.

Mostly, the increased dissatisfaction in customers forced the firm’s hand.

Competition from rival firms also encouraged DoorDash to up its completion rate.

This way, the company hopes to stay ahead of the competition, enhance each customer’s experience, and improve efficiency.

Why a Low Completion Rate Matters

You may be wondering if a low completion rate matters.

The long and short of it is that it does.

First, it matters for you since low rates expose you to deactivation, which could deny you a chance of continuing work as a dasher.

Deactivation is the closest thing to decommissioning in military parlance.

How to Improve Completion Rate

What can you do to improve your completion rate?

Well, the solution is quite simple to apply.

Mostly, you have to deliver every order that you accept on time.

More than that, deliver to customers everything they ordered safely.

A good driver rating also goes a long way.

Giving your customers 5-star service increases your chances of getting a 5-star rating from them.

The more times you do this, the higher your chances of seeing your completion rate rising rapidly.

Therefore, apply this simple solution and start seeing your rate improve exponentially.

Ultimately, it is also essential to put the client’s feedback into consideration.

For instance, giving incentives and after-sale services will increase the sales you make.

1. Review the Accept Screen

Alternatively, you should also form a habit of reviewing the accept screen.

Go through it carefully with surgical precision by focusing on the amount on offer.

Secondly, take cognizance of the distance you have to travel and plan your route accordingly to avoid delays.

It also helps reduce the mileage that you have to cover.

Such instances often lead to bad ratings from the client.

Most importantly, accept only orders that you can deliver or complete safely and on time.

2. Know the Restaurant

Ratings only come into play from the moment you order meals on the food delivery apps.

Any delays at the restaurant won’t have a significant impact on your rating.

Therefore, know the restaurant – and its employers – well to reduce chances of delay.

You should only take on a large order when you have reliable and fast delivery services.

3. Emergencies

Emergencies are not rare.

Therefore, you should be ready for them.

More crucially, make sure that you inform DoorDash immediately an emergency arises.

That way, the emergencies will not count against you and affect your rating.

Here, emergencies include:

  • Your car developing a mechanical problem that prevents it from running
  • Car or road accidents
  • A family situation that requires your immediate presence to handle or resolve

Wrapping Up

Do you want to see your DoorDash completion rate improving?

Then you must strive to accept only orders that you can deliver.

Additionally, stop turning down orders, as that could also work against you.

Most importantly, deliver the orders on time and safely.

A happy customer will consistently rate you well.

5 thoughts on “DoorDash Completion Rate: YES! It Absolutely Matters”

  1. My completion rate is 98%. It really should be higher, however. It dropped yesterday for a reason I could not control. I accepted an order. I arrive at the restaurant (a prominent fastfood chain). I’m told the order cannot be filled because the item was not available. I call the customer but it goes right to voice mail and the mailbox is not set up. So then I text (they’re out of the item – would you like something else and I mention an alternative that was similar). I wait ten minutes and unassign the order with the penalty of having my completion rate drop. Doesn’t seem right.

    • Call door dash when that happens and have them.unassign the order for you. When they do this the rating doesn’t count against you.

  2. I have Successfully completed 115 deliveries and if I hand the order to the customer because they come outside instead of me taking a photo…doe that impact completion rate?

  3. My completion rate is 90 percent,only because it pisses me off when I get busy and forget to check if the offer is 1 or two orders then find out they bundled two jobs together to get me to accept a 2 dollar order,so I cancel 1,it’s insulting that somebody expects me to drive to a resteraunt,pick up there order and find there address for 2 dollArs!!.


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