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What Are DoorDash Stickers & Are They Necessary?

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Unlike other delivery and rideshare services such as Uber, Dashers aren’t required to buy additional marketing materials.

DoorDash stickers are an optional way to distinguish yourself and your vehicle as a Doordash driver.

Dashers may apply DoorDash stickers to their vehicle, delivery bag, or products being delivered.

Here you’ll learn some of the essential elements of DoorDash stickers, including:

  • What they are
  • How they work
  • Where to get them
  • Sticker FAQs

If you’re a new Dasher or considering joining the DoorDash brand, here’s what you need to know about DoorDash stickers.

Does DoorDash Have a Sticker?

Yes, there are a few types of official DoorDash stickers to choose from, including the following.

Thank You Stickers

Doordash drivers can buy rolls of 200 packs of thank you stickers for sticking to delivered goods.

The round 3” stickers leave space for Dashers to write their name or the name of the client they are delivering to.

These are great resources to remind clients to leave a review.

Tamper Proof Stickers

The sealed bag sticker roll includes 600 tamper-evident stickers to seal client orders.

The stickers say, “Powered by DoorDash, sealed for quality.”

This sticker ensures you never get blamed, as a Doordash driver, for potentially tampering with food.

This is especially important when customers select the contactless delivery option during checkout.

Branded Stickers

A roll of 200 branded stickers comes in 3” circles, reading, “DoorDash, delivering goods,” including the DoorDash logo.

These are great for marketing purposes and can be stuck onto bike helmets, deliveries, or your cooler bag.

Car Kits

Dashers can also purchase a Car Kit, which includes a variety of valuable items and signage, such as:

  • A car magnet
  • A car sign
  • A pack of sanitizing wipes
  • A window cling

Car kits don’t have stickers but offer window clings and magnets.

These are adhesive-free alternatives to traditional DoorDash stickers and are easy to remove when you’re not delivering.

Do You Have to Put the DoorDash Sticker on Your Car?

No. According to DoorDash, all you need when working for DoorDash is a vehicle, hot bag, and mobile phone.

You don’t need to put a sticker on your vehicle.

Depending on your city, you can drive a car, scooter, motorcycle, or even a bicycle to be a Dasher, but none require stickers.

While you’re not required to put a DoorDash sticker on your vehicle, they’re helpful in certain situations.

Car stickers are a worthwhile investment because they:

  • Distinguish you as a DoorDash driver to your clients
  • Inform parking authorities that your vehicle is only temporarily parked
  • Advertise the DoorDash brand for increased local delivery driver jobs

There are also a variety of alternatives to car DoorDash stickers, such as cardboard window signs and magnets.

DoorDash also sells small window clings, which are an excellent alternative to applying adhesive to your car.

These are useful if you want to advertise your Dasher side gig but aren’t committed to full-time deliveries.

How Do I Get the DoorDash Sticker?

DoorDash offers stickers through the official DoorDash store.

You can purchase branded stickers and other marketing materials as a Dasher or a DoorDash merchant.

Stickers are available to Dashers in Canada, the United States, and Australia.

Prices vary depending on product and location.

It’s important to note that DoorDash is a protected brand name.

Therefore, it’s illegal to make your own stickers using the DoorDash name or logo.

Other Questions About DoorDash Gear

Do you still have some questions about DoorDash stickers and associated merchandise?

Here are some of the top FAQs about Dasher gear.

Does DoorDash send you a shirt?

Dashers aren’t required to wear any uniform or specific DoorDash shirt.

If you want to distinguish yourself as a Dasher with a shirt, you can order one from the DoorDash store.

Currently, Dashers can choose from t-shirts, hoodies, polos, crew neck sweatshirts, and ¼ zip pullovers.

DoorDash doesn’t cover apparel.

You are required to pay for your own shirt and other merchandise.

Do you need the Red Bag to DoorDash?

No. Doordash drivers don’t need a branded Red Bag to deliver, but you are required to have an insulated hot bag.

You can choose whichever hot bag you prefer, as long as it keeps the customer’s food hot until it’s delivered.

Dashers who wish to use the branded Red Bag can purchase one through the DoorDash store online.

DoorDash offers a pizza bag, insulated tote bag, and catering bag to keep your food insulated for optimal food delivery.

Can I advertise for DoorDash?

Of course! Dashers can increase local knowledge of DoorDash by advertising through branded clothing, vehicle stickers, and delivery bags.

Leaving personal touches like the “thank you” stickers could offer a better review, or tip, following a transaction.

Merchants can market their DoorDash offerings through the Merchant Portal.

Merchants only pay for promotions that turn out new orders.

This arrangement is more beneficial than a pay-per-click advertising setup where merchants are charged for undeveloped leads.

Does DoorDash pay for advertising?

DoorDash offers advertising assistance to merchants and advertising materials to Dashers.

However, DoorDash doesn’t pay for the advertising.

Merchants must pay for the discounts and special offerings they provide customers, and Dashers pay for their own gear from the DoorDash store.

Some companies pay drivers to wrap their vehicles or advertise with stickers and magnets.

DoorDash doesn’t pay for this type of advertising.

The only thing DoorDash pays for is your deliveries as a driver.

To Buy or Not to Buy DoorDash Stickers?

All in all, DoorDash stickers serve many purposes and can be helpful to Dashers and merchants alike.

While you do need to pay for the use of stickers, most DoorDash store stickers come in bulk and are reasonably priced.

Putting a DoorDash sticker on your vehicle can increase local awareness, notify security you’re a driver, and keep you out of the hot seat with parking authorities.

So, do you need to have a DoorDash sticker to Dash?


Should you buy some anyway?


It all depends on how serious your Dasher gig is.

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