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DoorDash Stickers May Be the Key to Great Tips. Here’s Why!

Learn how DoorDash stickers can enhance your delivery service, offering marketing advantages and potentially boosting customer satisfaction, and explore the variety and common pitfalls associated with them.

The Purpose of DoorDash Stickers

DoorDash stickers are powerful tools for anyone working in the food delivery business. As the name implies, these are stickers you attach to a customer’s order.

Dashers buy these additional marketing materials to connect with customers. It shows buyers there are real people behind the delivery work.

There are other perks too, such as identification and service enhancement. To sum it up, you can improve your communication and customer service.

Getting DoorDash themed delivery stickers isn’t a requirement. Still, Dashers say having these stickers improves star ratings and reviews from customers!

Types of DoorDash Stickers

Did you know that there are many types of DoorDash themed delivery stickers? They have different purposes, but each type can make delivery driver jobs more rewarding.

Here are three kinds of marketing stickers to look out for.

1. Thank You Stickers

The DoorDash thank you stickers are 3-inch round labels. You can buy 200 pieces of these food delivery stickers for $9.50, making them a low-cost marketing tool.

What’s great about the thank you stickers is there’s a space for delivery platform partners to write their names. It gives a personal touch to your food delivery service.

By having this sticker, you can remind the customer to give you a star review. Plus, you connect with the buyers, and they may give you higher tips because of it!

Another advantage is you create brand awareness. Using the stickers markets DoorDash. Because of this, someone is more likely to re-order using the app, resulting in increased business for you!

2. Tamper-Proof Stickers

Tamper-proof stickers are essential when a customer chooses the contactless delivery option. It’s a sticker you place at the opening of a container to show if someone touched the food inside.

During the contactless delivery process, you’ll leave food items unattended. Anyone can see it, open the container, and place harmful substances inside!

For this reason, tamper-proof stickers protect you from any liabilities. They protect your customers from food tampering and are vital marketing expenses for food safety.

Fortunately, it doesn’t cost much to buy a roll. With $18.06, you can buy 600 pieces of the official DoorDash sealed bag stickers!

3. Branded Stickers

Branded stickers are small labels you attach to orders for marketing purposes. Unlike the thank you stickers, there’s no space to write your name.

Regardless, placing this sticker on your delivery shows you took extraordinary care of the food. It reminds customers to give you four or five-star reviews!

You may buy 200 branded stickers for only $3.42. It’s a small price to pay in exchange for the return on tips!

Acquiring DoorDash Stickers

How do you buy DoorDash stickers?

Getting your hands on these labels and other DoorDash delivery equipment is easy.

All delivery drivers have to do is log in to your DoorDash store account. Select a country, and click on the merchant materials button.

Here, you’ll find the stickers under the marketing section.

Place your order and track its status through the merchant materials page. It should take one to two weeks for the stickers to arrive at your doorstep.

Remember to only buy official merchandise to let customers know you’re a legitimate Dasher!

Benefits of Using DoorDash Stickers

Here are some of the benefits of using DoorDash stickers.

  • Improved Customer Reviews: Using stickers lets you potentially receive higher star ratings.
  • Increased Visibility: DoorDash stickers are perfect for marketing strategies. They help you advertise the brand.
  • Customer Interaction: Lack of communication is a common customer frustration. You provide a better customer experience with the stickers.
  • Recognition: You save time at the restaurant since the staff will recognize you.
  • Professional Appearance: With stickers, you set a delivery standard. They show buyers you’re a professional at delivery service.
  • Protection: Stickers can prevent food safety and delivery issues. Use them to protect yourself during delivery gigs.

Compliance and Legal Considerations

Today, you can buy digital items and personalized stickers from sites like Etsy and Amazon. However, using custom marketing materials is one of the common mistakes Dashers make!

One of the DoorDash brand guidelines says you can’t use its name or logo without permission. Certain laws also protect trademarks. Because of this, you should be wary of using unofficial food delivery stickers.

Our best advice is to follow the DoorDash shipping policies and avoid using unauthorized labels. Don’t worry. You can still get a good star review even if the official stickers seem plain!

Alternatives to Stickers

If you don’t want to buy a DoorDash themed delivery sticker, there are other kinds of merchandise.

Here are a few items you can buy to boost your star review!

  • Window Clings: Window clings clip to your car and let you park closer to your customer’s home. Traffic enforcers will know you won’t take long at a parking spot.
  • DoorDash Gear: The bright colors of DoorDash gear will help you attract attention.
  • Cardboard Window Signs: These signs inform people you’ll be back in a flash. Avoid getting into trouble during a delivery!
  • Insulated Delivery Bags: With an insulated bag, you can prevent food from getting cold. This helps you avoid a bad customer review.

Wrapping Up

Customer satisfaction matters, and having DoorDash themed delivery stickers supports this.

With official stickers, you increase your visibility and interaction. As a result, you get better tips and a higher star review!

Incorporating DoorDash stickers into your delivery routine isn’t a requirement. Still, you may want to use them for enhanced service and brand representation.

Once you try them, you’ll realize these branded merchandise are worth the investment!

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