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Are you currently driving for DoorDash or want to start?

You should think about the best DoorDash gear to wear or keep in your car.

That way, you won’t be scrambling when you get your next order.

Instead, you can go straight to a merchant, get the food, and head to your customer’s address.

You will be able to log into your DoorDash app and accept any order that comes your way.

Soon enough, you may find you get a bigger average customer tip.

Read on to learn more.

The Best DoorDash Gear (Overview)

Our favorite places to get DoorDash gear include:

Our Pick

Best prices and platform

Our Pick

Great selection directly from the company

Also Great

Budget alternative for non-branded items

We’ve included a brief overview of what you can expect to purchase from DoorDash. For detailed information on each pick, scroll down.

  1. Car Kits
  2. Bags
  3. Clothing
  4. Accessories
  5. COVID-19 Gear
  6. & More!

Does DoorDash Have Gear?

DoorDash has gear that you can buy and use as a driver.

You’ll receive some gear after you sign up and complete your first order.

The app will send you an insulated tote bag to keep food warm.

A DoorDash Activation Kit also comes with a Red Card you will use to pay for orders where the customer doesn’t pay the restaurant directly.

You can buy other gear from the delivery app at any time.

That way, you can have plenty of items to be able to accept different types of orders.

Do Dashers Need to Have DoorDash Gear?

You don’t technically need to have DoorDash gear to deliver food.

However, not having anything can restrict the orders you can accept.

Without a Red Card, you can accept orders that require you to pay in the store.

Also, some restaurants might not let you pick food up without an insulated bag.

Even if you don’t have DoorDash branded items, it helps to bring some equipment.

That way, you can accept any orders that come your way.

Food Safety Requirements for Dashers

When working on a DoorDash order, you have to follow food safety rules.

First, you must wear a mask when interacting with merchants and customers.

Depending on the merchant, you may need to use a DoorDash bag to keep the food warm.

However, you can use whatever bag you want, whether or not it’s from DoorDash.

Don’t open any food containers or mess with the order in another way.

Wrap the order in a foil blanket and put it in your bag.

Be sure to place the bag in a safe place inside your car to ensure it doesn’t fall over or move around during transit.

You should also clean your hot bag regularly with a kitchen cleaner.

Where Is the DoorDash Gear Available?

You can buy gear through the DoorDash online store.

The store carries items you can use to facilitate deliveries, such as insulated tote bags, pizza bags, and catering bags.

If you’re new, you don’t need to purchase a tote or Red Card.

You also don’t have to buy anything at all, but it helps to shop for items.

What Kind of DoorDash Gear Is Available?

You can find a variety of items on the DoorDash Store website.

If you’re a new dasher wanting to stock up, you should find what you need.

The store is also useful for dashers with experience who need to replace their equipment or add to their collection.

Consider the following items you can buy to help you as a driver.

1. Car Kits

One of the best things you can buy is a car kit, which helps other drivers recognize that you’re working.

The kit comes with a car sign, a car magnet, and a small window cling.

You’ll also receive a pack of 80 sanitizer wipes.

That way, you can keep your car clean, and you can wipe down your delivery gear between orders.

While you can buy those items separately, DoorDash makes it easy for a DoorDash dasher to get everything they need.

2. Bags

As a dasher, you may need to have a hot bag at the ready for some orders.

While you will receive one after your first delivery, you can buy one at any time.

That way, you can have multiple bags to account for larger orders or DoorDash group orders.

If you lose your first tote or can’t clean off a stain, you can also replace it along with your Red Card.

Along with the tote, you can buy a pizza bag or a catering bag.

Those are nice because they’re bigger and can fit those special orders.

3. Clothing

You don’t need to wear anything specific when picking up or delivering food.

However, DoorDash has a few pieces of clothing you can consider.

The store offers t-shirts, hoodies, hats, and gloves.

You can purchase DoorDash clothes to help distinguish yourself from a random person.

That way, merchants and customers may be more trusting of you with an order.

You don’t need special items, but it can help if people don’t believe you’re a driver for DoorDash.

4. Accessories

As a delivery driver, you may want to buy accessories for your own use.

DoorDash sells basics such as ice scrapers, phone mounts, and stickers for your car.

You can also buy a power bank to keep your phone from dying.

If you find you get thirsty during a shift, you can buy a DoorDash tumbler or water bottle to keep on hand.

Drink carriers are available, which can come in handy when a merchant doesn’t have any in stock.

You can also buy sanitizer wipes, a delivery in progress parking sign, or a car magnet.

If you lose your Red Card, you can request one for free.

That way, you’ll have everything you need to complete a successful shift visiting local restaurants and delivering to customers.

5. COVID-19 Gear

DoorDash that you can only access as a current independent contractor.

The delivery service offers face masks, gloves, and hand sanitizer for free to each worker.

You can place a new order for COVID-19 gear once per week.

That way, you’ll have plenty of masks and other items to keep you, merchants, and customers safe.

Does DoorDash Provide Uniforms for Dashers?

DoorDash doesn’t provide uniforms for dashers, but they carry certain uniform-like items in their online store.

If you want to wear something similar to a uniform, you can buy a DoorDash shirt.

Pair the shirt with a nice pair of pants and good shoes, and you can have a comfortable uniform to wear throughout your shift.

That way, merchants and customers will be able to tell you’re a dasher.

You can also wear clothing you already own.

A red shirt can be especially useful since that matches DoorDash branding, so you can stand out at a restaurant or when delivering food.

What Dashers Should Wear

Whether you purchase clothes from DoorDash or not, you should consider what you will wear when you sign on for a delivery shift.

DoorDash doesn’t have a dress code you have to follow as a DoorDash partner.

However, you should keep from wearing super revealing clothes.

Make sure you wear a comfortable top and a good pair of pants or a skirt.

You should also avoid wearing flip-flops or sandals.

That way, you can walk to and from a restaurant and through a yard or apartment building to deliver food.

How Much Does DoorDash Gear Cost?

DoorDash gear costs anywhere from $0 to $55, depending on the item in question.

Tote bags, lanyards, and stickers are some of the cheaper items.

On the other hand, you can expect to pay between $35 and $55 for warm clothing.

Free items include a new Red Card and certain COVID-19 gear.

Is DoorDash Gear Free for Dashers?

The only free gear you’ll receive as a dasher is a free Red Card and an insulated tote bag.

You can get those things for free after your first successful dash.

Later on, you can request a new Red Card for free.

However, you’ll need to pay full price for an extra hot bag.

Cost of COVID-19 Gear for Dashers

DoorDash lets you order COVID-19 items once a week at no cost.

You’ll receive plenty of masks, gloves, and sanitizer wipes to keep in your car.

If that’s not enough, you’ll need to pay extra.

DoorDash sells wipes for less than $10, and you’ll get 80 wipes per pack.

Otherwise, you may need to shop at your local pharmacy for gloves and masks.

You can buy cloth masks and wash them between wears, which can save you money overall.

Is DoorDash Gear Available for Anyone?

DoorDash gear is available to anyone using the online store.

You’ll need to select your local store website depending on if you’re in the United States, Canada, or Australia.

Whether you’re an active gig worker or not, you’ll need to pay the full price for most items.

You can get a Red Card for free, but it won’t work unless you connect it to your dasher app account.

Wrapping Up

As a new or experienced dasher, you need the right DoorDash gear.

That way, you can handle anything from pizza boxes to large drink orders.

Be sure to check out the DoorDash shop to find the items you need. Stock your car with stickers, wipes, and other necessities.

The next hour of your shift can go by fast when you have what you need.

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  1. Hahaha, I never got a red bag. I have been with Door dash a couple of months now. I ended up paying for one.
    Oh and I did reach out and still no response about it.


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