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Drizly: The Complete Guide for Delivery Drivers

If you want to make money in the rapidly rising alcohol marketplace, keep reading to learn how you can become a driver for Drizly.

With the drive for convenience rising in today’s world, it’s only natural that alcohol delivery is high in demand.

If you want to earn cash while helping people restock for parties, discover new spirits, and get wine to their front doors, delivering for Drizly may be the best gig for you.

While alcohol delivery is offered by delivery apps like goPuff, as well as Amazon, Drizly is one of the few companies that are exclusively delivering beer, wine, and liquor straight to customers across North America.

This means customers can get a wider selection of alcohol than ever.

If you want to make money in the rapidly rising alcohol marketplace, keep reading to learn how Drizly works and how you can become a delivery driver for the platform.

What Is Drizly?

Drizly homepage

Founded in Boston in 2012, Drizly is an alcohol delivery app for iPhones and Androids that connects users to products in stock at liquor stores throughout their markets.

The company compiles the inventories of partner retailers to help its customers compare prices and select from the widest selection of alcoholic beverages at once.

The Drizly app is available in Alberta, Canada and in 100 United States markets across 24 states.

In addition to on-demand delivery within its official cities, the company also offers two- to three-day shipping to anywhere in California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Montana, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Oregon, and Washington.

How Does Drizly Work for Drivers?

If you’re interested in becoming a delivery driver for Drizly, your experience will be closer to delivering for a restaurant than delivering for an on-demand food delivery app.

Local retailers are responsible for fulfilling their own deliveries, so even when you’re driving for Drizly, you’ll actually be directly employed by a specific liquor store in your area.

Due to this, Drizly drivers may actually be part-time employees who don’t have as much flexibility in their schedules.

If Drizly orders aren’t frequent in a given store, you may have duties outside of driving.

Overall, the setup of the Drizly delivery driver job is up to each of the app’s retail partners, who also set their own delivery zones and hours of operations.

When you’re assigned to an order, you’ll be expected to complete the delivery within 60 minutes and verify that the customer is of legal drinking age upon delivery.

As with all driving jobs, you are expected to never drink on the job, even if you’re handling alcohol throughout the day.

How Much Do Drizly Drivers Make?

Different bottles of whiskey lined up

Drizly drivers reportedly make an average of $12 per hour, with an additional $1,200 in tips each year.

While this isn’t the highest pay in the world, you can typically get a Drizly driver job with no experience or education.

Drizly also openly recommends that customers tip their drivers and sets a default 10% gratuity on every order, so it’s likely that you’ll at least get 10% of every order directly in your pocket.

If you provide great customer service each time you deliver, you may find yourself getting higher than average tips, as well.

Payments do vary depending on the store you’re working for, so you may be able to find better wages by looking around.

This is important because there’s a good chance that you’ll be covering your own car maintenance expenses, including gas, since you’ll be driving your own vehicle.

Regardless, delivering for Drizly is a great gig if you’re looking for an easy, low-stress opportunity to work in the alcohol industry or make driving a part of your job.

Drizly Delivery Driver Requirements

Boxes of Corona stacked up next to dolly

Every liquor store may have a different set of qualifications for its drivers, but here are some requirements you can expect when applying to complete orders for the Drizly delivery service:

  • Meet minimum age requirements in your market. You usually need to be at least 18 or 21 years old.
  • Have a valid driver’s license.
  • Live within a Drizly market.
  • Have a reliable vehicle with room for storage, if your company doesn’t provide a car.
  • Be able to lift large Drizly orders. While your company will likely provide the help of a dolly, you still may need to maneuver 160-pound half kegs or stacks of beer boxes in some cases.
  • Have basic knowledge and interest in alcoholic beverages. This will help you identify products quickly and even explain them to customers as needed.

Other common requirements for alcohol delivery drivers in general include clear background checks, driving record checks, and drug screenings.

In some states, you’ll additionally be required to complete an alcohol delivery training course. Resources are commonly provided by employers for this.

How to Become a Drizly Driver

If you’re confident that you’ll meet common Drizly driver requirements and want to move forward into the application process, you’ll want to contact partner retail stores in your area to inquire about job openings. You can find nearby retail partners on this list of liquor stores on Drizly.com.

Alternatively, you can submit your personal information, availability, and resume directly on this driver candidate questionnaire to have your information forwarded directly to all of Drizly’s retail partners in your area. This won’t guarantee that you’ll receive a call or an email, but it’s a great way to send in an application to all of your local stores at once.

Frequently Asked Questions

Drizly: Friends clinking glasses of wine

Becoming a Drizly delivery driver can help you gain entry into the rising alcohol e-commerce market.

To learn more about the opportunity, read our answers to these common questions:

1. What do I do if an item is not in stock?

If an item was just sold out before you received a Drizly order, you can look at your customer’s substitution preference within their order.

Customers can opt to receive a call from you to discuss the best alternatives, automatically receive your suggested substitution (within a $5 price difference), or cancel the order.

If an order was scheduled in advance, you may not need to substitute at all, if you’re sure that you’ll have the item back in stock before the requested delivery date and time.

2. Do I need to download a Drizly driver app to deliver for the platform?

There’s no need to download a driver app on your smartphone, since you’ll only be delivering for a single retailer in your city.

Instead, the retail store you work for will have access to a retailer portal, through which it receives and completes orders.

However, you’ll still want to have one of the best navigation apps downloaded to ensure you don’t get lost on the way to your drop-off location.

3. Can I be a full-time delivery driver for Drizly?

Yes. In Drizly’s driver candidate questionnaire, you can indicate your interest in full-time opportunities.

Full-time delivery opportunities are less common in smaller markets, but you may be able to find them with popular Drizly partners in major cities.

Some retail partners may also reach out if they’re hiring full-time, in-store employees who double as delivery drivers.

4. I currently own or manage a liquor store and want to get delivery requests from Drizly. How do I get started?

Becoming a Drizly partner can drive immense growth in your alcohol sales, thanks to the convenience of the mobile app and the access to new customers it provides.

If you’re interested in getting delivery requests through Drizly, you can learn more by filling in and submitting this interest form with your name, email, phone number, store name, number of locations, zip code, and state.

If preferred, you can also call Drizly at (774) 234-1184 to learn more.

Be aware that some state laws require you to apply for a permit or license to deliver alcohol locally.

Deliver the Drinks People Want

When you become a delivery driver for one of Drizly’s many partner stores, you can help customers avoid alcohol shortages at big events, expensive hotel minibars, and traffic-ridden drives in New York City, Los Angeles, and beyond.

Drizly is helping liquor stores expand their reach and increase sales, which means you’re getting more chances to earn while driving in your area.

If you’re interested in an easy gig within the alcohol industry, start your application today.

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