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Meet ‘Eaze’: The Medical Cannabis Delivery App

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Medical cannabis has been embraced by people throughout the world as the solution to many conditions, from anxiety and depression to epilepsy.

It is currently approved by the FDA for use in treating two specific forms of epilepsy, and researchers are investigating its effects on a wide range of medical applications.

Medical cannabis has not been approved for use at the federal level, however, over two-thirds of states and the District of Colombia have now legalized it.

That’s great news, but people hoping to use medical cannabis often face another problem: where to get it.

That’s where Eaze comes in.

We are one of the largest cannabis distributors in the United States, and we make getting your marijuana easy.

We’ve made over 8 million deliveries to date, and we’re committed to building a diverse and sustainable future for the US cannabis industry.

What is Eaze?

Eaze is a San Francisco-based cannabis distribution company specializing in on-demand weed delivery.

We connect licensed cannabis retailers with over 2 million customers and facilitate delivery through our team of vetted drivers.

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Launch and First Challenges

Eaze launched in 2014 with one mission: to bring convenience to our customers.

Since then, we have committed to increasing access to medical cannabis for underrepresented communities, fighting injustices caused by the War on Drugs, and supporting veterans and BIPOC business owners.

Our core service is the Eaze app, which facilitates marijuana delivery to the regions of California where Eaze operates.

Eaze is fully compliant with state law, and all retailers and products on the platform hold both State and local cannabis licenses in California and Michigan.

Eaze does not grow any CBD or cannabis products.

We work with licensed retail partners to connect their products to consumers in select locations.

CBD Products Available on the Eaze marketplace

The Eaze app supplies a variety of cannabis and CBD products from our retailers.

Some of our offerings include the following:

  • CBD and THC gummies and mints
  • Flavor-infused prerolls
  • THC/CBD drinks and drink mixes
  • 3.5g and 5g cannabis flower bags
  • Bulk cannabis bags (7g and up)
  • Vape cartridges and pens
  • All-in-one vaporizers
  • Chocolates and baked goods
  • Tinctures and capsules
  • Concentrates

The Service Areas of Eaze

Eaze currently delivers to the regions of California where our licensed partners are established.

This includes San Francisco (including the East Bay and Peninsula), Los Angeles, Sacramento, San Jose, San Diego, Napa, Sonoma, Marina, and Solano counties, Orange County, Central Valley, and the Inland Empire.

We also deliver to Ann-Arbor, Michigan.

Eaze Insights program

The Eaze Insights program publishes original research to inform public policy debates around cannabis.

We publish research on consumer demographics, behaviors, and the economics of the legal market.

Our 2022 State of the Cannabis Industry report included information on social equity in the cannabis market, total cannabis sales, year-over-year profit increases, breakout strains, demographics of new customers, and consumer favorites across California markets.

An Overview of the Eaze App

The Eaze app makes it possible to order cannabis products right from your phone, and have them delivered directly to your home quickly.

Just browse through the available products, add them to your cart, choose a payment method, and hit “buy.”

Your product will be delivered by one of our licensed retail partners.

The Eaze app made headlines in recent years after becoming the first app that made it possible to shop for CBD products from your phone.

An earlier version of the app required you to pay through the Eaze app.

Eaze has solved this problem by allowing you to pay with cash on delivery.

Just select which method of payment you will be using when you make your purchase and give the cash to your delivery driver.

Features of the Eaze App

1. On-Demand Delivery

Eaze gives you access to on-demand cannabis delivery from your favorite licensed distributor.

All of our drivers are W2 employees of the dispensaries we partner with and are specially trained to deliver cannabis safely, responsibly, and efficiently.

2. Geofenced Purchases

The Eaze app geofences all purchases to only those jurisdictions where cannabis is legal.

Customers must verify their delivery address and provide proof of identification to receive a delivery.

3. Easy Payment

Eaze offers multiple payment options: direct from your bank account, via a debit or credit card, or with cash on delivery.

4. User Verification

Users wishing to purchase cannabis through Eaze must be 21 years of age or older and live in a jurisdiction where marijuana is legal.

We verify IDs at multiple touchpoints throughout the purchase and delivery process.

5. Dank Selection

Eaze has a highly curated selection of top-quality brands including Kiva Confections, STIIIZY, Old Pal, Circles, as well as many BIPOC, LGBTQ+, and women-owned brands.

Eaze on the Rise: How the Company is Growing

In 2022, Eaze opened its first storefronts.

Eaze Dispensaries can be found in San Diego and Santa Ana, giving you the chance to chat one-on-one with knowledgeable sales staff who can assist with questions about your favorite strain, or help you choose a new product.

In 2021, Eaze acquired Green Dragon, a multi-state retail leader in the cannabis industry.

The combined operations of these two companies created the nation’s largest MSO delivery organization, and the largest California-headquartered MSO.

Eaze closed the doors to the Eaze Wellness Platform, which focused on CBD products that could be sold nationwide.

Eaze now focuses solely on weed delivery.

Summing it Up

Eaze is blazing a trail into the future of cannabis distribution.

The rise of delivery apps like GrubHub and Uber Eats has made it clear that people want on-demand delivery.

Coupled with the expansion of legalized marijuana and the de-stigmatization of cannabis users, the way seems clear for cutting-edge companies like Eaze to dominate the cannabis marketplace in the coming years.

We believe the future is for everyone, and that includes the future of cannabis.

Choosing Eaze means supporting BIPOC business owners, women-owned businesses, veterans, and other underrepresented communities.

Choose Eaze for your cannabis delivery and help us build a diverse, sustainable, cannabis-friendly future.

Interested in becoming a driver? Learn all about driving for Eaze in our complete guide.

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  1. “Eaze has become the biggest marijuana startup without ever having to handle, grow, supply, or deal with marijuana directly.” This is exactly the way to become HUGE! Technology is the unifying key. Amazon sells TONS of stuff but the vast majority they don’t make themselves. Reddit is a huge site full of content, little to none of which is made by Reddit. You just have to provide a platform to profit a little from lots and lots of sources. The total can far exceed the total of the largest contributor.


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