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Are you tired of overpaying for a ridesharing service to get you from Point A to Point B?

Use Empower to help you save money and feel safer while driving in the car.

You can choose a same-gendered driver to avoid any security issues.

Plus, as a driver, using Empower helps you make more money, set your own schedule, and be your own boss.

Learn more about the basics of how to use Empower and why this service is the best alternative to costly and ineffective ridesharing apps on the market today.

What Is Empower?

Empower is a peer alternative to using other car-sharing and ridesharing apps, such as the ever-popular Uber.

Instead of paying a hired driver to bring you from Point A to Point B, Empower is a peer service that allows the drivers to keep all of their fares by being paid through the app by the riders.

Also, instead of having money taken out by the parent company (ex: Lyft), drivers using Empower simply pay a subscription fee instead of the exorbitant per-fare percentage.

How Does Empower Work?

Understanding how Empower is better for riders and drivers can help influence users to switch from ridesharing apps to this peer service.

How Empower Works for Riders

Riders using Empower will pay substantially lower fees than other carsharing and ridesharing services.

Not only will they spend less through this new app, but they can also select their drivers to increase safety and security.

How Empower Works for Drivers

Drivers can set their own rates and keep the total fare price.

Drivers will work directly with the Empower support team, optimize their earnings, and know all the details about a ride (ex: fare, destination, pickup, etc.) before accepting a request.

Empower vs. Current Rideshare Model

Empower differs from other rideshare services currently on the market—but why is it better?

Empower uses a different rideshare model compared to the current options, providing riders with lower prices and drivers with a higher pay-out price.

Empower was created with the idea that it is unrealistic to make enough money with the current rideshare model—and something has to change to provide drivers with a better experience.

What Does Empower Promise to Riders?

Riders pay 20% less on average than rideshare platforms and can select their favorite drivers, so they feel safe while riding in the car with a stranger.

Empower also promises to riders that they can select a same-gender driver to prevent any uncomfortableness in the vehicle.

What Does Empower Promise to Drivers?

Drivers set their own rates and keep 100% of the entire fare.

They can see the pickup spot, destination, and fare price before accepting a ride request from a customer.

Empower gives drivers more control over their schedule, fees, and ride-accepting process.

Is Empower Better Than Uber?

Empower is an alternative to the ever-popular Uber ridesharing service.

Empower is a less expensive choice than using Uber, as riders pay 20% less on average than you would with Uber or Lyft AND can earn more than $30 in free rides after signing up.

Plus, drivers keep their entire profit instead of paying nearly 25% to Uber while using this app.

Is Empower Better Than Lyft?

Empower riders spend 20% less on average than they do with Lyft.

Plus, Lyft drivers have to pay around 20-25% of their earnings to the company, significantly reducing their salary and daily profit. 

Where Is Empower Available?

Empower is available in New York City, Washington D.C., and Piedmont-Triad (N.C.).

If you are curious about adding new cities to our current market, sign up for Empower on our website.

How Much Does Empower Cost?

It is free to download the app and use Empower for the first month.

After the first month, there are subscriptions available to customers depending on the geographical location.

  • Washington D.C. — $249.99 per month or $19.99 per day
  • Piedmont — $29.99 per month or $12.99 per week
  • New York City — $29.99 per month or $15.99 per week

Drivers can cancel their plan at the beginning of the following month to stop using the services.

Is Empower Cheaper Than Uber?

For riders, Empower is cheaper than Uber.

However, the high subscription price in Washington D.C. could deter some drivers from signing up for the company plan.

What is an Empower Subscription?

The Empower subscription allows customers to keep using the services after their free 30-day trial.

Consumers must pay for a subscription to use the app in the participating cities and metro areas (D.C., NYC, and Piedmont).

How Does Empower Make Money?

Drivers pay Empower a monthly subscription fee to the platform so it can make a profit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Before signing up for this new technology, drivers and riders should know the most commonly asked questions regarding the Empower service.

Who owns Empower?

Joshua Sear is the CEO of Empower, starting his career at SageNet, Matterhorn Transactions and graduating from The George Washington University Law School.

Sarena Shen, Vice President of Finance, co-founded Unplug and worked as a banker at Bear Stearns.

Wrapping Up

Should you try the new Empower ride booking app or stick with the traditional Uber or Lyft services?

Compared to the previous giants in the ridesharing market, Empower offers a unique transportation method that allows drivers to get 100% of their fares and riders to pay less in the process.

Not sure if you should switch to the Empower app?

Comment below if you have any questions about this modern technology.

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