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Enterprise Carshare: Pricing, How It Works, Locations and More

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There are numerous businesses nowadays that offer car-sharing services.

These services allow drivers to rent a car on both an hourly and daily basis.

This service is helpful for traveling business people who may need to pick up clients or deliver items who would not need a car for a full day.

Enterprise CarShare is one of these businesses.

While the company is known for its typical car rentals, they also offer a CarShare membership.

This membership allows drivers to use an available car without any reservations ahead of time.

It is a convenient method of transportation for those who need it.


Enterprise CarShare is a membership program.

There is an initial application fee of $15-25 (depending on your state) and an annual membership fee of $50.

Different plans are offered depending on your area and how often you plan to use the membership.

The average hourly rate for using an Enterprise CarShare is $9.50, and the daily rate is $49.99.

There is an additional cost of $.19 per mile after your first 200 miles driven.

Gas is included in the rental cost.

However, it should be noted that they will charge you a $50 late fee with an additional hourly rate on top of it should you not return your car on time.

How It Works

The first step is to apply for the CarShare membership.

This process is where you’ll pay the application and annual membership fee to begin the process.

Once approved, you have to wait until you receive your membership card in the mail to start renting.

You have to use the membership card to unlock available cars.

This program is not a good option for drivers who need a vehicle immediately.

After obtaining your membership card in the mail, you must create your account using the Enterprise CarShare app.

This app is how you reserve vehicles to use when you’re on the go.

You will be charged through their app as well.

When you are ready to use your car, hold your membership card over the windshield sensor to unlock it.

The keys will be inside.

At this point, take some time to assess the car before driving.

You don’t want to be charged any fees because of the previous driver.

Make sure there is no damage or litter in the car.

Once finished with the rental, return it to the Enterprise location.

Remember, they charge a late fee—be sure to return your car on time.

Enterprise also asks that drivers leave a ¼ tank of fuel in the vehicle before ending the reservation.

To complete your rental, exit the car with your belongings and hold your membership card over the reader again.

This step locks the doors and stops the rental.


Enterprise rent-a-car locations are common across the US, but their car-sharing services focus more on universities.

According to their website, they work with over 130 university campuses, 40 government programs, and 500 business accounts across 35 states.

They offer $25 in driving credits when new members sign up to college students, faculty, and staff.

Some of the colleges they work with include Grinnell College, Washington University, and Princeton University.

What You Can Rent

Enterprise CarShare offers a full range of vehicles for you to rent. Depending on your needs, you can reserve from their economy range to their luxury collection.

Enterprise offers standard Sedans of all makes and models for drivers who need a simple car to get them from point A to point B.

For road trips or renters with a lot of cargo, you can choose an SUV to make group transportation easy.

If a hybrid is more your style, Enterprise CarShare offers a large array, such as the Toyota Prius and Ford Focus.

Looking to splurge?

Consider a luxury class vehicle that will give you upgraded features and extra room for passengers.

If the purpose of the rental is moving, you can rent a pickup truck or cargo van to turn five trips into one.

They offer light and heavy-duty models for any job.

Finally, Enterprise CarShare has electric vehicles to rent as well.

These cars are only available in select locations.

Benefits of CarShare

In this day and age, many of us wonder what choices we can make to help the environment around us.

CarShare is a great way to drive without feeling guilty.

Fleet Size Reduction

Unneeded cars disappear due to Enterprise CarShare.

Since this program offers hourly renting rather than daily, drivers can rent for the time they need and no more.

This program allows multiple drivers to use the same vehicle throughout the day rather than leaving multiple cars sitting without use.

Fewer cars needed means less manufacturing waste.

Cost Reduction

Using Enterprise CarShare lowers the price you pay for gas per mile.

Examples have seen reductions as high as 34% in overall costs, or 28% per mile reimbursement costs.

This program is a fantastic way to decrease travel expenses for businesses.

Carbon Footprint Reduction

By sharing your car with others, this program has reduced CO2 emissions by as much as 65% per vehicle and 89% of assessed emissions.

Let’s not forget the option to rent an electric car—another great way to feel good about cruising through the city.

No Uncertainty

With this car share program, you’re in control of everything.

You choose when you want to rent and for how long, which car you want, and of course—you’re driving.

For most people, this is preferred to a rideshare program like Uber or Lyft.

While those are convenient, it’s much nicer to have your car for a trip.


Below is a compiled list of frequently asked questions about Enterprise CarShare.

What is the minimum age to reserve?

The standard minimum age to rent a car across the US is 26.

However, this varies.

Drivers between 21 and 25 can rent cars but are subject to additional fees in most states.

Very few states allow drivers under 21 to rent cars, but exceptions have been made.

How long can I book a reservation for?

You can book for as little as an hour to as long as seven days.

If you need a car for longer than a week, you can reach out to an Enterprise agent and discuss any accommodations you need.

What is the reservation cancellation policy?

If you don’t want to get billed, you must cancel your reservation three hours before your reserved time.

Otherwise, you’ll be charged for the first three hours of your reservation or the cost of the reservation (whichever is less).

If you don’t cancel your reservation and don’t drive, you will still be billed the full estimated cost of the trip.

Are pets allowed in vehicles?

Yes, but they are required to be crated at all times.

If you return the car with pet hair on the seats, you will most likely be charged a cleaning fee.

Service animals are allowed in the vehicle without a carrier.

Am I responsible for cleaning the vehicle?

You’re responsible for picking up any litter and removing your personal belongings.

Try your best to leave the car in acceptable condition, but you don’t have to take it through a car wash.

Who is responsible for filling the gas tank?

As a member, you are required to refill the gas tank before returning your vehicle.

Each program has a different fuel policy.

What if I run late bringing back the vehicle?

You can extend your reservation time on the Enterprise CarShare app or call the location to let them know your situation.

If your vehicle isn’t reserved right after your time, it shouldn’t be an issue.

Unfortunately, if your late return delays another member, you may face an inconvenience fee.

What about insurance?

Insurance coverage varies by location.

Enterprise CarShare offers an additional, optional insurance and damage waiver.

Depending on your program, this insurance may be an additional fee added to your daily rate, or it is a one-time fee that covers you for the year.


If you’re looking for a car share program to utilize, Enterprise CarShare is a high contender.

They offer a diverse selection of vehicles to rent.

It’s easy to make a reservation and adjust it as needed with their mobile app.

The downside is their lack of city locations—this is a viable option for university students and faculty rather than everyday drivers.

Enterprise CarShare tends to hide fees in their agreements.

Make sure you do all of your research before signing up for one of their programs to ensure you’re getting the best deal.

For those who have this service available to them, consider doing more research on Enterprise CarShare in your area.

With more programs like these, there are fewer cars on the road.

Additionally, you’ll be saving money in the long run on expenses like car maintenance and fuel cost.

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