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3 Of The Best Free Defensive Driving Course For Seniors

Looking for the best free defensive driving course for seniors? We'll show your our favorite options, and reveal why they made our list.

Key Takeaways

  • Refresh driving skills and learn new laws with a defensive driving course.
  • Courses designed for seniors, online or in-person, provide certifications.
  • Benefits: skill refreshment, law updates, aging effects on driving, insurance discounts.
  • Insurance discounts from 5% to 15% for completing senior driving courses.

Although seniors are the most experienced drivers on the road, with decades behind the wheel, we forget how age can cause new physical and mental challenges.

All those years of experience also mean the same amount of years without driving training, so why not take a free defensive driving course for seniors?

This course will help to to refresh skills, and maybe learn something you missed during all those years.

Free Defensive Driving Course For Seniors: Best Available 

There’s a lot of courses that are available for anyone to enroll, but we made a list of some of the best ones for you to consider before enrolling.

1. AAA Roadwise

screenshot of the AAA Roadwise homepage

Now, this is a course specially designed for seniors, and the good thing is you can take it in person, or take it online.

In this course, you can get refreshed on your driving skills and get a lot of helpful tips and recommendations that are based on the newest research.

This course takes six hours to finish. In the end, you will get an earned certification via mail, and a discount on insurance based on your insurance company and state.

2. AARP Smart Driver Course

screenshot of the AARP Smart Driver Course homepage

This one is for age 55 and older, and is focused on improving your skills, it also teaches you how to cope with medication that can interfere with your driving.

This course takes 60 days to finish and in the end, you will get a certification and insurance discount.

3. Mature Driver Safety Course

screenshot of the mature driver safety course homepage

This course is tailored for senior people, it puts its focus on improving the driver’s skill set.

It takes into account a senior citizen’s driving abilities and shows you how to avoid accidents, how to improve your driving behavior, and how to cope with medications while driving.

This course will also provide you with a certification and insurance discount.

What are the Benefits of Taking a Defensive Driving Course for Seniors?

Most of us took our driving test and driving lessons as teenagers, but many years have passed since then.

You may have 40 plus years of driving experience, but sometimes even the best drivers can make a mistake that can result in an injury or even worse.

That is why there are Defensive Driving Courses to keep your knowledge refreshed, learn a new safety tip.

Also, there have been a lot of changes in the laws and safety protocols, so why not learn them in the course?

Here are some of the most common reasons people take Defensive Driving Courses.

  • Refreshing your skills, sometimes we forget some of the basic stuff that makes driving easier, so this way you can refresh some of your skills and get better at driving.
  • Learning the new laws and safety measures. Changes in the laws, especially the traffic laws are a common thing, maybe you missed some of them in the meantime, so this way you can make sure you won’t break some law unknowingly.
  • Learn about how aging can affect your driving. You have to remember you are not the only one with these issues, aging can affect every driver.
  • Improving your driving. Some of us don’t drive every day, it’s easy to forget some things, so this way you can improve.
  • Also, people get big insurance discounts when they apply for a Defensive Driving Course for seniors. The discounts can vary depending on your insurance company and state you are located in, but it is somewhere between 5% and 15%.

Wrapping Up

Taking the defensive driving course is a really good thing, as we said earlier you can get so much out of it, you can improve, you can refresh your skill and maybe learn something you didn’t know before.

I know we are all very confident in ourselves, especially confident in our driving skills, no one wants to hear he is a bad driver, but these courses are definitely something even the best of drivers will find extremely helpful.

This is also worth trying even just for the insurance discount.

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