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Greg’s Driving School: Pricing, Locations, and How To Sign Up

Greg's Driving School offers a great selection of driving courses to Maryland residents. Find out all about it and whether it’s worth trying out here.

A lot can go into finding the right driving school for you or your kids.

When it comes to my family’s driver’s education, we want to find a school with reliable instructors.

We should graduate from the program feeling safe and comfortable on the road.

There is no shortage of driver’s education options in Maryland.

After all, the state requires driver’s ed.

Greg’s Driving School happens to be one of the most reputable schools in The Old Line State.

There are a few different things to consider before choosing a driving school.

Read on to find out more about Greg’s Driving School.

This article should help you to decide whether it is the right place for you to learn the rules of the road.

What Is Greg’s Driving School?

Since 1992, Greg’s Driving School has offered driver’s education to residents of Maryland.

Although their main office is in Mount Airy, there are 47 locations all around the state.

So, it is safe to say that there is at least one location that is accessible to most of us Maryland residents.

You may recognize the academy’s name from some respectable publications.

For example, the Washington Post, the Carroll County Times, and the Frederick Newspost have written about the quality of the school.

The driving school takes a well-rounded approach to driver’s ed.

They offer a standard 36-hour driver’s education and refresher courses for adults.

The school even provides driver’s adjacent education, such as courses on drugs and alcohol and CPR.

All the instructors at the school are MVA-certified.

Besides teaching you how to drive well, they will cover Maryland’s specific rules.

The state’s rules may differ from that of other states.

So, the schooling is useful for recent Maryland residents.

Is Greg’s Driving School Worth It?

Weigh the pros and cons to determine whether Greg’s Driving School is worth your investment.

Customers have laid out their feelings about the school with reviews.

These reviews give us a better idea of what goes on behind the wheels of the institute.


The following are benefits of Greg’s Driving School that customers have shown to love:

  • Specialized one-on-one education
  • Useful instruction
  • Kind and professional instructors
  • Friendly classroom environment
  • Safe, up-to-date, specially-equipped vehicles
  • A wide variety of courses
  • Remote courses often have sign language interpreters for accessible learning


Below, find a list of what about Greg’s Driving school left customers feeling unsatisfied:

  • Courses fill up fast, making reservations difficult
  • Some instructors do not uphold the professional environment
  • Difficulties rescheduling one-on-one courses
  • Classroom instruction can be rather boring

Where Is Greg’s Driving School Located?

Greg’s Driving School has 47 driver’s ed facilities that span over nine counties in the state of Maryland.

You can use their website to find their locations.

Note that some courses are not available at every facility.

Begin by clicking on the course to see all the options.

The website will also give you the option to specify whether you want courses in English or Spanish.

If you are a Spanish speaker, then be sure to click the correct option.

This may result in a few different location options from the English courses.

The following counties offer Greg’s Driving School driver’s education course:

  • Frederick
  • Carroll
  • Baltimore
  • Harford
  • Montgomery
  • Anne Arundel
  • Prince George’s
  • Charles

Peruse the website to figure out which location works best for your needs.

There is also always the option to learn online with Greg’s Driving School.

Although, this does not apply to the driving classes that take place on the road.

What Classes Does Greg’s Driving School Offer?

Greg’s Driving School has a well-balanced selection of course and program offerings.

The company offers the standard driver’s education that the state requires.

Plus, they offer drug and alcohol courses, improvement courses, and even instructor training.

Keep in mind that not every course is available at every location.

So, it is important to reference the website before signing up.

List of Courses

Greg’s Driving School offers the following courses for Maryland residents:

  • Driver’s Education
  • Driver Improvement Program
  • Young Driver Improvement Program
  • Extra Driving Practice
  • Three-Hour Alcohol and Drug Education Program
  • Instructor Training
  • CPR classes (only in Rockville and Frederick)

Does Greg’s Driving School Offer Online Classes?

Yes, Greg’s Driving School does offer online classes.

Customers can register for any of the following courses online or in-person:

  • Driver’s Education
  • Driver Improvement Program
  • Three-Hour Alcohol and Drug Education Program

For the Driver Improvement Program, you may only take the course online if you are over the age of 18.

The Young Driver Improvement Program only takes place in classrooms.

Keep in mind that if you are taking an online Driver’s Education course, you will still need to attend the driving school in-person to complete the actual driving part of the course.

How Much Does Greg’s Driving School Cost?

The cost of Greg’s driving school depends on the program that you enroll in.

The 36-hour MVA-certified Driver’s Education course has a tuition of $400.

The tuition covers ten days’ worth of classroom instruction.

It also includes the three in-car driving lessons that will follow.

This program meets every requirement of the state of Maryland’s driver’s ed regulations.

This seems to be a fair deal for those who are looking to get their license.

Maryland residents, regardless of their age, must take a driver’s education course.

If you are going to have to pay for a driver’s education program regardless, then it may as well be with a well-vetted company like Greg’s Driving School.

The Driver Improvement Program as well as the Alcohol and Drug Education, both online and remote, will cost you $70 total.

The Young Driver Improvement Program for those under 18 will cost $200.

The price will go up for the Adult Practice program.

Greg’s Adult Driving Package includes 14 hours of home practice in seven two-hour sessions.

This meets the MVA’s requirements.

The school also throws in an extra two hours of MVA driving test practice.

The total cost is $752.

This may seem steep, but it is actually a 15% reduction on the hourly rate.

The price of Greg’s Driving School is standard for the thorough education that it gives its students.

Is Greg’s Driving School Still Operating During COVID?

Yes, Greg’s Driving School is still in full operation during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In-person classes and driving classes are in full swing.

This will continue as long as the Maryland state government allows it to.

Online classes are available for certain courses and drivers over the age of 18.

This is a useful tool for older and immunocompromised drivers.

Greg’s Driving School does not list any COVID-19 restrictions on its website.

They do not note a standard requirement for vaccination, nor do they mention the use of masks for in-person lessons.

The policy is also likely to vary depending on the location that you choose to attend.

If you want to know more about the policies at your local Greg’s Driving School, then call their customer service at either 301-882-8000 or toll-free at 800-446-9230.

How to Sign Up for Greg’s Driving School

To sign up for Greg’s Driving School, visit their website.

Click the menu widget that says, “Register Online.”

From there, you will see all the program options available.

Click the course that you want to take, then choose the language that you would like to take it in.

The website will show you a map of the counties where that course is available.

Click your county and choose from the locations near you.

Take a look at the schedule to find a day and time that works best for you.

Then, click “Enroll” and register on their secure server.

In some cases, like when you try to register for the Young Driver Improvement Course, you will not be able to register on the internet.

So instead, contact Greg’s Driving School at 301-882-8000 or toll-free at 800-446-9230.

The customer service representative will be able to help you find a spot on the schedule.


Greg’s Driving School is an excellent option for Maryland residents who are looking to get their license or brush up on their skills.

With many locations that span nine counties of The Old Line State and online classes, the school is easily accessible to both new and experienced Maryland drivers.

The state of Maryland requires drivers to go through a 24-hour classroom course.

Then, they may take driving lessons out on the road.

Greg’s Driving School covers this for $400, but they do not stop there.

Driver Improvement Programs are available for Marylanders of all ages.

The same goes for Drug and Alcohol Education.

If you feel like Greg’s Driving School is the right fit for you, do not hesitate to register for a class.

Head over to their website and sign up today!

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