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What You Need to Know About Greg’s Driving School

Can you get quality driver's education at Greg's Driving School? Learn about its services, costs, and more.

Key Takeaways

  • Greg’s offers both online and offline driver education in Maryland.
  • Courses include Driver’s Ed, Driver Improvement, and Alcohol & Drug Education.
  • Prices vary by course, with Driver’s Ed costing between $400 to $425.
  • Some reviews mention difficulty booking in-car sessions and customer service issues.

Since 1992, Greg’s Driving School has been a leading resource for Maryland students looking for a driving instructor and additional preparation before taking the driving exam.

If you’re contemplating becoming a student of Greg’s, you’ll want to know more about this service before you enroll.

You’re just where you need to be. Learn what Greg’s offers students, including the upsides as well as complaints, to determine if it’s worth spending your hard-earned money on.

What Is Greg’s Driving School?

For more than 30 years, Greg’s Driving School has helped Maryland students become better drivers.

It’s available in nearly 50 locations across MD, with online and offline courses offered, such as the 3-Hour Alcohol and Drug Program, Young Driver Improvement Program, and Driver’s Education.

A screenshot of the Greg's Driving School homepage

One look at the website and you might turn away since it seems a bit old and outdated. But let me shift your perspective here – this website is old.

That means that these people have been doing this a LONG time, which enables them to draw on years of experience and thousands of students taught to drive.

What Can You Learn at Greg’s Driving School?

Here’s a deeper dive into what Greg’s offers its students.

Driver’s Education

The Driver’s Education course, certified by the Maryland Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Administration, or MVA, is a 36-hour instruction for new drivers seeking a license.

In other words, this class is your basic driver’s ed. It’s broken up into two parts, including in-classroom instruction and time spent behind the wheel. While you can have a learner’s permit and enroll, Greg’s doesn’t require it.

You’ll spend 10 days in the classroom over two weeks as an enrollee, with each class totaling three hours. The in-car part of the instruction is six hours overall, with three sessions consisting of two hours each.

Driver Improvement

Driver Improvement is available online or in a classroom and designed for licensed drivers required to undergo more instruction. There’s also a Young Driver Improvement class. The offline course takes three hours. If you opt for the online class, you still have to take a final exam in person.

Alcohol and Drug Education

The MVA requires undergoing the 3-Hour Alcohol & Drug Education Program, or ADEP, if you have a license in another country but have recently moved to the United States and want to drive. Graduating from the course earns you a certificate.

Adult Practice

Not everyone learns to drive as a teen. If you got behind the wheel late, consider the Adult Practice class. You can get the 14 hours of driving experience required through Greg’s, with the time broken up into two seven-hour sessions.


Greg’s Driving School also offers a CPR course, a four-hour Professional Development Course if you want to become a state Certified Driving Instructor, and a six-day Advanced Instructor Course available during weekends.

How Much Does It Cost to Enroll?

The price to take an in-person or online class through Greg’s varies depending on which option you select. Here’s an overview of all the fees:

  • Driver’s Education – $400 to $425
  • Driver Improvement – $80
  • Young Driver Improvement – $200
  • Alcohol & Drug Education – $80
  • Adult Practice – $800
  • Advanced Instructor Course – $30 for course materials, $300 for classroom instruction, $200 for behind-the-wheel driving
  • Professional Development Course – $120
  • CPR Course – $79

The Pros and Cons of Greg’s Driver’s Education Services

Before making a call on enrollment, weigh these advantages and issues of Greg’s Driving School.

Pros of Greg’s Driving School

  • Long-standing history: Greg’s has served Maryland for more than three decades, allowing the service to expand all across the state. Over the years, it’s become known as a top resource for teens looking to take classes from professional instructors and earn their driving licenses.
  • Varied services: The business doesn’t only specialize in driver’s ed. You can take instructor-led courses in driver’s safety and on how to become more confident while behind the wheel.
  • Convenient ways to learn: While all Greg’s courses on its website require you to come for an in-person testing component to pass the course, you can take your lessons online if that’s more convenient for you.
  • Many locations: You can find a Greg’s in a location near you throughout Maryland, as it currently has more than 45 schools.  

Cons of Greg’s Driving School

  • Difficulty scoring in-car portion: According to several Yelp reviewers discussing the Greg’s in Rockville, the only hours kids can take the driving portion of the course is during school. Reviewers of other Greg’s locations have echoed a similar sentiment.
  • Some services unavailable: Another review, this time for the Severna Park school, commented that finding a time slot for students to take the driving portion is difficult. Most students end up on a waitlist that can last for a month or indefinitely.
  • Poor staff experiences: Some reviews also mentioned that the staff can be difficult to speak to and even rude, including the instructors. Of course, those perceptions come down to the personal perspective of reviewers, but this point shouldn’t be glossed over.
  • No specialized CDL courses: Greg’s doesn’t offer any courses for a commercial driver’s license, which is necessary for certain delivery and driving gigs.

Should You Enroll in Greg’s Driving School?

Now it’s time to answer your burning question. Is Greg’s Driving School the right choice for you or your child?

The courses taught and the online class format makes Greg’s a valuable educational experience. It’s also helpful that the school serves many counties throughout Maryland.

Ultimately, before you choose Greg’s, you should compare its costs, services, and quality against other driving schools in your area to make a choice you’re happy with.

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