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How To Rate Grubhub Drivers In 2023 [Ridester]

If you want to understand how to rate GrubHub drivers in %currentyear%, the scenario is only possible with restaurants. For customers, you can send an email, review, or fill out a survey.

Grubhub lets you get food from your preferred restaurant to a destination of your choice by a driver.

If you have a terrible encounter or want to appreciate a driver, you can’t directly rate the driver.

Nonetheless, GrubHub still offers other channels which you can use to share your experience.

I found the factors on how to rate GrubHub drivers important since many people look for a platform to do so.

This article discusses the different concerns on how to rate GrubHub drivers in 2023.

Can You Rate a GrubHub Driver?

GrubHub doesn’t always offer you a way to rate a driver.

Nonetheless, you can leave reviews and rate your driver.

Whereas customers can’t rate drivers on GrubHub, businesses and restaurants can.

You can contact GrubHub directly if you have a problem with a delivery driver.

Then let the company know about your experience so the disciplinary committee can look into your case and act.

Ensure you have the order number and other details to connect the complaint to the correct driver.

Why Can’t You Rate Drivers on GrubHub?

GrubHub doesn’t let you rate drivers because the app’s operation makes the ratings less beneficial.

For instance, GrubHub focuses on drivers’ acceptance rate to schedule blocks and get priority for better orders.

As a result, restaurants work with drivers who are considered the most competent.

Further, many problems that happen aren’t the drivers’ fault.

For instance, a restaurant could take longer than expected to prepare your order.

In such a scenario, the driver can’t do anything to quicken your order.

So, as a customer, you may give bad reviews to a driver when the fault lies with the restaurant.

How To Rate GrubHub Drivers

As a customer, you can’t directly rate GrubHub drivers.

Nonetheless, you can reach out to the company via review, email, or survey.

Leave a Review on the Restaurant Page

To leave a review on GrubHub, go to the app and find the restaurant page.

Then, navigate the menu page and find the ‘review button.’

Tap the review button to write your reviewer experience with your GrubHub driver.

Send an Email To GrubHub With Your Review

If you don’t see the review button or prefer an alternative option, you can send an email to GrubHub.

After you place an order, GrubHub asks you how your order was.

So, you can leave your review on GrubHub restaurant via the email reply service.

Take a Survey from GrubHub

Grubhub sends you an online survey to fill out after you receive your food.

You can give feedback through the survey if you want to rate a driver.

GrubHub might not immediately send feedback to the driver.

Nonetheless, if several customers provide the same complaints, GrubHub could suspend or give the driver a warning.

Do GrubHub Drivers See Restaurant Ratings?

GrubHub doesn’t let drivers know whether a rating system is in place.

So, GrubHub drivers can’t see any ratings that the restaurants make.

Also, the page for the GrubHub tablet doesn’t mention the ratings.

Can You Get Fired from GrubHub for Low Ratings?

Nowadays, Grubhub can fire drivers for low ratings.

If restaurants consistently give bad reviews or low ratings, GrubHub issues a warning.

If the driver doesn’t change, GrubHub deactivates the account in question.

Do GrubHub Customers Have Ratings?

As a GrubHub customer, you don’t have ratings, so drivers can rate you.

The only rating systems available are for restaurants to rate drivers and customers to rate restaurants.

What Is GrubHub Driver Recognition?

Grubhub recognition is a program where drivers can get extra benefits and rewards for delivery efficiency.

To achieve recognition, drivers must reach and maintain a certain level of stats.

Advancement through the levels of the recognition program gives efficient drivers more benefits than regular delivery orders.

For instance, pro and premier drivers access the highest paying jobs and larger catering orders.

How Does GrubHub Driver Recognition Work?

GrubHub updates driver levels every week based on the delivery statistics for the previous 30 days.

New drivers get a level after the 20th order and must have an activity history in the three stat categories.

The stats are:

  • Attendance rate: The percentage of blocks that a driver schedules and attends. Grubhub removes the block time and makes a schedule open to others if drivers do not mark themselves online within 15 minutes of their program.
  • Block drop rate: The percentage of blocks a driver schedules but drops before or during the block. Grubhub gives out a set of reasons to select for which a driver drops an order.
  • Acceptance rate: The percent of offers that a driver accepts. The acceptance rate goes down when a driver declines an order.

The better the stat, the higher the driver’s level and the more opportunities available.


Every GrubHub driver starts at the partner level and doesn’t get incentives.

Nonetheless, the status changes after 20 orders based on the other stats.


To get to the first level of the recognition program, a driver must meet the requirements below.

  • Attendance rate of more than 90%
  • Greater than 85% acceptance rate
  • Block rate of less than 20%


Drivers at the partner level reap the benefits below.

  • Order cancellation. Higher-level drivers may have to accept all orders, but partner-level drivers are freer to cancel less beneficial orders. However, frequent cancellation reduces the chances for orders with better pay.
  • Schedule with many blocks. The more freedom to cancel orders allows you to schedule as many blocks as possible. Then, later, you can decide which blocks you want to work on and which to cancel. Nonetheless, the idea may only be ideal if you don’t plan to advance to higher levels.


The pro is the middle level and lies between the partnership and premium


Drivers must meet the below requirements to advance from partner to pro level.

  • Driver rewards
  • Second access to new blocks
  • Less than 20% block drop rate
  • 100% acceptance rate
  • More than 85% acceptance rate


The top benefits of pro-level are as follows.

  • Early access to block schedules. Pro drivers get block schedules earlier than partner drivers but later than premier drivers.
  • A larger number of customer orders. When a driver advances to the pro level, the number of orders becomes more than at the partner level.


Premier is the top level and offers the highest priority for the schedule blocks.


  • Drivers should achieve the below stats to qualify for the premier level.
  • Driver rewards
  • First access to new blocks
  • Less than 10% block drop rate
  • 100% attendance rate
  • More than 95% of the acceptance rate


Premier drivers reap similar benefits to pro drivers but have a higher priority.

  • First dibs on scheduled blocks. Drivers can access blocks up to two days earlier.
  • Catering orders. Premier drivers get large orders with a higher value and increase chances for tips. Larger and more likely to attract a bigger bonus.
  • Referral programs. The drivers can earn money for each new diner referral the driver makes to GrubHub.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the questions asked include:

Do Grubhub drivers see your tip before accepting?

Grubhub drivers can see the amount of tip before they accept delivery.

The information lets the driver know the total order payment and decide whether to accept or reject the order.

Although you can give a cash tip, some drivers may not want to take the risk.

Does Grubhub steal tips?

All tips go to the driver, and GrubHub doesn’t deduct any fee from the money.

Since some people confuse delivery fees for a driver tip, Grubhub always reminds customers that the delivery charges don’t go to the driver.

Nonetheless, all tips are subject to taxes.

Wrapping Up

You can’t rate GrubHub drivers directly.

Nonetheless, if you feel dissatisfied or experience incompetencies, you can still reach out to GrubHub.

The lack of a platform for you to rate drivers doesn’t mean the company can’t address your complaints.

So, you can use the other available channels and reviews to air your grievances.

Comment below if you still have questions or need clarification on how to rate GrubHub drivers.

We will engage in a fruitful discussion to answer all your questions and concerns.

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