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How To Rate Grubhub Drivers Easily [Step-By-Step]

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Key Takeaways

  • Directly rating GrubHub drivers is not available to customers.
  • Feedback can be provided through reviews, emails, or surveys.
  • Restaurants can rate drivers; disciplinary actions may follow poor reviews.
  • Contact GrubHub directly for complaints or issues with drivers.

Can You Rate a GrubHub Driver?

No, GrubHub does not provide a direct feature for customers to rate drivers. While businesses and restaurants can rate drivers, customers themselves cannot directly rate their delivery driver through the GrubHub app.

If you encounter any issues with a delivery, GrubHub encourages contacting them directly to report your experience. This allows the company to address any concerns with the delivery driver as needed.

The focus within GrubHub’s operation is on drivers’ acceptance rates for scheduling and order priority, rather than customer ratings.

This approach acknowledges that many delivery issues may not be the driver’s fault, such as delays at the restaurant, and aims to prevent misattributed blame.

How To Leave Feedback On a Grubhub Order

To leave feedback on a GrubHub order, although you cannot rate drivers directly, you have several options to share your experience:

  1. Leave a Review on the Restaurant’s Page: Access the GrubHub app, locate the restaurant from which you ordered, and use the ‘review button’ found on the restaurant’s menu page to write about your experience, including any feedback about your driver.
  2. Send an Email to GrubHub: If the review button is not available or you prefer another method, consider emailing GrubHub directly. The company typically inquires about your order experience via email after delivery, providing an opportunity to share your review, including driver feedback.
  3. Participate in a GrubHub Survey: Post-delivery, GrubHub may send an online survey. This survey is another avenue through which you can provide feedback about your order and driver experience.

While direct feedback to drivers is not facilitated, GrubHub takes customer feedback seriously. Repeated complaints about a driver can lead to warnings or suspension by GrubHub.

Additionally, it’s important to note that GrubHub drivers do not have access to restaurant ratings or feedback about them, ensuring their focus remains on efficient delivery service without bias from previous ratings.

What Is GrubHub Driver Recognition?

The GrubHub Driver Recognition Program rewards drivers for delivery efficiency through a tiered system based on their performance statistics. By meeting specific criteria, drivers can advance through the program’s levels, unlocking additional benefits.

Higher levels, such as Pro and Premier, grant access to higher-paying jobs and larger catering orders, rewarding drivers for their efficiency and reliability in the delivery process.

The program updates driver levels weekly based on delivery performance over the past 30 days, starting after the 20th order, assessing three main statistics:

  1. Attendance Rate: The percentage of scheduled blocks a driver attends. Drivers must mark themselves online within 15 minutes of their scheduled block, or GrubHub opens the schedule to others.
  2. Block Drop Rate: The percentage of scheduled blocks a driver drops before or during the block. GrubHub allows drivers to select a reason for dropping an order.
  3. Acceptance Rate: The percentage of offers a driver accepts, which decreases when a driver declines an order.

Higher performance across these stats leads to a higher driver level and more opportunities.

Levels and Requirements

  • Partner Level: This is the starting level for all drivers, offering flexibility in order cancellation and scheduling. To progress, drivers need an attendance rate over 90%, an acceptance rate greater than 85%, and a block drop rate less than 20%.
  • Pro Level: To advance to Pro, drivers need a less than 20% block drop rate, a 100% attendance rate, and more than 85% acceptance rate. Benefits include early access to scheduling blocks and a higher volume of orders compared to Partner level.
  • Premier Level: The top level requires a less than 10% block drop rate, a 100% attendance rate, and more than 95% acceptance rate. Premier drivers get the earliest access to scheduling blocks, eligibility for larger catering orders, and can participate in referral programs for additional earnings.

Each level offers specific benefits, with higher levels granting early access to scheduling, more orders, and potential for larger earnings through catering orders and referral programs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Get Fired from GrubHub for Low Ratings?

Grubhub can terminate drivers for consistently low ratings from restaurants. Initially, a warning is issued, and if there’s no improvement, the driver’s account may be deactivated.

Do GrubHub Customers Have Ratings?

GrubHub customers do not receive ratings; only restaurants rate drivers, and customers rate restaurants.

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