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Get More Batches With An Instacart Batch Grabber

Thinking about using an Instacart batch grabber to make more money delivering groceries? Learn what you need to know about Instacart bots.

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Instacart is a popular app that allows shoppers to make money by picking up customers’ grocery orders.

One way for Instacart personal shoppers to increase their earnings is by grabbing more food batches on each order.

Are you a personal shopper who’s becoming increasingly frustrated by an inability to grab your batches in time to make enough money during each shift?

If so, you can use a batch grabber to help you increase productivity and start earning the money you desire.

In this article, you’ll learn what you need to know about using Instacart batch grabbers.

Key Takeaways

  • Instacart batches are difficult to get, especially now that Instacart is becoming an ever-increasingly popular side hustle.
  • Instacart batch grabbers – automated software that help Shoppers grab blocks quickly – are an easy way to get more blocks.
  • Be careful though, these are not legal according to Instacart’s terms of service.
  • If you do decide to use them, Shoppers have found success with Instaman and a Batch Grabber Script.

Overview: Our Favorite Batch Grabbers

These are some of our favorite batch grabbers. For more detailed information about each, scroll down.

Our Pick
InstaMan Batch Grabber

Most popular batch-grabber for Android

Instacart Batch Grabber Script

Great computer-based option for computers

How Do You Get High-Paying Batches on Instacart?

Many strategies can help you get high-paying Instacart batches. Here are a few of those strategies to try on your next shift:

1. Selectively choose your batches

Look for batches that don’t cause you to drive too far. Choosing batches that keep you closer to a store will help you do more batches during each shift.

You should also pay close attention to batches with fewer items so you can move quickly through each store.

2. Stay in high-demand areas

Select zones where competition is lower and where many customers place orders for delivery.

3. Work on your customer rating

You should get more opportunities from the Instacart app by keeping your rating as high as possible.

4. Work with speed in mind

You need to complete as many batches as possible to increase your Instacart income consistently.

Move through stores quickly. Don’t spend too much time on replacements. Select one and ask your customer if it works for them or not. Stick to stores where you’re familiar with layouts.

5. Work during peak times

You’ll get pay boosts by working during peak hours. It’s more competitive, of course, but the extra pay per batch should benefit your bank account on an overall basis.

How Does Instacart Decide Who Gets Batches?

vector graphic showing person shopping in an attempt to get more batches on instacart

Instacart assigns batches to shoppers based on the top ratings. This means that shoppers with a high rating have more opportunities to get batches.

To increase your chances of getting more batches, you should ensure that your customer service skills are up to par.

Batches typically get assigned to the first shopper who accepts the batch offer. If you’re unavailable or choose not to pick up a particular batch, then the next highest-rated shopper will gain the ability to select it.

Get More Batches Using an Instacart Batch Grabber

If you find it difficult to manually accept enough quality Instacart delivery orders in the app, you can get more batches using a batch grabber.

What is an Instacart Batch Grabber?

An Instacart batch grabber is an app or extension that allows personal shoppers to improve their chances of grabbing additional batches.

How Do Instacart Batch Grabbers Work?

There are two basic ways that batch grabbers work.

  • Some batch grabbers alert you when a batch opportunity opens up.
  • Other batch grabbers will automatically choose batches for shoppers based on their location and availability.

No matter how it works, using an Instacart batch grabber can help you increase your chances of getting more high-paying batches during each shift.

As a personal shopper, this extra income can make all the difference in your ability to make your Instacart efforts worth it.

The Best Instacart Batch Grabbers

Various Instacart batch grabbers exist. Let’s review a few of the best ones you should consider trying out.

vector graphic showing a man wearing an instacart t shirt holding a smartphone that is running an instacart batch grabber on the screen

Batch Grabbers for iPhone

Many developers will tell you that it’s more challenging to create batch grabbers for the iPhone than when developing for compatibility with an Android phone.

There are a few floating around out there, but we can’t recommend any of them specifically due to lack of reviews and trusted users.

However, the ones we have found appear to be apps that will notify you when new batches become available and also includes a “bid” function so you can gain the first chance at selecting batches.

Using these types of batch grabbers for Instacart, you can more quickly identify the best batches available, claim them, and go straight into work mode.

Batch Grabbers for Android

Android users can try out the InstaMan batch grabber to increase their chances of getting more Instacart batches.

The Android app will help you claim more available batches through its easy-to-use interface.

InstaMan makes a unique sound when new batches become available.

You can choose intervals from one to 10 seconds to tell the app how often it should automatically refresh for you.

Tell Instaman the batch criteria to look for so it filters out any batches you don’t want to accept.

It will automatically go through all Instacart batches and tell you the moment a batch that meets your desires shows up.

You can get live support if you run into trouble when using InstaMan.

You can also get your questions answered via the built-in information tab located inside the app.

Another Android option is the Instacart Auto Clicker batch grabber.

It searches out the best batches and then auto-selects one for you so you can get into the delivery process immediately.

The person who sets it up is available at (646)744-9455.

Instacart Batch Grabber Scripts

Do you have your own app developer skills and want to put them to use? Consider getting an Instacart batch grabber script. One such script is produced by Gentle Ninja and sells for $149.

You can also watch the YouTube video below to see the email contact information of another developer willing to share an Instacart batch grabber script.

How Do You Use an Instacart Bot?

Using a batch grabber is simple. All you need to do is to install the Instacart batch grabber app and let the bot go to work for you.

Depending on your chosen Instacart bot, it will help you by either signaling you to accept a batch based on your criteria, or it will immediately accept the batch for you.

Selecting batches as quickly as possible is the main reason to use an Instacart bot inside a batch grabber app.

Other Common Questions

Whether you will use an Instacart batch grabber or select your next batch the traditional way, you may have more questions about making money with Instacart.

vector graphic showing a costco instacart driver outside of a costco store to pick up a delivery

Can You Claim Multiple Batches on Instacart?

Yes, you can select multiple batches on Instacart. They’re called double batches or triple batches.

Accepting multiple batches allows you to shop for two or three customers inside the same store all at once.

It’s a great way to increase your income if you’re good at keeping track of multiple customers.

When you accept a double or triple batch, you’ll walk into the store and put both orders together simultaneously.

After you pay for each batch, you’ll then deliver the orders to each customer separately.

Follow the instructions on the Instacart app to plot out a route that helps you decide which customer to deliver to first.

Once you get the first person’s delivery completed, hop back into your car and proceed to the second and/or third customer’s location.

By the way, you can even do quadruple and quintuple batches if you happen to get four or five customers needing orders at the same store.

What Time do Batches Start in the Morning?

Most delivery windows with Instacart start at 9 AM each morning.

Wrapping Up

Would you like to speed up your ability to accept Instacart orders?

Consider finding and using one of the available batch grabber options to help you accomplish your goal.

5 thoughts on “Get More Batches With An Instacart Batch Grabber”

  1. Someone in my area is using a batch grabber because I never even get a chance to see decent batches. Ill be staring at my screen and the only thing that pops up over and over is “this batch has been accepted by another shopper.” And Im thinking, what batch?! Nothing ever popped up for even a millisecond! This is my full time job but now I have to go find something else because I can’t even make $40 in a whole 12 hour day anymore because of people who cheat and use these batch grabbers. And I live in Chicago, one of the busiest regions in the country. I have perfect customer rating, no order issues for months, low cancel rate, diamond cart status (which supposedly also gives priority batch access), and excellent 5g data connection. Its pathetic really that people feel no remorse in cheating their way.

  2. I’m not sure if this is helpful but I want you to know that I had an iPhone XR and I couldn’t understand why I wasn’t getting anything good or why I wasn’t seeing batches at all and I found out that my processor on my phone wasn’t compatible with the current platform in a way that would allow Instacart to run more smoothly and quickly for me. I had all the very same factors that you currently have, and i bought a new phone the next day and had instant results. Not sure how old your phone is however, consider investing in a new android or new iPhone, that is 2022 or newer and I’m fairly confident you will get positive results


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