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Instacart Dress Code: What To Wearing While Shopping and Interviewing

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You just applied for Instacart, and they accepted you.

Now, you’re wondering what the Instacart dress code is and if you need to wear anything specific.

Luckily, shoppers have a lot of flexibility in their work attire.

Full-service shoppers have more flexibility as independent contractors compared to in-store shoppers who are traditional employees.

Keep reading for more details on what to wear for your next shift.

Does Instacart Have a Dress Code?

Instacart doesn’t have a dress code, but they do have a couple of requirements.

First, shoppers have to wear closed-toed shoes.

They should also tie their hair back from their face.

While it’s not a requirement, you can also wear an Instacart shirt to help customers recognize who you are.

Do You Have To Wear a Mask With Instacart?

As of early 2023, you have to wear a mask when making Instacart deliveries.

However, you don’t have to wear a mask when shopping if the grocery store doesn’t require one.

Do You Have To Wear an Instacart Shirt?

You don’t have to wear an Instacart shirt when shopping.

However, it can make sense to wear one as a full-service shopper so that customers know who you are when you deliver their items.

If you work as an in-store shopper, you’ll be a traditional employee.

You might need to wear a uniform, but anything that blends in with the grocery store employees is a good choice.

Does Instacart Give You a Shirt?

Instacart sometimes sends you a shirt when you start shopping for them.

However, not everyone receives a shirt.

What Can You Wear While Delivering Instacart?

The items you can wear for Instacart include many common items you already own.

However, the specifics can depend on if you work as a full-service shopper or an in-store shopper.

Full-Service Instacart Dress Code

As a contractor, you have control over what you wear when you drive for Instacart.

At the very least, you should wear closed-toed shoes to keep your feet safe in case you drop something.

Closed-toed shoes can also keep the customer’s groceries safe.

Even if you have good hygiene, it never hurts to wear good shoes.

As long as you’re comfortable and can walk, bend, and move easily, you can wear what you want.

In-Store Shopper Instacart Dress Code

Since in-store shoppers are traditional employees, Instacart might have more requirements.

It’s unclear what they require you to wear, but some shoppers dress casually.

Wearing an Instacart shirt with jeans or similar pants should work.

As with full-service shoppers, in-store shoppers should be able to move easily in whatever they wear.

Of course, you’ll also want to wear closed-toed shoes.

That way, you can minimize the chances of injuring your feet on the job.

Why Did Instacart Send Me a Lanyard?

Instacart may send you a lanyard to help look more official.

The lanyard isn’t as bright as wearing an Instacart shirt.

Plus, the lanyard allows you to keep your keys and shopper card within easy reach.

That can help you keep your hands free as you shop, and you won’t have to bring a purse or bag into each store when you accept a batch.

Now, you don’t have to use the lanyard.

If you have good pockets, you can keep your keys, phone, and wallet in there.

However, it’s nice to have another option if you want to switch things up.

What To Wear for Instacart

While the Instacart dress code is somewhat relaxed, you should still wear certain items.

That will make it easier for you to do your job and shop more efficiently.

Here are some types of items you should wear for Instacart.

Comfortable Clothing

One of the most important things is to be comfortable.

You might look better wearing business casual, but not everyone likes wearing that style.

As a shopper, you need to be able to reach up to grab objects from higher shelves.

You also should be able to squat down to take items from the bottom.

Shoppers need to be able to lift heavy items and easily walk around the store.

Make sure you wear something that allows you to do everything.

If you don’t know where to start, consider what you’d wear when shopping for your own groceries.

Appropriate Clothing

Of course, you should also dress appropriately because you are working.

Grocery store employees and customers might not know you’re working for Instacart.

However, you want to look nice when you deliver groceries to customers.

Jeans and a t-shirt should work well for most Instacart shoppers.

You can wear an Instacart shirt or any other plain shirt you own.

Try not to wear anything with offensive images or slogans.

That way, you won’t offend anyone you interact with during your shift.

Closed-Toed Shoes

As mentioned, you should wear closed-toed shoes for Instacart.

When you’re a contractor, the Instacart dress code can be hard to enforce.

However, this rule is for your own safety and well-being.

The last thing you want is to drop a can of soup on your toe and hurt yourself.

Fortunately, you don’t have to wear fancy shoes.

Athletic shoes or other casual closed-toed shoes should work.

How Should I Dress for an Instacart Interview?

If you apply to be a full-service shopper, you don’t need to go through an interview.

However, you might expect an interview if you apply to be an in-store shopper.

Business casual is a good option for most Instacart interviews.

So, that means slacks or khakis and a polo, blouse, or another nice top.

Overview of the Instacart Hiring Process

To become a full-service shopper, you must apply online and pass a background check.

The same steps apply to becoming an in-store shopper.

However, the traditional employees may need to do a formal interview as well.

Wrapping Up

The Instacart dress code is pretty flexible, which can help you be more comfortable as you work.

You can wear just about anything, but you should wear closed-toed shoes.

Also, avoid offensive clothing to not anger customers or other workers.

If you work as an employee, you might need to wear a more specific outfit.

However, many in-store shoppers can still dress in casual clothing.

Do you still have questions?

Leave them in the comments below.

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