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Instacart’s Dress Code & What To Wear While Shopping

Learn the Instacart dress code basics, including what to wear while shopping and interviewing. We'll also show you tips to keep in mind.

Key Takeaways

  • Instacart requires closed-toed shoes for safety and recommends tying hair back for hygiene.
  • Wearing an Instacart shirt is optional but can make it easier for customers to recognize you.
  • Full-service shoppers have flexibility in attire; comfort and mobility are key for efficiency.
  • In-store shoppers may have specific attire requirements to align with grocery store standards.

Does Instacart Have a Dress Code?

Instacart does not have a strict dress code but requires shoppers to wear closed-toed shoes and recommends tying hair back from the face.

While wearing an Instacart shirt is not mandatory, it can help customers recognize you, especially for full-service shoppers delivering items.

In-store shoppers might have to adhere to more specific attire guidelines that blend in with grocery store employees, but this can vary.

Full-service shoppers, as independent contractors, have the flexibility to wear what they prefer, as long as it includes closed-toed shoes for safety and allows for comfortable movement.

Some in-store shoppers may receive an Instacart shirt, but it’s not guaranteed for everyone.

What To Wear for Instacart

Instacart doesn’t enforce a strict dress code, but wearing comfortable and appropriate attire is key. Choose clothes that make moving around easy—think of the outfit you’d pick for a personal grocery run.

Jeans and a clean t-shirt work well, just make sure they’re free of any offensive graphics or text since you’ll be interacting with customers and representing Instacart.

While an Instacart shirt isn’t required, it can help customers identify you.

Safety comes first, so closed-toed shoes are non-negotiable. Athletic or other casual, comfortable shoes are ideal to protect your feet from accidents.

This dress strategy ensures you look professional yet stay practical, optimizing both efficiency and safety as you shop and deliver.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Did Instacart Send Me a Lanyard?

Instacart sends lanyards to make you appear more official and to conveniently hold keys and shopper cards, keeping your hands free while shopping. It’s an optional accessory, useful if you prefer not to carry a purse or bag, offering an alternative to relying solely on pockets.

How Should I Dress for an Instacart Interview?

For an Instacart in-store shopper interview, business casual attire, such as slacks or khakis with a polo or blouse, is appropriate.

Full-service shoppers don’t require an interview but must apply online and pass a background check, a process similar for in-store shoppers, who may also undergo a formal interview.

1 thought on “Instacart’s Dress Code & What To Wear While Shopping”

  1. Dear Brett,
    I thought I read that two instacart shoppers with the same address may use the same carts together and can work together. Was this my imagination? I am an approved Independent shopper just starting and my daughter lives in the same residence, she does not have a driver’s license yet but will not be driving. Can she still apply and ride with me as a helper?
    Thanks for the reply.


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