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Is SpotHero Legit? Pros, Cons & Our Unbiased Thoughts

Is SpotHero Legit? A Summary of Our Findings

What is SpotHero?A digital platform for finding, comparing, reserving, and prepaying for parking spots in over 300 cities in the USA and Canada.
Ease of UseAccessible through a mobile app, allowing users to search for parking by location and time.
Range of OptionsOffers parking for various needs and durations, in diverse locations including airports, concerts, and city centers.
PricingOften cheaper than onsite parking fees.
Guarantee of SpotSpotHero guarantees a parking spot and works to resolve issues if a reserved spot is unavailable.
SecurityRelies on the security of individual parking garages; overall considered a secure platform.
LegitimacyOver 40 million cars parked; top-rated parking app on the App Store; dedicated customer service team; refund policy.
ReliabilityGuaranteed parking spots; partnerships with parking space owners; active customer service for problem resolution.
SafetyOperates with minimal in-person interaction, ensuring user safety.
User ReviewsGenerally positive, highlighting reliability, customer service quality, and cheaper rates.
Concerns RaisedSome communication issues with parking garages; difficulty navigating certain garages; lack of a rating system for individual parking spaces; some challenges with refunding.
Customer ServiceAvailable 365 days a year, with multiple contact options including phone, email, and social media.
ConclusionSpotHero is a legitimate, reliable, and user-friendly service for parking reservation, with a few areas for improvement noted by users.

What is SpotHero?

SpotHero is a digital platform offering users a way to easily find, compare, reserve, and prepay for parking spaces. It provides affordable parking options for various durations and locations, including events and central business districts.

Often, the prices offered on SpotHero are cheaper than paying for the parking onsite – making this a fantastic choice for anyone who is sick of paying extortionate parking fees.

For a more detailed insight into how the app works, check out this video from the SpotHero Youtube channel:

Common Questions to Understand

While SpotHero is fairly easy to wrap your head around, there are a few key questions that often come up when talking about the service.  

Here are some detailed answers to the most common questions that are asked about SpotHero and how it works:

Does SpotHero Guarantee a Spot?

According to SpotHero, the service guarantees you a parking spot. This is the core function of the platform, as it would be entirely redundant if spots were not guaranteed.

SpotHero can guarantee spots because the platform has partnered with the available parking lots and garages and is provided with an inventory of parks.

The inventory allows them to correctly allocate parking spaces in each location to prevent overbooking.

Furthermore, if you arrive at your reserved spot and for some reason it isn’t available, SpotHero’s customer service team works to find a new and equally convenient park!

How Secure is SpotHero?

SpotHero is thought to be a secure and legitimate platform. They have serviced millions of clients and have countless reviews online indicating that it is a safe and secure platform.

In terms of your car’s security, this is dependent on the parking garage itself rather than SpotHero.
For example, if you use SpotHero to secure LAX airport parking, your car will be subject to the security services of LAX!

However, most parking garages are secure and well looked after, especially those that are larger or are located in an airport.

Is SpotHero Legit?

One of the most commonly asked questions regarding SpotHero is simply whether or not it is a legitimate service.

The concept of a digital parking reservation app isn’t widespread, and therefore many people have reservations as to whether SpotHero actually works.

However, potential users can rest assured that SpotHero is a legitimate service, and there are millions of users all across the United States and Canada to confirm this!

Here are some key statistics and points that show SpotHero as a legitimate service:

Over 40 million cars parked: According to SpotHero, they have parked over 50 million cars since the company was founded in 2011.

A business that wasn’t legitimate would not have been able to reach such a vast customer base!

Dedicated customer service team: Adding to SpotHero’s legitimacy is its dedicated customer service team. This team will work to resolve any issues you may have with the service, including rare cases where your reserved park is not available.

Top rat parking app on the app store: Numbers don’t lie – and according to the SpotHero App Store page, the platform is the number one parking app in the app store.

This is no small feat and indicates that SpotHero provides the services it promises!

Refunds available: Should there be any issues with your SpotHero experience (or you simply want to cancel your booking), you can receive a refund.

This is a good indicator that SpotHero is available, as refunds are available for incomplete or unneeded services booked through the app. 

Is SpotHero Reliable?

Yes, SpotHero is reliable. The company guarantees your parking spot and has mechanisms in place to ensure you get to park where you booked!

The parks offered on the platform are done so as a part of a partnership with the owners of the parking spaces, creating a line of communication that allows SpotHero to carry out its promised services.

Additionally, if the park you booked is not available, SpotHero’s customer care team will work to either find a way to provide you with the park you booked or will work to find you a new park free of charge.

Is SpotHero Safe?

SpotHero raises very few safety concerns as the platform operates without the need for in-person interaction.

Unlike services such as Uber or Lyft where you must meet and interact with a stranger, SpotHero does not need in-person service to carry out its function.

Customers act independently through the app and in their own vehicles in order to use SpotHero, which creates very little opportunity for any safety risks.

This means that users can have the peace of mind that they are safe and secure when using SpotHero, as there is very little opportunity for any SpotHero-related safety risks to occur!

What Are Users Saying About SpotHero?

There is nothing like word of mouth and actual user experience to tell you whether or not a company is worth your time and money.

Luckily, SpotHero has garnered many online reviews that can give us an idea of what users think of the platform!

Here is a brief overview of what users liked about SpotHero to give you a better idea of whether the service is right for you.

What Trustpilot Reviewers Like About SpotHero

Trustpilot is one of the best forums where real users can express their views on products, companies, and brands. Here’s a quick look at what Trustpilot reviewers like about SpotHero!

Reliable: Many reviews comment on how reliable the service is as they always find the park that they have reserved to be ready and available!

Because of this, many are repeat customers who frequently use SpotHero.

Strong customer service: A common theme among the reviews is a positive view of the customer service team.

One reviewer commented, “The customer service rep was superb!” She was very patient, attentive, kind, patient, patient, patient!”

A good number of parks available: Reviewers have also commented that there are always “ample” parks within the parking buildings, leaving them to feel that there is more than enough space and choice of parks.

What App Store Reviewers Like About SpotHero

SpotHero has a strong presence on the app store and has gathered over 247.8K ratings! Here’s what App Store reviewers liked about using SpotHero:

Easy process: Many reviewers included the fact that they found the app and the process of reserving a park using SpotHero to be extremely easy! The interface is well laid out and it is clear what steps need to be taken to reserve a spot.

Cheaper rates: Some noted that they noticed the SpotHero parking rates were much cheaper than what they would usually pay to park in their city.

Why Are People Worried About Using SpotHero?

No app is perfect, and there are certainly some issues with SpotHero.

Luckily, we can learn about these issues before we even use the app thanks to the many reviews left online! Here are some of the key concerns outlined in the reviews:

What Trustpilot Reviewers Are Worried About

TrustPilot reviewers are notoriously honest, and the SpotHero review page is not exempt from this.

Several issues and concerns regarding the platform have been expressed. Here are the most important ones you should know about.

Communication Between SpotHero and Parking Garage

Several reviews have noted that they made reservations using SpotHero, only to find out that the parking garage had no notice of their booking.

In some instances, there does seem to be an occasional lack of communication between the platform and the parking garage.

Difficult Garages

Trustpilot reviews have also indicated that some of the garages SpotHero chooses to provide customers can be tricky to navigate, especially for unconfident or beginner drivers.

Some explained that the parks were “too narrow,” while others commented that they had a “difficult time getting out” due to the way the building was constructed.

What App Store Users Are Worried About

While the SpotHero rating on the App Store may be 4.8/5 stars, some worries have been expressed by reviewers. Here are the ones that stand out:

Lack of a rating system: Reviewers have expressed disappointment that there is no way to rate each parking space.

Some stated it would be useful to be able to rate each parking space out of 5 stars to “let other customers know whether the parking garage is worth their time.”

Issues with refunding bookings: There also seems to be a recent influx of reviews stating that they have struggled to receive their refunds from SpotHero.

Some have commented that the platform gave them a $5 voucher instead of their correct refund.

SpotHero Quality & Guarantees

As mentioned earlier, SpotHero has a strong guarantee that users will be able to legitimately use their services.

The specific wording of the guarantee from the SpotHero website is that they “guarantee you will have a spot to park in at the price you paid or your money back.”

SpotHero also has a free cancellation policy, allowing users to cancel their booking up until a minute before it is supposed to begin.

The cancellation results in a full refund of the fee paid. This gives users fantastic flexibility to book parking spaces with the peace of mind that they will not lose money if they can’t make the booking!

Does SpotHero Offer Customer Service

Yes, SpotHero offers customer service. Their customer service team has built up a strong reputation for superb service and a friendly yet professional approach to all issues.

Part of the company’s guarantee is access to customer service 365 days a year.

Their team can be contacted no matter what kind of issue you face.

Whether it be a simple issue with the app or a situation where your reserved park is unavailable, the team is there to help solve your issues in a swift and friendly manner!

What Customer Service Options Are Available?

There are several customer service options available at SpotHero. You can ring them at (844) 324-SPOT (7768) for any emergency issues experienced while out and about.

For more general issues or queries, you have the option of filling out their online form or emailing them at support@spothero.com, which allows one of their team members to get back to you ASAP via phone or email.

Additionally, if you are someone who prefers to use social media as a form of communication, SpotHero is active on Instagram, X (Twitter), and Facebook.

Wrapping Up: Is SpotHero Legit?

SpotHero is legit. It truly provides users with a way to book and compare parking spaces in their local area, all from the comfort of an app!

While the general reputation of the company as well as the content of many of the reviews is overwhelmingly positive, some issues have been pointed out.

As discussed earlier, some users have noted communication issues between the parking garages and SpotHero.

If possible, it is a good idea to check with the parking garage or building you have booked with to ensure that your booking has been noted.

If not, you have the option of contacting the SpotHero customer service team to help rectify the situation.

However, as SpotHero gains in popularity, these issues will likely be ironed out! As such, it is certainly an option you should consider next time you need reliable parking for an event or outing.

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