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Jump Bikes: An Introduction to the Innovative Electric Bikeshare Service

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Whether you’re living in a big city or visiting for a weekend, driving a car can be a hassle, not to mention expensive.

That’s why commuters and travelers around the world are turning to bike-share companies like JUMP bikes for an alternate solution.

JUMP is one of the biggest names bike-sharing today.

Once known as Social Bicycles, the brand was acquired by Uber in 2018, expanding the rideshare app’s services well beyond four-wheeled rides.

Now, JUMP is becoming a part of the world’s largest micromobility company, joining forces with Lime — the bike-share and scooter-share company — after Lime acquired them in May 2020.

With JUMP, Lime is giving users access to more transportation options in one app.

If you’re interested in getting affordable and eco-friendly bike rides in your city, keep reading to learn all about JUMP bikes, how they work, and how much they cost.

What Are JUMP Bikes?

JUMP bikes are dockless electric bikes that allow you to ride at up to 20 miles per hour (limits vary by market) all throughout your city.

Using pedal-assist technology, JUMP bikes help you get to your destination fast, without much effort, allowing for a relaxing ride.

Though JUMP bikes are most convenient and affordable for short or medium-length trips, they can be ridden as far as 50 miles at full charge.

This means you can make a quick trip to the grocery store — for which the basket on JUMP bikes can come in handy — or take a leisurely sight-seeing trip all around town.

The best part is, since JUMP bikes are dockless, you never have to return to your initial bicycle pick-up location to end your trip.

Just safely park and lock your bike near your destination and you’re good to go.

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They’re not electric, but they’re available in most cities and very cheap to ride.

Where Are JUMP Bikes Available?

JUMP bikes are officially returning to Denver, London, Seattle, and Washington, D.C., a few months after Uber pulled every bike in its fleet.

While Lime does plan to expand this product to more cities in the future, keeping the JUMP branding, it’s unlikely that it will return to 100% of the markets JUMP previously operated in.

Lime’s acquisition actually led to thousands of bikes being scrapped, showing that Lime is downsizing the fleet.

JUMP’s previous markets once included over 25 cities in the United States and Europe, including San Francisco, Atlanta, San Diego, New York City, Providence, Rome, Barcelona, and Paris.

How Do JUMP Bikes Work?

JUMP bikes can currently still be rented through the Uber app.

Lime is still working on integrating JUMP bikes into its fleet, so current users don’t have to worry about transitioning to the Lime app quite yet.

To use a JUMP bike, just open up the Uber app and switch to the bike view on your home screen.You’ll see this option if JUMP bikes are available in your city.

Then, use your app to locate a nearby bike and start heading over.

You can tap “Reserve This Bike” to put it on hold for free for up to five minutes, if you’re worried about someone getting there before you.

When you get to the bike, scan the QR code (usually located between the handlebars) to start your trip.

You’ll typically need to retract a cable lock before you take off on a JUMP bike.

During your trip, you’re required to follow local traffic laws, which may include using bike lanes and wearing a helmet.

If you ever need to make a quick stop, perhaps for a coffee, you can always tap “Hold” in-app to lock your JUMP bike to a bike rack without ending your trip.

When you’re ready to end your trip, make sure you’re in the designated area shown on your Uber app.

Then, place your JUMP e-bike in a safe place — parking at a bike rack or JUMP bike hub is required in most markets — away from pedestrian walkways, accessibility ramps and other potentially unsafe areas.

You can then re-lock your bike with the cable lock and end your trip in the app.

You can still expect a simple process like this once JUMP bikes transition to the Lime app.

The current Lime bike rental process is extremely similar, only Lime’s user agreement does require users to wear a helmet, even where it’s not legally required.

How Much Do JUMP Bikes Cost?

The cost of JUMP bikes varies greatly between markets, but is always a fairly affordable option to ride.

In fact, since the acquisition, Lime has actually reduced the price of these e-bikes in some markets, including Denver, to more closely align with the cheaper prices offered for Lime bike rentals.

To give you an idea of what prices you can expect, here are some JUMP bike rates that have already been announced:

  • Denver: $1 per hour
  • London: 1 euro to unlock, plus 15 pence per minute to ride
  • Seattle: $1 to unlock, plus 36 cents per minute to ride

Prices are still subject to change as Lime transitions JUMP bikes to its platform.

How to Sign Up to Use JUMP Bikes

In order to use JUMP bikes, you must be at least 18 years old and at least 5 feet tall.

Uber also states that JUMP bikes are built to hold riders up to 210 pounds, while baskets can hold up to 20 pounds of items.

You may need a driver’s license to operate JUMP bikes if legally required in your city.

As long as you meet these requirements, you can start signing up for an Uber account by downloading the bike-sharing app on your iPhone or Android.

Then, follow the prompts to sign up, providing all requested information like your first name, last name, email address, and phone number.

You’ll also be asked to submit your credit card information.

This credit card will be your default payment method when you check out your first JUMP bike, though you can always update, change, or add a payment method in the “Wallet” section of your Uber app.

Make sure to apply an Uber promo code in the “Wallet” section of your app ahead of your first trip, if you want to take advantage of a ridesharing discount, too.

Once JUMP bikes are available on the Lime app, you can follow this simple Lime sign-up process to continue taking part in bike-sharing.

Frequently Asked Questions

As Uber’s iconic red JUMP bikes return to more cities across the U.S. and Europe under Lime’s ownership, you’ll have a more convenient way to bike to work.

For more information about JUMP, read these FAQs:

1. Will Lime be offering JUMP scooters, in addition to JUMP bikes?

Lime has not announced any plans to relaunch JUMP scooters, in part because Lime scooters are already the brand’s most popular product.

However, Lime did acquire JUMP scooters in addition to its e-bikes, so it is possible that they will be available in some markets in the future.

2. Does the JUMP brand offer any standard, non-electric bikes?

No, all JUMP bikes are pedal-assist bikes, so if you’re hoping to get a good workout in during your commute, we recommend renting out Lime’s pedal bikes (also known as Lime-B bikes) where available.

3. Can I earn money by charging JUMP bikes?

If you have an Android smartphone, you may be able to sign up to be a JUMP Starter and earn money just by picking up charged batteries, swapping out batteries on bikes, and returning dead batteries to JUMP warehouses.

However, since JUMP is in the middle of a transition from Uber to Lime, these gigs may not be available.

You may have more luck (and get more consistent earnings) by signing up to be a Lime electric scooter charger, also known as a Lime Juicer.

Take the Most Convenient Bike Ride

Lime’s acquisition of JUMP has made it an even bigger contender in the world of micromobility.

As the company fully integrates JUMP bikes into its fleet, you’ll have even more alternatives to driving and ridesharing than before.

Getting where you need to go can be as simple as picking up a nearby bike, riding with the assistance of electricity, and locking your bike near your destination.

Want to learn about more micromobility options that may be available near you?

Read all about Lyft’s e-scooters and bike-share program to see how the rideshare company is expanding its transportation options.

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  2. Not nearly as disappointing as thousands of nearly new bikes trashed when Uber sold the Jump service to Lime. Sad.


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