6 Tips for Leaving a Constructive, Helpful Lyft Driver Review

Lyft is an extremely useful service for getting around your city without having to drive. You can get a ride with just a couple taps on your phone. Before you know it, a driver will be at your location and driving you to your destination. It’s affordable, convenient, and lets you meet new people.

Unlike a taxi service or public transit, Lyft is a community. It’s based not just on exchanges of money and services, but also on personal accountability and mutual respect. To ensure that the community stays at a high standard, Lyft allows passengers and drivers to rate each other after a ride ends. Over time, these ratings add up to a numerical star rating from 1 to 5. This rating appears next to both driver’s and passenger’s names in the Lyft app.

Beyond just the numbers, however, passengers can write more detailed reviews of drivers. This helps them learn how to improve their service, as well as let them know what they’re doing well. Many passengers, however, don’t realize the importance of leaving driver reviews. Furthermore, they may not understand how to leave a review that’s constructive and helpful (as opposed to frustrated and unhappy).

That’s why in this guide, we’re going to take a look at six tips for leaving the best Lyft driver review possible.

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  1. Understand How to Leave a Review
  2. Go Into Detail About Problems
  3. Be Polite and Respectful
  4. Don’t Blame Drivers for Things Beyond Their Control
  5. Know When to Contact Lyft’s Critical Response Line
  6. Leave a Tip If Appropriate

1. Understand How to Leave a Review

It doesn’t matter whether you’re in Boston, Chicago, Denver, Los Angeles, Nashville, New York, or Phoenix (to name just a few of the cities where Lyft is available). The process for leaving a Lyft driver review is exactly the same.

To leave a review, all you have to do is follow the prompts that the Lyft app gives you at the end of a ride. Once a ride ends, Lyft will first ask if you want to tip your driver. You can choose whether or not you want to tip (more on this later), but once you’ve chosen your tip amount, Lyft will then ask you to rate your driver using one to five stars. If you leave five stars, then you can specify what made your ride excellent (though you’re not required to do so). You can also write a more detailed review in the box below the rating buttons if you so desire.

If you leave less than five stars, Lyft will ask you to specify what went wrong. They want you to tell your driver how to improve. Once again, you have some preset options for this, but you can also write a more detailed description of what happened in the box below. This leads us into our next tip.

2. Go Into Detail About Problems

The Lyft rating system works best if you provide context for low ratings. Presumably, you have a good reason for leaving a low rating, so be sure to explain in detail what happened. Here are some things that might cause you to leave a low rating:

  • Your driver chose a dangerous drop off location (e.g., they stopped in the middle of traffic instead of pulling into a parking lot or up to a stop light)
  • Your driver was rude
  • Your driver didn’t go to the pickup location you requested
  • Your driver was playing loud or obnoxious music
  • Your driver did something unsafe or broke the law
  • Your driver didn’t provide the utmost in customer service
  • Your driver’s vehicle was dirty or poorly maintained

All of the above are things that you should describe in detail when you leave a rating lower than five stars (as well as any other reasonable problem you had).

3. Be Polite and Respectful

This is key to leaving a constructive review. Even if you’re really angry at your driver, it’s best to remain polite and respectful in your reviews. You won’t help your driver improve by insulting them or leaving a low review with no context. Remember, drivers are human, and they make mistakes.

You could have someone who is a brand new driver and simply doesn’t understand some of the key principles of driving with Lyft. In this case, you should let them know so that they can improve, but you shouldn’t be unnecessarily mean about it.

4. Don’t Blame Drivers for Things Beyond Their Control

This is a common problem when leaving Lyft driver reviews. Many passengers don’t understand that certain factors (in particular the price of the ride) are beyond a driver’s control. If you get charged a cancellation fee, that’s not the driver’s fault. Nor is it their fault if surge pricing is in effect for a ride, or if traffic is bad and it takes you a long time to reach your destination.

You should only rate your rideshare driver based on factors they can control. To do otherwise is unfair and unproductive. If you do have issues with pricing or fees, you can take it up with Lyft customer support. Learn how to contact them here.

5. Know When to Contact Lyft’s Critical Response Line

While most problems you might have with a Lyft driver are only worth reporting through your Lyft rating, some issues are severe enough to merit contacting higher authorities at Lyft. For serious safety issues, you can contact Lyft’s Critical Response Line. It’s a 24/7 phone number meant for reporting and getting assistance with the most serious problems.

For instance, if a driver sexually assaulted you, threatened you, was violent towards you, was under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or was driving in a severely reckless way, then you should call the Lyft Critical Response Line. Note that you should always call 911 in any emergency situation or situation where you’re in immediate danger. Only after you are safe should you contact the Lyft Critical Response Line. Learn how to contact Lyft with this method here.

6. Leave a Tip If Appropriate

While leaving a tip is something that you decide before you rate your driver, it deserves a bit more attention. To be clear, you are not required to tip your Lyft driver, nor should you always leave a tip. If a driver gave you the worst service you ever received, you should not tip them (though you should leave a review making note of their poor service).

On the other hand, any driver that gave you good service should get a tip. Lyft drivers are independent contractors. They don’t receive any kind of guaranteed minimum wage. Therefore, the extra money from tips goes a long way towards helping make a living as drivers (not to mention offsetting ever-rising gas prices). The Lyft app will charge the tip to your credit card as part of the final price you pay for a ride, though you’re also welcome to leave a cash tip. You can learn more about Lyft tipping in our complete guide.

Leave Lyft Driver Reviews for Good Karma

6 Tips for Leaving a Constructive, Helpful Lyft Driver Review

We hope you now understand the importance of leaving Lyft driver reviews. Next time you finish taking a ride, take the extra couple steps to review your driver (and leave a tip if you had great service). Doing so helps make the Lyft platform better for everyone.

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