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Background Monitoring Required Lyft [Meaning & Fixes]

Key Takeaways

  • Lyft requires updated background checks for all drivers, initially and continuously.
  • Background checks cover criminal records for violent offenses and driving records for safety.
  • Lyft reruns background checks annually, with continuous criminal monitoring.
  • Disputing background checks is possible through Checkr or Lyft’s candidate portal.

Is Background Monitoring Required for Lyft?

Yes. Lyft requires that all their active drivers have up-to-date background checks on file.

A background check will happen when you initially sign up to drive with the platform as a way of screening you, and then they’ll perform continuous background checks as you continue to drive with Lyft.

What Does Lyft Background Monitoring Check For?

When you sign up for Lyft, their background screening covers two areas.

They’re looking into your criminal background and your driving background.

You’ll want to know about Lyft that even if you pass the background check upon joining the platform, they’ll conduct background checks regularly to ensure you’re still a safe driver.

Criminal Record

The main thing that Lyft is looking for when performing a criminal background check on their drivers is to make sure there are no violent offenses on your record.

Several crimes automatically disqualify you from driving with the platform.

Whether you have them as you initially start to sign up or get convicted during your time driving, the Lyft team will remove you from the platform if any of the following appear on your criminal record:

  • If you’re registered on the National Sex Offender Registry
  • A sexual offense (child pornography, rape, or sexual assault)
  • Terrorism
  • Driving under the influence (DUI) within the last seven years
  • A disqualifying violent offense
  • A disqualifying theft or property damage offense
  • A disqualifying drug offense
  • A disqualifying fraud offense within the previous seven years (including identity fraud)

As mentioned above, not all violent offenses are automatically disqualifying, as with the other disqualifying convictions.

A disqualifying violent crime includes murder, kidnapping, human trafficking, arson, burglary, assault, robbery, and carjacking.

Lyft will perform continuous criminal background checks on its drivers to ensure that you’re not convicted of any of the above crimes during your time as an active driver.

Driving Record

In addition to monitoring your criminal background while driving with Lyft, they’re going to check your driving record.

They also do this upon signing up to drive with the platform.

For both criminal and driving record background checks, you’ll need to provide your personal information.

This includes your social security number, driver’s license number, full name, and birthdate.

They’ll use photographic identity verification by asking you to provide a photo of yourself to make sure they’re running your background check and verify you’re not trying to use someone else’s to get hired at Lyft.

They’re looking to ensure you’re a safe driver.

This means no outstanding traffic tickets, not an unreasonable amount of speeding tickets, or any reckless driving charges.

How Often is Background Monitoring Required for Lyft?

Lyft conducts annual background checks on its drivers, even in states where it’s not required, to maintain a universal safety standard across the platform. Additionally, Lyft offers continuous criminal monitoring to ensure the safety of all users.

How Long Does Background Monitoring for Lyft Take?

The duration of Lyft’s background check process can vary, typically ranging from two to ten days, with most drivers experiencing a turnaround time of between two and four days.

The process may be expedited in larger cities with electronic records, whereas it could be prolonged in counties without electronic records or for drivers who have lived in multiple states, as checks must be conducted in each state.

Can You Dispute a Lyft Background Check?

Yes, you can dispute a Lyft background check if you believe there has been a mistake or if an offense appears that should not disqualify you.

To dispute a background check with Lyft, you can contact Checkr, the company used for background monitoring, either by calling (844) 824-3257 or by logging into the candidate portal. Through the portal, you can view your background check results and file a dispute claim.

Reasons for disputing might include an offense being outside the disqualifying timeframe or an error in the report.

Wrapping Up

Lyft does everything in its power to ensure every passenger is safe in their drivers’ vehicles. They do this by continuously monitoring all their independent contractors’ criminal and driving records.

A Lyft driver will need a background screening when they initially sign up with the platform, and then they will have an annual review of their background as long as they’re active drivers.

Continuous background checks help to keep everyone safe, happy and wanting to use Lyft to get to and from their destinations.

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