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How To Use Lyft Wait And Save To Get Cheaper Lyft Rides

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Key Takeaways

  • Lyft Wait and Save offers cheaper rides for longer wait times, benefiting budget riders.
  • Wait times vary, with potential waits from 5 to 30 minutes, offering significant savings.
  • Cancellation is possible but may incur fees if done after a two-minute window.
  • This cost-effective option is ideal for non-urgent trips, balancing savings with convenience.

What Is Lyft Wait and Save?

Lyft Wait and Save is a feature that allows riders to choose lower fare rates in exchange for longer waiting times for their rides.

This option is aimed at those who are not in a hurry and prefer to save money on rides for non-urgent trips, such as visits to the grocery store.

Lyft ensures that despite the longer wait times for passengers, drivers are compensated at their standard rates, safeguarding their earnings.

The wait times for this feature are variable, with no predetermined duration. Riders may experience waits ranging from a minimum of five minutes to a maximum of about 30 minutes.

Lyft offers the flexibility to cancel the ride if the wait becomes too long, although canceling three or more rides within a 15-minute span may result in a $2 cancellation fee.

While Lyft does not disclose the exact savings riders can expect, it suggests that savings can range from $1 to $5 for an approximate 20-minute wait, with potential for greater savings with longer waits.

This makes Lyft Wait and Save an appealing option for those seeking a more affordable ride option and are willing to wait a bit longer for their ride.

Can You Cancel a Lyft Wait and Save?

To access Lyft’s Wait and Save option, you must be in a location where the service is currently offered.

If your region supports Wait and Save, you can easily find and select this option within the Lyft app.

Instead of choosing standard ride options, select the Wait and Save mode before entering your pickup and drop-off locations.

This pilot program is available selectively in the United States and in Canadian cities where Lyft operates.

For those not in regions where Wait and Save is available, it’s recommended to stay updated with Lyft’s announcements, as the company plans to expand this cost-saving service to more markets in the future.

Is Lyft Wait and Save Worth It?

Lyft’s Wait and Save is beneficial for those seeking a more affordable ride option and who are not pressed for time. However, the unpredictability of wait times means it may not be ideal for urgent travel needs.

Lyft highlights that a significant portion of its rides in the United States—40%, to be exact—involve low-income areas, suggesting that Wait and Save can offer notable savings, particularly important during financially challenging times such as the pandemic.

However, if quick pickup is a priority, opting for the standard Lyft service might be more suitable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Does Lyft Take So Long to Find a Driver?

Lyft may take longer to find a driver due to a high volume of ride requests in busy areas or a shortage of drivers on the road, particularly impacted by the pandemic. These factors can increase wait times for securing a ride.

Can You Ask a Lyft Driver to Wait for You?

Yes, you can request a Lyft driver to wait for you. If the trip has begun, the fare meter keeps running, increasing the cost for the wait time.

Before starting the trip, waiting is at the driver’s discretion, and you may incur a wait fee. If a driver waits without being asked and cancels after five minutes, you could face a $10 fee.

How Long Will Lyft Wait?

Lyft drivers can wait for up to 10 minutes upon request. For mid-trip stops, ensure they are brief. If you need more than 10 minutes, it’s best to end the trip and request a new ride after completing your errands.

Wrapping Up

Lyft’s Wait and Save mode offers customers a way to find a more affordable Lyft ride for their essential trips.

While it’s not currently available to all riders in the U.S. and Canada, the company claims to be working on making it more widely accessible.

If you already have this feature and don’t mind a longer wait time for your ride, it’s a great way to save a few bucks on your grocery trip.

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