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If there’s one driving gig you’re eligible for, one of the many available food delivery services is probably it.

Companies in this sector of the gig economy are always on the lookout for drivers to bring food to customers’ doors.

Postmates is no exception.

Just knowing Postmates requirements is half the incredibly easy battle to becoming an approved courier.

Just like DoorDash and Uber Eats, Postmates makes it simple for anyone with a car to start earning.

Food delivery services are known to have more relaxed requirements for independent contractors than rideshare apps or grocery delivery brands.

Plus, there’s absolutely no experience needed to land the gig.

This in-depth guide will explain every requirement you have to meet to become a Postmates delivery driver.

Postmates Driver Requirements

Before you start applying, you need to make sure you meet a set of basic Postmates driver requirements that are standard for just about every food delivery brand.

In fact, these Postmates requirements are so simple that you may already meet them.vector graphic showing a hand holding a clipboard and evaluating a driver to make sure he meets the postmates requirements

To become a Postmates courier, you must:

  • Be at least 18 years old.
  • Have a valid U.S. driver’s license.
  • Have a valid Social Security number.
  • Have a mailing address.
  • Live in (or near) a city that Postmates operates in.
  • Be able to upload a profile photo upon request. This must be a clear headshot.
  • Be able to pass a background check.

The Postmates background check is comprehensive and will include both your criminal background and your driving record.

This background check is conducted to weed out anyone with big red flags, which most commonly include major moving violations like DUIs and violent, sexual, or drug-related offenses.

Once you authorize Postmates to run your background check, they will securely provide your full legal name, Social Security number, and date of birth to a third-party service called Checkr.

Checkr also conducts Lyft and Uber background checks, so if you’ve ever been approved to be a rideshare driver, there’s a good chance you’ll also be approved as a Postmates courier.

Vehicle Requirements

When it comes to your mode of transportation, Postmates car requirements are incredibly easy to meet.

Because you won’t have any passengers in your vehicle, you can drive pretty much any car, truck, van, motorcycle, or electric scooter that you own.

You can even deliver on bike or on foot in some markets.

If you’re using a motor vehicle, it must be covered by valid insurance, registered under your name, and in good working order.

If you’re delivering on a motorcycle or scooter, you’ll also want to make sure you have a way to keep meals safe en route to your Postmates customer.

You’ll always be assigned deliveries based on your vehicle type, so you may have a greater chance of landing larger orders if you have more storage space.

Bike delivery and on-foot delivery gigs are more commonly available in markets like New York City and San Francisco where there’s high demand in a relatively small service area.

Of course, you do not need auto insurance or proof of registration if you opt for these delivery options.

Smartphone Requirements

Every Postmates driver must have access to a smartphone to be able to accept and fulfill delivery requests.

While Postmates isn’t picky about the exact smartphone model you have — just about any iPhone or Android will work — your operating system must be compatible with the Postmates Fleet app.

This means your smartphone must run on Android 5.0, iOS 11, or a newer system.

You can check your operating system on most Android phones by heading to your phone settings, then tapping “About phone” or “About device.”

Your operating system will be listed under “Android version.”

If you have an iPhone, head to your settings and tap “General.”

Then, tap “About,” and your operating system will be listed where it says “Software Version.”

Once you know that your phone is compatible, you can download the Postmates Fleet app on the App Store or Google Play to ensure you’re prepared to start deliveries as soon as you’re approved.

If you’re currently on a computer, you can also enter your phone number on this web page to get a download link texted to your mobile device.

You’ll need the Postmates Fleet app and won’t use the regular Postmates app — which customers use to submit orders — at all when working, so there’s no need to download it.

Bank Account Requirements

The final Postmates requirement you will need to meet is having a valid checking account.

This is a must because all your weekly payments will be sent to you via direct deposit.

PayPal accounts and similar online accounts are not eligible for payouts.

Your Postmates pay cannot be sent to savings accounts either.

During the driver application process, you will be required to provide your bank account number and routing number to get verified.

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How to Proceed If You Meet Postmates Requirements

Once you meet all the Postmates requirements listed above, you simply need to sign up to become a Postmates driver.

For a detailed application tutorial and more information on how to get started as a Postmates driver, check out our guide, How to Become a Postmates Driver.

To start, simply head to fleet.postmates.com and enter your email and preferred password to start creating your courier account.

Make sure to read through the Fleet Agreement to understand the terms of employment before tapping the green arrow button.

In most markets, the last action you need to take, other than waiting for your background check to get approved, will be activating your Postmates prepaid card on your app or online.

his card will be sent to you via mail as part of your welcome kit, which also includes a Postmates bag.

You will use the card for orders that require payment upon pick-up (which will be noted in your app).

Once your card is activated and you’re fully approved, you’ll be able to receive delivery requests and start your flexible Postmates gig.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you want to drive for a food delivery company full-time or part-time, Postmates can be the gig for you.

Read these frequently asked questions to learn more about the Postmates requirements that you should expect.

Postmates requirements: the "Deliver with Postmates" webpage

1. I need a food handler’s card to become a Postmates courier?

No, a food handler’s card is not required for Postmates delivery drivers.

This is because you will not be handling any food before it’s packaged.

Any drinks should also be poured by the merchant prior to your pick-up.

2. Does my vehicle need to pass an inspection before I can start driving?

Your vehicle will not be subject to a vehicle inspection since you won’t have any customers riding with you.

Just make sure your vehicle is and remains in good condition.

If you need a vehicle to deliver with, we suggest checking out a peer to peer rental service or using a long-term car rental company like Fair.

3. Do I still need to have a driver’s license if I plan to deliver on foot or bike?

No, you do not need a driver’s license to be approved for bike or walking delivery.

However, Postmates will ask for either your driver’s license or passport to verify your identity during the application process, so you’ll need at least one of the two.

If you have any issues with this or only have a state ID, make sure to contact Postmates customer service for assistance.

4. Do I need to complete any training sessions to become a Postmates driver?

Training sessions are not required for new drivers.

This is because the gig is fairly straightforward, and the app will tell you your exact pick-up location and drop-off location every time you accept a request.

The Fleet Help page on Postmates.com is a great resource if you need help navigating the app at any time.

Start Earning With an Easy Side Hustle

When you’re fully approved to be a delivery driver, you may find that the gig is just as easy as meeting Postmates requirements.

As long as you continue to meet all the driver, vehicle, smartphone, and bank account requirements we listed above, you’ll be able to keep earning just by driving between local restaurants and Postmates customer locations.

Once you’ve gotten a hang of the Postmates Fleet app and understand how pick-ups and drop-offs work, you can start thinking about how to earn more.

Get our suggestions for maximizing earnings as a Postmates courier, including how to get more tips and get the most delivery requests possible.

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