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Uber Vehicle Inspection: Inspection Form and How to Pass

Use this guide to pass the Uber vehicle inspection. We outline each point of emphasis on their 19-point checklist for you, so you know what to expect.

Uber mandates specific vehicle requirements, including a state-dependent inspection, to ensure passenger safety—knowing what to expect simplifies the process.

Key Information

Safety Measures

Uber requires annual inspections to ensure vehicle safety and compliance with local laws, involving a 19-point checklist.

Inspection Sites

Inspections can be done at Uber Greenlight Hubs, approved local shops, or online via Rideshare Mechanic, with varying costs.

Passing Criteria

Vehicles must pass all 19 inspection points, focusing on functionality and safety, like lights, brakes, and tires.

Post-Inspection Steps

Once inspected, complete a background check and submit necessary documents to Uber to start driving.

What Is an Uber Vehicle Inspection?

The Uber Vehicle Inspection is a process that every Uber driver has to go through to ensure that your car is fit to drive and safe for the road.

While it may sound ominous, but it is a relatively simple process and is a standard practice in the industry.

Most other on-demand service providers require drivers to complete a similar process, with Lyft’s vehicle inspection process being almost identical to Uber’s.

The document is only one page long and has to be signed off by an inspector.

Things to Understand Before an Uber Vehicle Inspection

Before we dive too far in, there are a few things that you must understand about Uber vehicle inspections.

Why Does Uber Have Vehicle Inspections?

Uber requires vehicle inspections to ensure the safety and security of passengers and drivers.

People ask themselves all the time, “is Uber safe” before getting in the vehicle.

This is a simple way to reassure those riders that yes, Uber is doing their part to keep it that way.

The inspection covers 19 various points, and a certified inspector who can also verify the registration status of the car must sign it.

This is a measure to ensure that all vehicles meet the necessary standards required by Uber and state laws.

Who Can Perform an Uber Vehicle Inspection?

Anyone who works at an approved vehicle inspection center or a pre-approved repair shop can perform the inspection and sign off on the form.

An approved vehicle inspection center is something like an Uber Greenlight Hub or the popular website ridesharemechanic.com.

How Often Do You Need an Uber Car Inspection?

Uber requires that an inspection be done on every eligible vehicle each year.

Some states may require that it occur more frequently.

Be sure to check the specifics for your state and city.

You risk having your driver account being temporarily deactivated if you put it off for too long. Keep an eye on your miles and the date you completed your last inspection and you shouldn’t have to worry about a thing.

Uber’s 19-Point Vehicle Inspection

As mentioned, the 19-point vehicle inspection is one page long and covers the essential parts of the car.

vector car on lift getting an auto inspection by a mechanic

How Long Does an Uber Vehicle Inspection Take?

19 things may sound like a lot, but you do not need to worry about a lengthy inspection.

Unless there are significant issues found during the inspection, it is a relatively quick process.

This should take about 30 minutes to complete.

What Does Uber Look for in Their Vehicle Inspections?

Overall, Uber wants to ensure the safety of you and your passengers.

The two questions Uber wants to know about your car:

  • Is it safe to drive?
  • Will passengers get a pleasant riding experience?

Because of this, an Uber car inspection requires you to consider all the safety and mechanical features in your car that make it fit to drive.

The inspection looks for mechanical issues, cosmetic damage, and properly functioning safety features.

There are 19 points included in the Uber vehicle inspection form that a mechanic will consider:

Turn indicator lightsTail lights
Parking/emergency brakeFoot brakes
Steering mechanismSafety belts
WindshieldWindshield wipers
Muffler/Exhaust SystemFront Seat
Tire and tread depthDoors
Interior/Exterior rear-view mirrorsSpeedometer

You must satisfy all of these vehicle inspection points in order for your vehicle to pass.

You will fail your inspection if you don’t meet any of the following specifications:

  • Lights: Your headlights, tail lights, turn indicator lights, and brake lights must all function properly.
  • Brakes: The foot brake pads and shoes can’t be worn out. The emergency or parking brake must work.
  • Steering mechanism: Your power steering should be fully functioning and your steering must be aligned. Your ball joints, tie rods, bushings, rack, and pinion must also be in good condition.
  • Windows: All of your windows including windshield, rear window, and passenger windows must be crack-free.
  • Safety: All doors need to open and lock. You need safety belts for every passenger including the driver. You must have interior and exterior rearview mirrors.
  • Muffler and exhaust system: Your muffler and exhaust system must be properly intact and shouldn’t be overly noisy.
  • Tires: Tires that have low tread or are bald will not be accepted. You must meet certain tread depth requirements.
  • Miscellaneous: Additional inspection points include properly functioning windshield wipers, horn, speedometer, front seat adjustment, and undamaged bumpers.

Additionally, you may need to get an emissions check depending on which state you drive in.

You can find location-specific information by checking the Uber driver app or doing a quick Google sear

The form is simple. Each category is passed or failed.

Failing any category will cause your vehicle to fail the entire test.

Each category on the sheet requires that the apparatus is functional and does not need to be replaced to pass.

For some parts like the bumpers and doors, you will receive a bit of leniency for things like scratches or paint chips.

The main focus on the car’s body is that it is functional and will not cause any injury to the passengers and drivers for any reason.

Uber Vehicle Inspection Form

You can find the form through Uber during the application process or on Rideshare Mechanic.

Accessing the form is easy.

Once it is filled out and certified, send it back to Uber so you can start driving!

After your form is accepted, you will need to have a background check done.

There are a few necessary steps to becoming an Uber driver: Submitting the background check, proof of insurance, driver’s license, and vehicle inspection.

Here’s what the vehicle inspection form looks like.

Sample Uber Inspection Form

How Much Does the Uber Vehicle Inspection Cost?

Uber inspections are free of charge if you go through a Greenlight Hub location.

This isn’t the case for third-party mechanics.

You’ll need to pay a fee if you have your vehicle inspected somewhere other than a Greenlight Hub.

Uber doesn’t cover these costs.

They also won’t chip in for any repairs or maintenance that your car needs to pass the inspection.

Insider tip: Most mechanics or body shops are banking on you to fail your inspection so that they can sell you new parts as a solution to get you on the road as soon as possible (I’m looking at you Jensen Tire).

This is a common trap, so try to go to a reputable business that just focuses on vehicle inspections, ideally an inspection business that does inspections specifically for Uber and Lyft.

Where to Get an Uber Inspection

As we have already touched on, you can get an Uber Vehicle Inspection in one of three main places: an Uber Greenlight Hub, an approved local mechanic shop, or online with Rideshare Mechanic.

1. At an Uber Greenlight Hub

Getting your inspection at an Uber Greenlight Hub is the same process as any other inspection at your local car shop.

A certified inspector will pass or fail your vehicle inspection according to the form.

You can find an Uber Greenlight spot in 36 cities across the US.

If you go to one of their Hubs, you can get a free uber inspection.

Be sure to double-check according to your specific location.

Greenlight Hubs do not accept appointments.

The main benefit here is that it is free for Uber drivers and that the inspectors know exactly what Uber is looking for.

2. At a Local Mechanic Shop

Uber partners with well-known shops, like Jiffy Lube and Pep Boys, to offer inspections.

If you choose to go to a local shop, be sure to print off and bring the form with you.

They will not have it on hand.

You will be able to make an appointment at a local shop.

There are many of them across the US, which is a huge benefit for some people.

Getting the inspection done at a shop will cost you.

Each shop may offer a different price for this inspection, so be sure to research and compare your options.

For instance, Jiffy Lube charges about $35 for an emissions test and safety inspection or $15 for a safety inspection only.

Firestone Complete Auto Care offers free courtesy checks.

These checks can suffice for the Uber vehicle inspection but know that any problems that arise during the inspection will cost you money to fix.

Since you have to pass all the categories on the checklist, even failing one will have you going in for another inspection once you get the issue fixed.

3. At Rideshare Mechanic

The main benefit of Rideshare Mechanic is the ease of completing the check remotely using video chat.

You do have to sign up for an appointment time, but the appointment should not take longer than 15 minutes.

The site does have a fee.

It will cost you $40 to have the vehicle inspected for Uber.

However, another benefit of the site is that the people who do the inspection know what Uber is looking for and will not upsell you on anything you are not interested in.

What You’ll Need for an Uber Vehicle Inspection

Well, of course, you will need your vehicle.

Additionally, you will need proof of registration and insurance.

You will also need your driver’s license, a physical copy of the Uber Inspection form, and an appointment at an Uber vehicle inspection location.

Be sure to have the funds to pay for the inspection on hand as well.

Check the price of the inspection before you go.

Tips to Pass an Uber Inspection

If you keep your car in top condition and arrive at the appointment with the necessary documentation, you should pass the inspection.

Mainly, people fail due to low tread depth on their tires, worn-out seat belts, brake lights that need replacing, or something else they can get corrected with a simple scheduled maintenance appointment.

Do not worry or get discouraged if you do not pass the first time.

Simply taking the required maintenance steps should help you pass the next time.

A good rule of thumb is to get any glaring issues that you know to exist fixed beforehand.

For instance, if you know that your front headlight is out, replace it before you attempt to pass inspection.

Another tip for passing is to be sure that the mechanic or inspector knows what they are looking for and what meets the standards of Uber.

You could fail due to an oversight or more strict expectations than are necessary.

Use a pre-approved Uber mechanic to be sure that this does not happen to you.

As long as you maintain your car daily and meet Uber’s standards for the vehicle, such as being under ten years old, passing will not be an issue.

Here are a few easy things to do before taking the trek to get your Uber car inspection:

What Happens If You Fail an Uber Inspection?

Failing an Uber vehicle inspection happens from time to time.

While it may result in an Uber driver deactivation, it is not the end of the world.

On the off chance that your car doesn’t pass the vehicle inspection your next steps are simple.

Correct the problem, and redo the inspection.

If you fail, you will know why each category must be checked as pass or fail.

The inspector will communicate this with you and offer suggestions on what to fix to pass.

This is one benefit of completing your inspection with a pre-approved local car repair shop.

You can get the issue fixed on the spot or schedule an appointment right away.

Once you have fixed the issue that caused the failed test, you can schedule another appointment to have it inspected again.

Frequently Asked Questions

vector graphic showing a clipboard with Uber car requirements on it and an Uber vehicle behind it getting evaluated

Can Walmart inspect your car?

As of writing this article, no. Walmart auto care centers are not a part of the pre-approved local car shops by Uber.

Jiffy Lube, Firestone Auto Care, PepBoys, and Midas are some nationally known shops that are approved.

Other regional shops are also on Uber’s list, so be sure to check your local availability through Uber’s shop locator on their site.

To find this, google “Uber vehicle inspection + your city” and a link to the locator should pop up in your search results.

Does Uber use Viber to perform FaceTime vehicle inspections?

Rideshare Mechanic is the only online, virtual vehicle inspection site approved by Uber.

They offer short, 15-minute inspections through their site online.

Sign up for a slot on their website and get any further questions on the service answered on their site.

How much does it cost to get vehicle inspections for both Lyft and Uber together?

Depending on your state, a Lyft and Uber inspection can be very similar or very different.

One inspection form will not suffice for both companies.

You must download, print, and bring both inspection sheets to your appointment.

They will not have copies on hand for you, and digital forms are not available.

Some mechanics will not charge an extra fee for both inspections, depending on the differences, but sometimes you may need to schedule a separate appointment.

Rideshare Mechanic offers a virtual option that costs $65 and includes both an Uber and Lyft inspection.

Separately, the services are offered through the site at $40 apiece, so buying the bundle saves you $15.

Can you fake a car inspection?

While you could have someone else inspect the car for you that is not certified by Uber, it will be hard for you to pass it off to the company as legitimate.

Each inspection has to be signed off by an approved inspector.

This includes not only their name and signature but also the shop or service they work for.

Additionally, the inspection form is specific to each state, and Uber designs it.

The company will know if the form has been changed or tampered with in any way that deviates from the original.

Wrapping Up

Driving for Uber can be a great way to bring in extra cash. Conducting a car inspection is a low cost of entry into the business and is one of the only entry costs to the rideshare business.

Ensuring that you are well prepared and educated on the requirements to pass the inspection is the key.

Go forth and join the rideshare business with confidence!

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