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  • DoorDash Sign Up Bonus For New Drivers
DoorDash Sign Up Bonus For New Drivers
  • Promotions
  • DoorDash Sign Up Bonus For New Drivers

DoorDash Sign Up Bonus For New Drivers

Use a DoorDash driver referral code during sign up to unlock promotions

DoorDash offers a sign-up bonus for new food delivery drivers, with the amount varying by city. To qualify, drivers need a valid referral code and must complete a set number of deliveries within a specific timeframe, such as 300 deliveries in 90 days. This program, known as Guaranteed Earnings incentives, ensures drivers earn a guaranteed amount when they start their gig.

Offers may vary by region and role. Terms apply.

Does DoorDash Offer Sign Up Bonuses?Using a DoorDash Driver Referral Code for Sign-Up IncentivesHow To Sign Up For DoorDash to … Read more

Does DoorDash Offer Sign Up Bonuses?

DoorDash does not provide traditional sign-up bonuses as of late 2023. Instead, they offer Guaranteed Earnings incentives, accessible through a referral code or link during the sign-up process.

These incentives are designed to ensure a minimum income for new drivers based on the completion of a pre-set number of deliveries within a certain timeframe.

The best way to check to see if an Earnings Guarantee is active in your city it to visit our DoorDash driver signup link and verify whether or not this promotion is active in your city.

How DoorDash Guaranteed Earnings Work For Drivers

The Guaranteed Earnings incentives offer a safeguard for earnings, promising a specified amount, such as $500 for 75 deliveries in 30 days. If earnings don’t reach the guaranteed figure, DoorDash contributes the difference.

This safeguard is selectively available, with larger cities often presenting more attractive guaranteed sums.

DoorDash also offers Driver Challenges, time-sensitive and location-specific incentives that motivate drivers to fulfill orders quickly, especially in busy areas. All drivers may participate in these challenges, found in the DoorDash app, to potentially boost their income.

However, these initiatives are based on current demands and may not be continuously available. They include temporary location-based and referral bonuses, historically offered during market expansions or driver shortages.

Other incentives, like Peak Pay, offer additional pay during busy times. There are also perks like Dash Now and Priority Access for new drivers.

To get the most current information on available incentives, new drivers are advised to begin their sign-up process via official promotional links.

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Using a DoorDash Driver Referral Code for Sign-Up Incentives

To unlock DoorDash’s sign-up incentives, you’ll need to use a specific DoorDash driver referral code or follow a referral link. This is a crucial step in the sign-up process if you’re aiming to benefit from the Guaranteed Earnings incentives.

During registration, look for the Guaranteed Earnings page which will detail the potential earnings and the conditions you must meet. It’s essential to begin completing deliveries within 30 days of account activation to qualify for any incentives.

A referral code must come from an existing DoorDash driver. Note that each Dasher has a limit of 15 new driver referrals eligible for the sign-up incentives. Attempts to use a referral code beyond this cap will not yield a bonus for the new driver.

To find current referral codes, you can check for the latest postings from drivers who have shared their links publicly. These can often be found on social media platforms, forums, or through a simple online search.

Using these shared codes is a common way for new drivers to ensure they’re in line for DoorDash’s Guaranteed Earnings incentives when they start.

How To Sign Up For DoorDash to Claim a Bonus

doordash sign up bonus - application screen to become a driver

Apply with a Referral Link: Begin by applying through a DoorDash driver referral link, providing your name, email, phone number, and additional required personal information.

Complete a Background Check: DoorDash will conduct a background check, requiring your social security number to review your driving record and any criminal history. Disqualifying factors may include felonies, thefts, DUIs, violent or sexual crimes, and property damage crimes, though this list is not exhaustive.

Attend DoorDash Orientation: After clearing the background check, you’ll schedule an orientation or opt to receive a Welcome Kit if you can’t attend in person. The kit includes necessary items and information for starting as a Dasher.

Await Approval: Finally, there’s a waiting period of 5-10 business days for DoorDash to approve your application, after which you’ll receive an email confirmation.

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