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Instacart Referral Code For Shoppers

Instacart Referral Code For Shoppers

Make at least $450+ tips when you sign up with an Instacart referral code

Newly referred drivers that complete 30 batches in 30 days as a Full-Service Shopper are eligible to make at least $450 plus tips. To be eligible, the Instacart Shopper referral code must be applied during the signup process.

Offers may vary by region and role. Terms apply.

This post may contain affiliate links – which means we may receive compensation from purchases made through links on this … Read more

This post may contain affiliate links – which means we may receive compensation from purchases made through links on this site. Learn more ›

What is an Instacart Referral Code?

Instacart referral codes are special codes that provide perks to new Shoppers, such as cash bonuses or access to preferable shopping batches, once they complete a set number of deliveries.

These codes benefit both the new Shopper, who receives a welcome bonus, and the existing Shopper who referred them, earning extra income. The exact benefits can vary by region and are often time-sensitive, so it’s crucial to check the latest Instacart terms for current promotions.

Where to Get an Active Instacart Referral Code

If you’re looking for an Instacart referral code, start by asking any acquaintances who are already driving for Instacart; they might share their referral bonus with you.

If that’s not an option, use our referral code: BRETTH14148. This code offers new drivers the potential to earn a minimum of $450 plus tips after completing 30 batches within their first 30 days.

Remember, you must enter the referral code as you sign up to qualify for this benefit.

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How Much Are Instacart Referral Codes Worth?

The value of Instacart referral codes for recruiting new shoppers can reach up to $750, varying by region depending on the demand for shoppers and the number of available batches. In areas with many drivers, the referral bonus might be lower.

The new shopper you refer must complete their first delivery within 45 days and a set number of deliveries within a month as specified in your account to qualify for the bonus.

How to Claim an Instacart Referral Code

To claim your Instacart referral bonus, simply sign up with your referral code on the website or app. Ensure you input the code during signup to guarantee your bonus.

1. Using the Instacart.com Website

how to apply an Instacart referral code for shoppers using a computer

If you have a laptop or desktop, you can create your account on the Instacart website to get your code. Using your browser of choice, navigate to shoppers.instacart.com, then do the following:

  • Input your name, email, and other required information
  • Complete each page of the form
  • Grab the referral code someone sent you and enter it on the last page
  • Click “Continue”
  • Add your mobile phone number
  • Check your phone for texts with a link to download the app

If you want to refer someone, make sure to give them the code before they join. They won’t be able to add your code after the signup process, even while they wait on the results of their background check.

2. Using Your Mobile Phone

Going straight to the Instacart app is another great way to sign up as a shopper. Make sure you use your phone and that you have a good data connection. That way, you’ll be able to handle orders without using WiFi.

  • Download the Instacart app
  • Open the app and select “Getting Started”
  • Sign up with your Google or Facebook account, or enter your email address
  • Complete the signup steps on the screen
  • Make sure you have a referral code on hand and paste it when the screen prompts you to
  • Tap on “Continue”
  • Add your email and create a password
  • Enter your zip code to access local stores

Once you sign up, you can explore the app. Then, you can request a background check, and you can start shopping when the check comes back.

Profit by Sharing Your Referral Code With Potential Shoppers

vector graphics showing people carrying boxes around that have the words "instacart referral code" on them

Embracing the gig economy as an Instacart Shopper offers a flexible way to earn, whether as a main job or a side hustle. But beyond individual deliveries, sharing your unique shopper referral code is a savvy strategy to boost your income.

Successfully referring new active shoppers can significantly supplement your earnings, potentially equaling your shopping income. To clarify how you can profit from this opportunity, let’s address some common questions about the Instacart referral process.

How Much Can I Make By Sharing an Instacart Referral Code?

The income you can earn by referring new Instacart shoppers varies based on location, local demand, and the number of referrals you successfully make. Some regions may offer higher bonuses or have different completion requirements for new drivers.

While it’s challenging to estimate exact earnings, actively referring leads to higher potential income. Additionally, referring new customers could add up to an extra $50 to your earnings, providing a modest but welcome increase to your overall income.

Where Do I Find My Instacart Referral Code?

You can find your Instacart referral code in your Shopper app. Go to the menu on the left side of the screen and tap where it says “Referrals.” In the app, you can also click on the menu and tap “Invite friends” to become customers. You can also find contacts, or you can find and share your referral link.

If you want to refer customers, you can also go to the Instacart website. Go to the menu on the left side and click on “invite friends, get $50.”

How Can I Share My Code With Others?

To share your Instacart referral code, you can use the “Send Invites” feature to distribute it directly. Alternatively, copy and paste your code into a text, a social media post, or as part of your YouTube video description. If you have a personal website, you can include it there as well.

screenshot of how to share an Instacart referral code for Shoppers

For a more personal touch, send a screenshot of your code to friends, who can then use it to sign up on their device.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I make money with Instacart referral codes if I am an Instacart In-Store Shopper?

No, as an Instacart In-Store Shopper, you cannot earn money through referral codes. The referral program is exclusive to Full-Service Shoppers who are independent contractors, unlike In-Store Shoppers who are part-time employees and have a different pay structure without referral bonuses.

Can I earn money by referring new customers, instead of Instacart drivers?

No, Instacart Shopper referral codes are intended only for referring new drivers, not customers. While you can share your personal Instacart promo code with first-time customers for them to receive a discount, you will not earn cash.

Instead, you’ll typically receive Instacart credits that can be used for free delivery or discounts on groceries.

Do I get discounts on Instacart for becoming an Instacart Shopper?

No, becoming an Instacart Shopper does not grant you any discounts on the platform’s grocery delivery service; you’ll pay the same fees and prices as other customers.

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