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Shipt Shopper Bonus: Bonus Programs

Shipt Shopper Bonus: Bonus Programs

Does Shipt Give Bonuses to Shoppers?

Shipt offers various bonuses to shoppers throughout the year, depending on multiple factors. Some bonuses exist for:

  • Completing a certain number of Shipt orders
  • Claiming orders almost due for delivery
  • Referring others to the program

In the past, Shipt has awarded bonuses for working during the holidays as well.

Types of Shipt Shopper Bonuses

Here are the main bonus programs that Shipt currently offers.

vector graphic showing a bunch of shipt shoppers holding shipt shopper bonus icon packages

Earnings Incentives

There are many bonuses that a Shipt Shopper can receive based on how many orders they fulfill.

Shipt Shoppers get $5 as base pay for each order, in addition to 7.5 percent in commission.

So if a Shopper receives an order for $100, they would get at least $12.50.

The Shopper would receive $5 for the base pay and $7.50 for the commission.

Shoppers get to keep 100 percent of the tips that they earn as well, which adds to their final pay earned.

Promo Pay

In the instance that it’s a hectic time of the day and there are many clients making shopping requests and not enough shoppers, Shipt will offer a promo pay to incentivize you and others to take on the orders.

The promo pay begins at just $1 additional payout, and as the time continues to near the time that the shop is supposed to be delivered, the rate increases in turn.

Shoppers who delivered 50-100 deliveries with Shipt in March of 2020 earned $100.

Additionally, shoppers who delivered 100+ deliveries made $200 in that very same period.

To earn $100, set a goal of 3-4 deliveries per day.

Ways to Increase Your Earning Potential

Below are things that you can implement to grow your business.

You can increase your efficiency and grow your business by:

  • Making use of the schedule expertly to receive offers for orders
  • Ensuring to plan and review all orders before you shop
  • Being mindful of your shopping stats to keep track of your progress and make improvements
  • Shopping often to build up your experience

Experience will increase your shopping efficacy as it pertains to efficiency, speed, and accuracy.

On average, a Shipt shopper will shop 33% faster for items by their 500th order.

Sign-Up Bonuses

At the moment, it does not appear that Shipt offers a bonus for signing up with their platform as a Shopper.

While there are bonuses for members who sign up, it is unclear whether Shoppers qualify because they receive a free Shipt membership.

As long as you are a contractor with the company, you can receive member benefits at no cost to you.

For Shipt members, Shipt is currently offering $10 off of the one-year membership subscription and a $25 bonus if you gift someone a 12-month Shipt membership.

For more information on whether Shoppers can redeem the $25 bonus for themselves, log into the app or contact a customer service representative.

Though it is not a sign-on bonus in the sense that you receive this bonus for becoming a contractor, Shipt does offer a $200 bonus with stipulations to new workers.

If a new Shopper completes at least 20 orders within one month of getting hired, they can receive the $200 bonus from Shipt.

Referral Program

Shipt offers their shoppers a $50 bonus for every new Shopper that signs on after you refer them and completes the required number of orders.

This referral program is an excellent way to boost your income with the company.

Learn more below.

Shipt Shopper Referral Program

Here are some details related to the Shopper Referral Program, which can increase your earnings with the company.

Do Shipt Shoppers Get Bonuses for Referring Shoppers?

If there’s a need for shoppers in a given area, Shipt will accept referrals.

If you refer your friends and they happen to accept, Shipt will make an extra $50 for every approved referral.

Before paying the referral bonus, Shipt requires that new shoppers make ten deliveries within 30 days.

It’s crucial to remember the order requirement for the referral when you tell your friends about the program!

That is the only way that you can receive the bonus payment.

What Happens When You Refer Someone to Shipt?

Shoppers whom you’ve referred have to complete several steps before you can receive a bonus.

Here are the steps:

  • You must have completed five or more orders.
  • Your shopper ID had to be present on Shipt’s application at the time you applied.
  • Next, the referral has to complete five orders within a two-week time frame without any promo pay.
  • All $50 referral bonuses are paid in your weekly direct deposit on the first Friday of every month after you’ve qualified.

How to Earn with the Shipt Shopper Referral Program

If you have any friends you think would be an asset to the company, explain the job requirements and encourage them to apply.

Once they have completed their application and received approval, they can begin shopping.

Each person that gets approved will get you a $50 bonus on your weekly check.

Since there’s no limit to how many people you can refer, you can make as much as you want through the referral program.

On top of following the tips listed on the site to increase your earnings, you can gather a group of friends and promote Shipt to college students and others who would like a side gig.

The best part is that you can remind everyone you refer to the program to work as little or as much as they’d like.

Notable Past Shipt Shopper Bonuses

To handle the increase in holiday demand, Shipt has added 150,000 temporary additional seasonal shoppers.

Moreover, they invest $3.6 million in bonuses to reward their shoppers in its busiest holiday season.

The vast majority of these shoppers completed over 100 shows during the most active holiday season in the platform’s history.

Shipt shoppers have the freedom to choose the hours that best suit them.

To distinguish shoppers who deliver the vast majority of the shops in the holiday season, Shipt is giving out a one-time recognition bonus to deserving shoppers.

During November and December, all shoppers who complete 50+, 100+, 300+, 500+, and 1000+ shops will receive one-time bonus payments of $50, $100, $150, $250, and $500 accordingly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the responses to the most commonly asked questions regarding Shipt bonus programs.

Does Shipt pay extra on holidays?

Shipt has previously offered incentives based on how many orders the Shoppers could complete in a set timeframe.

The amount of the bonus depends on the number of orders completed.

In an attempt to show contractors that the company appreciates their hard work during difficult times, bonuses ranging from $50-$500 were awarded.

Do Shipt shoppers get paid more for more oversized orders?

Because larger orders are a more extended time commitment, Shipt will generally pay more.

There’s also a better chance that you’ll get a tip on more costly orders.

You can manipulate small orders in the same way.

You can get more tips and more orders completed during your shift by accepting multiple orders at once.

Though the orders might be small, they could be more than $100.

Does Shipt give Christmas bonuses?

Due to the uptick in orders resulting from world events, Shipt will likely offer another bonus to workers that claim orders during the holiday rush.

According to the previous bonus given to workers who continued to do business from November to December, workers receive more for their efforts around the holidays.

Final Thoughts

Becoming a full-service shopper for Shipt is simply the perfect side gig for several reasons.

For starters, Shipt affords shoppers a great deal of flexibility as they can make their schedules according to their heart’s desire and work as much as possible.

Gig workers appreciate the earning potential through programs like Shipt.

Also, if you find yourself having a hard time, you can always ask your fellow shoppers for assistance.

The process for signing up is easy, and the job pays every week with occasional bonuses to boost your weekly earnings!

You’ll just need reliable transportation, the ability to lift over 25 pounds, and you’re all set. Just wait for your Shift credit card in the mail and your shirt and bag.

So if you’re someone looking to supplement their income with a side hustle that’s not too committal, try Shipt on for size.

You’re sure to make extra money, and you don’t have to over-extend yourself. Visit the site to see just how you can increase your yearly earnings.

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