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  • 2024 Shipt Shopper Referral Code: Unlock A Shipt Bonus Now
2024 Shipt Shopper Referral Code: Unlock A Shipt Bonus Now
  • Promotions
  • 2024 Shipt Shopper Referral Code: Unlock A Shipt Bonus Now

2024 Shipt Shopper Referral Code: Unlock A Shipt Bonus Now

Unlock a Shipt Shopper referral bonus in your city today!

Use Shipt Shopper referral code S91-GI-BBU when you apply to become a Shipt Shopper and unlock a new Shopper bonus in your city today!

Shipt bonuses change from time to time, but currently, Shipt will give you a $50 cash bonus for completing 30 orders in 40 days from activation.

Referral bonus amounts vary by metro and are subject to change at any time

How to Claim the Shipt Shopper Referral BonusHow Much Are Shipt Referral Bonuses Worth?Other Shipt Shopper Bonuses to Look Out … Read more

How to Claim the Shipt Shopper Referral Bonus

To claim the Shipt referral bonus, all you need to do is apply with Shipt using our referral link.

Once you click the link and are taken to the signup page, you will see the referral code automatically applied to your account.

Shipt shopper referral code successfully applied to the account

From this point forward, there’s nothing else you need to do. Once you are approved and have fulfilled the bonus requirements, the bonus amount will automatically get credited to your account.

How Much Are Shipt Referral Bonuses Worth?

Shipt referral bonus amount vary based on region, but typically, they are worth between $50 and $100. Currently, new shoppers will earn a $50 if they complete 30 orders within 40 days of getting activated.

Please note that bonuses are continually changing in an effort to incentivize applicants to apply.

Based on the demand, bonus amounts will continually change, so there is no better time than now to apply for Shipt and claim the current promotion.

Other Shipt Shopper Bonuses to Look Out For

Shipt has announced an updated rewards program in the second half of 2023 aimed at recognizing their shoppers’ high-quality services.

This Shipt shopper bonus gives you extra incentives, like shopping credits for daily use. However, as with any bonus, there are eligibility requirements to claim the rewards.

Shoppers can still benefit from the existing company perks, even after the recent rollout. However, these perks—and figures—aren’t guaranteed and may change or end at any time, depending on Shipt’s policies.

Let’s find out what they are and see if you qualify to take advantage of them.

a screenshot of current Shipt Shopper bonuses

1. Referral and Sign-Up Bonuses

With the high demand for online shopping, the market is expecting more orders, especially during peak seasons.

If you refer a shopper and they get accepted and complete their 10th stop, you’ll qualify for the $50 referral bonus to be paid on the first Friday of the following month.

Here’s a quick look at how to claim your Shipt referral bonus. We can also show you how to become a Shipt shopper.

In addition, some shoppers may receive a $50 to $100 sign-up bonus provided that they fulfill at least 30 orders for the first 40 days upon account activation, while others may get a $20 bonus after their first order.

It all depends on your region, time of application, and Shipt’s policies.

2. Holiday Season One-off Bonus

Shipt awards money to shoppers who deliver a target number of orders between November and December.

In 2021, shoppers who delivered 50+, 100+, 300+, 500+, and 1,000+ orders received $50, $100, $150, $250, and $500 cash incentives, respectively.

3. In-Kind Rewards

Shoppers who reach important milestones may be gifted with exclusive Shipt items.

Some shoppers have received their personalized Shipt card after reaching their 500-shop milestone. You can use this card for checkout at partner stores.

Others got Shipt gift cards, shirts, and tote bags.

What Is the Shipt Summit Seeker Program?

Shipt Summit Seeker is the company’s brand new rewards program for Shipt shoppers who consistently hit high review ratings from customers for several orders. The program has three tier levels: Summit Star, Trailblazer, and Wayfinder.

Terms and conditions are constantly updated, but according to the company, shoppers must have accumulated an average rating of 4.70, completed at least 10 orders, and hit a 90% on-time delivery record to qualify for the Wayfinder level.

Once qualified, you’ll get access to these three bonuses:

Perk 1: Gas Discount

Shipt shoppers in the Summit Star tier can get $1 per gallon cash back for two fill-ups within 60 days. If you’re an Upside user, you can continue to enjoy $0.25 per gallon of cash back beyond the 60 days.

Perk 2: Grocery Credits

As a Summit Star Shipt shopper, you get a $50 grocery credit in your app account. You can use it to buy groceries or anything else from Shipt’s partner stores across the country.

Perk 3: Wellness Perks

Qualified Shipt shoppers can get access to wellness and financial perks like debt and credit counseling from the company’s partnership with Avibra. Other bonuses include:

  • $10,000 Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance (AD&D) coverage
  • $1,000 life insurance coverage
  • Injury protection insurance
  • 24/7 access to wellness advisor
  • Round-the-clock access to prescription savings program

Challenges in Qualifying for Shipt Bonuses

While it’s exciting to get all the perks on top of your delivery earnings, it can take time and effort to qualify. Shoppers who only work for minimal hours will find it challenging to accumulate enough orders to qualify for the bonuses.

While on duty, shoppers experience a few challenges, including:

  • Traffic and long delivery drives that make it impossible to complete more back-to-back deliveries
  • An increased number of new shoppers, which dwindles the number of available orders
  • A lack of a dedicated shopper support line that can promptly assist with delivery issues

While these challenges seem generic, they impact Shipt shoppers’ income and ability to reach their target orders to qualify for bonuses.

Brett’s Take: Thoughts From an Expert

When compared to simiilar alternatives such as the Instacart Shopper sign up bonus, I think the Shipt Shopper bonuses could be higher.

However, I think they are worth claiming. But there are a surprisingly large amount of Shoppers that wouldn’t agree with me.

Many shoppers I talked with expressed a huge amount of frustration over the inconsistency of bonus offers.

Some told me they received offers while others in the same area did not. This created a sense of unfairness and confusion.

On the other hand, overall, these bonuses seem to influence shopper behavior. Some shoppers took on more orders or worked at less desirable times in order to get the bonuses.

While these do seem like a strategy to get more shoppers to get more orders fulfilled without having to pay them extra to do so, they do work.

My suggestion for shoppers who are interested in these are to understand what makes you eligible for a bonus and then have a clear path of getting there. This helps avoid missed expectations or falling short of the requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is There a Waitlist for Shipt?

Yes, Shipt may have a waitlist for new shoppers. This depends on the delivery demand in specific areas. If local needs are met, your application might be put on hold until more shoppers are needed, at which point Shipt will contact you to complete your sign-up.

In Summary

Shipt services are constantly evolving along with their rewards program to offer better incentives to their shoppers. With more customers leaning toward online shopping, a spike in the demand for door-to-door store and grocery delivery services is imperative.

Interested in helping other people shop for their needs? Sign up for Shipt, get paid, and earn bonuses during your free time!

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