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Is Relay Delivery the Right Service for You?

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Key Takeaways

  • Relay provides food delivery for restaurants using third-party platforms, offering a network of drivers for efficient operations.
  • Apply on Relay’s job board, pass a background check, and start driving with flexible schedules.
  • Upsides include flexible schedules and weekly payouts, with potential earnings above $20 per hour.
  • Downsides include a pay rate as low as $7.30 per hour and limited availability in certain areas.

What Is Relay Delivery?

Relay Delivery isn’t exactly like the average delivery service. It caters to restaurants using third-party platforms by offering food delivery services on separate channels and management tools to streamline order organization.

image showing a screenshot of the Relay delivery homepage

In other words, restaurants can advertise their menus on platforms such as DoorDash, but Relay delivers the food through its own network of drivers. This way, it can manage its operations more efficiently and effectively, satisfying customers in the long term.

As a Relay delivery driver or courier, you’ll often collect orders from local restaurants and then drop them off at customers’ doorsteps or designated locations.

How to Get Started Delivering for Relay

Here’s what you need to start working with Relay.

Step 1: Scope the Job Board

Click here to reach Relay’s job board, where new listings are frequently added in major cities across the nation. Some delivery operations need a driver, while others require a courier.

screenshot of the Relay delivery job board

Step 2: Apply for a Gig

If you find a job that you qualify for, submit your application to Relay. The app asks for your full name, phone number, email address, how you found out about Relay, and if you have any referrals.

You also have to mention your delivery vehicle and any other delivery services you work for. 

Step 3: Pass the Background Check

Once you submit your application to drive for Relay, it’ll run a background check to see if you have a clean record. If you do, you’ll be hired.

Step 4: Start Driving

You’re officially ready to hit the road and start delivering for Relay. But before you start, make sure you carefully consider the upsides and downsides of the company’s gigs.

The Benefits of Delivering for Relay

Delivering for Relay offers significant benefits, including the ability to work according to your personal schedule and the advantage of weekly payouts.

Whether you’re looking to deliver food only on weekends or at night due to a full-time job, or if you’re interested in driving more regularly, Relay accommodates your availability.

This delivery business prides itself on its completely flexible work schedules, allowing you to choose your delivery times and accept orders that fit within your preferred time frame.

In addition, when working for Relay, you won’t have to wait long to receive your earnings. Relay ensures weekly payouts, applicable to both couriers and drivers.

On top of that, the company offers hourly rates. This means that even during slow business periods or in case of poor tips, you can still count on a reliable income, adding a layer of financial security to your work as a delivery person.

The Downsides of Delivering for Relay

Delivering for Relay also comes with certain downsides that are important to consider.

One major concern is the low guaranteed rate. While Relay often advertises high hourly rates, with many of its drivers and couriers earning $20 or more, the starting rate for these positions is only $7.30 an hour.

Despite the potential to earn more than this base rate, and the benefit of hourly pay compared to other delivery services that do not offer guaranteed hours, it’s noteworthy that this starting rate falls below the minimum wage in many areas.

Another significant downside is the limited availability of Relay services.

Unlike more widespread and popular food delivery services such as Uber Eats, Instacart, or Grubhub, Relay’s reach is not nationwide. This limited coverage means that depending on your location, Relay might not be an available option for you.

Even if it is present in your area, the extent of its operations might be so minimal that working for the company may not be financially viable. This limited market presence can be a major drawback for those looking to work in food delivery services.

Brett’s Take: Thoughts From an Expert

Relay is a legit company and there are many couriers that work with the service. However, being a much smaller service than one like Uber Eats, you should adjust your expectations accordingly.

Based on conversations that I’ve had with other drivers, the majority of the downsides of the company stem from it’s size. A smaller size means less refined processes for drivers.

For example, some drivers disagree with how Relay sends orders to multiple couriers simultaneously. They argue that this creates a competitive scramble to get jobs.

It seems like the platform also have a fairly high turnover rate, with many drivers citing low pay and high-pressure orders from dipatch as reasons for leaving.

My suggestion is to still check it out, but if you’re looking for a more consistent and stable environment, check out shopping with Instacart or driving with DoorDash.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need Car Insurance to Drive for Relay?

Relay requires you to have valid car insurance that covers commerce activity to make deliveries, so check that your plan is valid before you apply, or you could be turned down.

Does Relay Have an Age Limit for Applicants?

You have to be at least 18 years old to apply to drive or deliver as a courier for Relay. You also need your own vehicle and a smartphone to be accepted.

Does Relay Pay for My Gas?

Relay doesn’t cover fuel costs for delivery. If your car or bike needs maintenance, those costs will come out of your pocket.

Wrapping Up

Relay is a delivery service that hires drivers and couriers to deliver orders for restaurants at scale, offering restaurants the option to list their menus on third-party apps and use the platform for delivery.

While available in major cities like Miami, Philadelphia, and Chicago, Relay has a limited reach. However, with its guaranteed hourly pay, Relay could be your next great side hustle or full-time gig.

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