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Sam’s Club Instacart: Availability and How It Works In 2023

Looking for a new grocery delivery service with plenty of products? Click here to learn more about Sam’s Club Instacart for your grocery shopping needs.

Food delivery services have been all the rage for the past few years, and for a good reason.

With everything going on, it can be easier and less stressful to order your groceries online and have someone deliver them to you.

Sam’s Club and Instacart have paired up to make grocery shopping easier.

Continue reading to learn more about the benefits of using Sam’s Club Instacart and what kind of goods you can get delivered to your door.

Does Sam’s Club Use Instacart?

Yes, Sam’s Club works directly with Instacart to deliver its products to your home.

Similar to how Instacart works with other grocery stores, users must be within a certain distance to be eligible for delivery.

Sam’s Club has partnered with Instacart since 2018.

Do All Sam’s Club Locations Use Instacart?


By 2019, all Sam’s Club locations had partnered with Instacart drivers.

You can order delivery from any Sam’s Club near you.

What Products Can You Buy From Sam’s Club With Instacart?

While nearly all of Sam’s Club’s products are available to purchase through Instacart delivery, some items are unavailable.


All standard groceries are available to buy from Sam’s Club through Instacart.

These include frozen products, produce, meat, and seafood.

However, you cannot order alcohol or other products that require an ID to buy in-store.

Catering is also available through Instacart, nor are unique order products like custom cakes.


As with groceries, almost all small appliances can be bought through Instacart at Sam’s Club.

The few goods that aren’t available include large furniture, large sporting equipment like kayaks, jewelry, and tires.

As well, you cannot order gift cards.

Prepared Food

You can order prepared food, too.

Sam’s Club offers a wide variety of prepared meals that you can purchase for delivery through Instacart.

How Does Instacart Work at Sam’s Club?

To start ordering from Sam’s Club through Instacart, you need to create a free Instacart account.

While that will provide deliveries, you can also subscribe to a premium version for $9.99 per month or $99 per year.

It provides users with unlimited free deliveries on any order over $35.

If you are a Sam’s Club member, you can add your details in the Loyalty Cards section of your account settings.

When you place an order through Instacart, a personal shopper will gather and deliver your order for you.

These employees are hired through Instacart, not Sam’s Club.

If you need to change your order after placing it, you can message your Shopper through the Instacart app to request different products.

Do You Have To Be a Sam’s Club Member to Shop Their Products on Instacart?

No, you don’t have to own a Sam’s Club membership.

The difference between shopping via Instacart as a member vs. without a membership is the price of goods.

Sam’s Club members who shop through Instacart are offered discounted prices on products.

Are Sam’s Club Instacart Prices Cheaper or More Expensive?

The price of Sam’s Club’s products depends on a few factors.

If you’re shopping via Instacart with a Sam’s Club membership, you will have access to discounted prices compared to non-members.

Non-members typically pay more for groceries and other goods as a whole.

However, there is a price difference between shopping via Instacart and in-store.

A Sam’s Club membership costs $45 annually, and the Sam’s Club Plus membership is $100 per year.

Regardless of whether you have a membership or not, Sam’s Club marks up its prices for Instacart delivery orders.

Non-members see a higher mark-up than members.

Additionally, you cannot add coupons to Instacart orders, and in-store sales are not applied to your delivery.

Instacart offers sales and promotions independently that aren’t available in-store, so there is still a chance for saving.

How Much Does Sam’s Club Instacart Cost?

A standard Instacart account is free to sign up for.

When you order through Sam’s Club for delivery, you can expect to pay for the total of your goods along with a delivery fee.

Instacart also adds a service fee to all orders which allow the company to provide the best service possible.

This fee goes towards wages for Shoppers, customer support, and operational expenses.

It is separate from the delivery fee and tips.

If you have Instacart+, your delivery fee on all orders is waived.

If you have a Sam’s Club membership, you will save money on the base value of your groceries and products.

Do You Get Free Delivery With Sam’s Club Membership?

No, you can only get free delivery with an Instacart+ account.

Delivery Fees

  • $8.99 for an order of $35 or more
  • $12.99 applied to orders under $35
  • $10.99 for a one-hour delivery for an order of $35 or more
  • $14.99 for a one-hour delivery on orders below $35
  • Busy Pricing – this fee applies to delivery times that are in high demand and will vary by the order. It is displayed during the checkout process.


Tips are another separate fee that goes directly to your Instacart Shopper.

While the default tip is 5%, you can modify the amount while placing an order or after delivery.

100% of your tip goes directly to your Shopper.

You can reduce your tip up to two hours after delivery or increase it up to 14 days after.

How Do I Join Sam’s Club Instacart?

Joining Sam’s Club Instacart is easy!

First, download the Instacart app on your phone or create an account using a computer.

Then go to the search bar to locate the nearest Sam’s Club location.

From there, you can begin filing your cart with groceries and products.

There are a few ways to add your Sam’s Club membership to your Instacart account.

As mentioned, you can access your memberships through your loyalty cards under account settings.

If you’re using a web browser, when you navigate to the Sam’s Club webpage through Instacart, a pop-up will appear at the bottom of the screen that asks for your membership card number.

There’s also a “Save with Sam’s Club Membership” option underneath the retailer logo.

How Sam’s Club Instacart Works for Shoppers

Instacart works slightly differently when you’re the Shopper gathering and delivering groceries for a member.

How Do You Get in Without a Membership?

If you work as a Shopper and need to pick up an order at Sam’s Club but don’t have a membership, you can still complete your delivery.

When you receive the order, Instacart creates a membership card that allows you in the store.

It will either be the customer’s or Instacart’s general membership information.

How Much Does It Pay?

On average, Instacart shoppers make around $17 per hour.

This wage comes from their standard hourly pay plus tips.

However, you are working as an independent contractor, which means you’re expected to cover your expenses and taxes.

You can increase profits with larger order sizes (thereby getting larger tips), but those orders can take longer to fulfill.

Wrapping Up

Using Instacart to order your Sam’s Club goods is a great way to get your shopping done, as long as you don’t mind some extra fees here and there.

It’s also a terrific way to get Sam’s Club exclusive products without having to purchase a membership!

So, whether or not you have a Sam’s Club membership, Instacart is a convenient way to shop with them.

Do you have any questions about Sam’s Club Instacart or have you used the service before?

If so, leave a comment below.

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