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Scootaround: Your Full Guide to the Wheelchair & Scooter Rental Service

Last updated: May 25, 2021
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Whether you’re traveling the world or representing your business at the biggest convention of the year, your mobility is a must. With the help of Scootaround rentals, no disability will prevent you from achieving your personal and professional goals.

In the United States, over 20 million adults have difficulty walking or climbing stairs, which means situations where they’ll be on their feet all day are situations they’re used to avoiding ⁠— or situations they can’t partake in at all. Unfortunately, this often means missing out on family vacations, networking opportunities, and many other chances to make long-lasting memories.

Long before Bird scooters made scooter rentals the hottest new trend in leisure, Scootaround was turning mobility rentals into a solution that made leisure possible for millions in the first place. Keep reading to learn more about Scootaround and how its scooter and wheelchair rentals can help you meet your temporary mobility needs.

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What Is Scootaround?

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Scootaround is the leading provider of mobility equipment solutions in North America, serving almost every major city in the United States and Canada. The company focuses on offering rentals to anyone on the go, helping you access the equipment you need when you’re headed on a cruise, to a fair, or to many other popular destinations.

While Scootaround first established itself as the premier wheelchair and electric scooter rental service back in 1996, the company has since expanded its mobility solutions and even offers travel-friendly medical supplies. These are a handful of the rentals that you can book through Scootaround:

  • Electric scooters
  • Wheelchairs
  • Powerchairs
  • Rollators
  • Knee walkers
  • Child strollers
  • Portable oxygen concentrators

With these options, Scootaround is a great option for anyone who has a disability or injury, or who is naturally growing older.

How Does Scootaround Work?

Man and woman push a woman in a wheelchair

As you’ve likely already guessed, Scootaround’s mobility scooters are far different than today’s modern Lime scooters — which means the services work very differently, too. You’ll never be finding your nearest Scootaround equipment on an app or returning it by leaving it on your nearest street corner.

Instead, you’ll need to go through a more formal booking process that’s similar to a traditional car rental process. Once your mobility or medical equipment is booked, you can pick up the fully charged product at a designated location. Then, once your rental period is over, you return it to your pick-up location — typically your hotel or convention center service desk, or your cruise ships’s lower gangway or embarkation desk.

Scootaround also works directly with airlines, convention centers, and event organizers to ensure compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and provide guests with fleets of wheelchairs and scooters on-site. If you’ve ever been able to book a wheelchair last minute at a travel destination, there’s a good chance Scootaround could have been the company making your convenient booking possible.

How Much Do Scootaround Rentals Cost?

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The cost of Scootaround rentals vary widely based on location and your selected equipment. For example, a standard wheelchair may only cost $12 per day in Las Vegas, but can cost as much as $30 per day in New York City. Choosing to upgrade to better wheelchair models or adding on accessories can further increase your final price, even doubling it in some cases, while purchasing for longer time frames can significantly decrease your per-day cost.

However, there are some pricing standards that you can count on. For one, all equipment rental prices start at a three-day rental cost. This means that even if you’re booking for only one or two days, you’ll be paying for three full days (e.g. $36 in Las Vegas and $90 in New York City for wheelchair rentals).

Another set cost is the cost for insurance. Though not required, you can get Scootaround’s Cancellation Protection Plan, which helps you get refunds in eligible situations where you need to cancel your rental, for a flat fee of $10 per rental. In addition, you have the option to add on an Equipment Protection Plan, which can protect you from lost or damaged rentals for $6, plus stolen rentals for an additional $6.

If you opt to pick up your mobility equipment from a Scootaround location, the factors mentioned above will be the only ones impacting your rental cost. If you choose to have your equipment delivered directly to your hotel, your cruise port, or another travel destination, you’ll need to pay an additional fee that varies greatly by location.

How to Book a Wheelchair or Scooter Rental

Scootaround booking page

Booking any Scootaround mobility equipment in any of its North American markets can easily be done with the help of a representative when you call 1-888-441-7575. This is the best route to take if you need more flexible options, or if you have plenty of questions to ask.

Mobile bookings are also required if you need your mobility device picked up or delivered outside of Scootaround’s standard 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. time frames, or if you need equipment delivered to a convention center.

If you’d rather complete your booking on your own or simply want more time to compare your decisions, you can follow this online booking process:

  1. Head to the online rental page on
  2. Select the type of booking you’d like to make. Your options will be a hotel or residential booking, event booking, or a cruise booking.
  3. Type in your city, event name, or cruise port (depending on the type of booking selected). For some locations and events, you may get a pop-up that informs you that online bookings are not supported. In these cases, you’ll need to call Scootaround to complete your booking.
  4. Select your rental dates and times.
  5. Select your desired equipment and opt out of any protection plans as desired.
  6. Select “Pickup” or “Delivery.” Some bookings may only be eligible for one of these options.
  7. Add your delivery address if needed, or take note of your pick-up location.
  8. Select whether you’re a “New” or “Returning” customer. If you’re a new customer, you’ll be prompted to build your profile, which includes your contact information, as well as your height and weight. This will help you get matched with the appropriate mobility scooter or wheelchair for all future rentals. If you’re a returning customer, simply type in your login credentials and tap “Load My Profile.”
  9. Submit your payment information.
  10. Review your final total and agree to Scootaround’s terms and conditions.
  11. Tap “Confirm Rental Information.” You’ll then be able to select a “Process Rental” button to create your order.

Scootaround Pros and Cons

Booking with Scootaround admittedly isn’t as convenient as modern-day on-demand transportation apps like Uber and Bird. However, the services this company provides are uniquely focused on making travel and events more accessible for everyone. This includes people who can’t stand on a standard electric scooter or who don’t have a wheelchair to use with UberWAV.

Scootaround is also a great option for any frequent traveler. In addition to being the most widespread mobility service in North America, the company also offers a loyalty program that makes your trips more accessible and affordable all at once.

Even compared to direct competitors like Special Needs at Sea, Scootaround offers far more rental options and similar (if not cheaper) prices. However, if you’re primarily in need of one-day bookings, we do recommend looking at local or regional services like Cloud of Goods to avoid paying for three full days.

Frequently Asked Questions

Scootaround: Friends clink their glasses on a patio

Now that you understand how to book a rental on Scootaround, nothing is holding your mobility back. Learn more about how you can take on the world with Scootaround:

1. Can I take my Scootaround rentals outside of the country?

Yes. Scootaround doesn’t limit where you can take your equipment, as long as you pick it up and return it at a designated North American location. This makes it an especially great option for long-distance cruises that take you outside of Scootaround’s markets.

2. Can I book a scooter or wheelchair and get it within the next hour?

No. Due to the nature of its rentals, Scootaround isn’t able to offer services on-demand or with a quick turnaround. Instead, you’ll need to make your booking at least 48 hours in advance for most rentals. For cruise rentals, you’ll need to provide a five-day advance notice.

3. What happens if my electric scooter‘s battery dies?

Your scooter rental will come with a power cord that can easily be plugged into an outlet. The charge should last you an entire day, and an overnight charge will completely refill the battery, but if needed, you can charge at any time.

Increase Your Mobility

With Scootaround rentals, a single phone call or online booking can guarantee your access to the mobility and medical equipment you need. Whether you need a wheelchair you can take on a week-long trip or you need a knee walker for a temporary injury, this service can help you travel the world or your convention center at an affordable rate.

If you have an aging family member who simply needs a safe ride in your city, but isn’t familiar with smartphone apps, learn how GoGoGrandparent can help them book an Uber or Lyft ride with ease.

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