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How to Stay Safe While Driving for Uber

Rideshare services are always committed to customer safety, and those benefits extend to drivers.

Even though you’re an independent contractor and not an Uber employee, the rideshare service has community guidelines and a feedback system to ensure your safety.

These tips will also help.

Verify Riders

A passenger can check your car’s make, model, and license plate to determine if they’re the driver they accepted when they took the Uber order.

Contrastively, you don’t have nearly as much to go off of when identifying them.

Confirm their name when they get in the car. If they aren’t who they said they are, don’t accept the ride.

Drive Safely

All the facets of everyday road safety apply to Uber drivers, such as:

  • Staying within the speed limit
  • Giving the right of way
  • Stopping at stop signs
  • Obeying traffic lights
  • Staying out of pedestrian and bike lanes
  • Using your turn signal
  • Pulling over when you see an emergency vehicle
  • Parking legally, especially when doing drop-offs
  • Wearing a seatbelt and encouraging your passengers to do the same
  • Stopping for pedestrians

Use the Emergency Button If You Must

The Uber driver app has an emergency button. It’s your safeguard if you ever feel like you’re in danger.

Know how to access it, and be ready to use it if the situation calls for it.

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