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The Perfect Car Setup For Uber

Rideshare drivers should know that getting behind the wheel isn’t like driving your friends to and fro. You’re working, so it’s time to get your vehicle into tip-top shape.

Here’s how.

1. Schedule a Tune-Up

Unless your vehicle has had a tune-up within the last several months, it doesn’t hurt to schedule one now. As an Uber driver, customers expect you to safely drop them off at their destination without any hassle.

If your car breaks down when it could’ve been prevented with maintenance, you can end up in major trouble. You’ll probably get a low driver rating from the customer who’s stuck with you when your car fails.

You’ll also be out of work until you can get the vehicle repaired. A tune-up isn’t a cure-all, but a little bit of preventative maintenance goes a long way.

2. Get Those Nagging Issues Repaired

Since we’re on the topic of preventative maintenance, now is a good time to fix those small problems you had with your car that you kept putting off: the radio cutting in or out, the air conditioning working poorly, and such.

Your customers will expect to be able to enjoy the radio and the air conditioning in your car, and you should have these features to enjoy as well. If you don’t, your Uber rating will tank compared to other delivery drivers.

3. Slap on Your Uber Decal

When you pass the background screening, consisting of a review of your driving record and criminal history, you will receive an Uber decal. This officially makes you an Uber driver.

The decal, sometimes referred to as a trade dress, is a requirement in some cities and optional in others. Even if you don’t legally need it, you might still want it on your car to celebrate your status among Uber drivers.

4. Invest in Supplies

While you’re preparing your vehicle, make sure you stock up on items designed to make using the Uber app and GPS more convenient.

For example, invest in a phone mount if you don’t already have one. You can keep your phone secure and upright and free your hands so they can stay on the steering wheel.

You should also purchase a car phone charger, which is a must for rideshare drivers. You won’t be able to accept orders in the driver app if your phone battery dies and you have to go home or to a local cafe to charge it.

Don’t forget to buy a wireless headset; it connects to your phone via Bluetooth, so you can take calls hands-free.

Just be forewarned that Washington, Virginia, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, Ohio, New York, Minnesota, Massachusetts, Maryland, Louisiana, Illinois, Georgia, Florida, Colorado, California, Arizona, and Alabama ban wireless headsets behind the wheel.

5. Consider Going the Extra Mile

If you have room in your budget and your vehicle, consider making it an ultra-nice place to be for your passengers.

You could install a few color-changing interior LED lights inside, upgrade your sound system, and add a caddy in the back for snacks and drinks.

These small changes add up as your Uber rating increases, and you have more opportunities for extra money.

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