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UPS Driver Helper Requirements, Salary, and Signup

A complete guide to the job description of a UPS driver helper, with information on job requirements, salary and overtime, signup, and job difficulty.

The holidays are the time when people spend the most money–buying gifts, ordering packages, and preparing for family gatherings.

However, it’s also a time that you can earn more money–seasonal workers are needed in many different areas.

One of these areas is in package delivery–as people buy their Christmas presents online, the dispatchers are working at their busiest to get packages delivered on time.

As such, package delivery jobs are in very high demand.

A UPS driver helper is a seasonal, part-time job title with a competitive hourly rate and the possibility of a full-time hire.

What Is a UPS Driver Helper?

Similar to a UPS Personal Vehicle Driver, a UPS driver helper usually works during peak holiday seasons, from Thanksgiving to Christmas.

Without driver helpers, the UPS employees would be overwhelmed with the delivery of the packages.

There are simply too many deliveries to be made during the busy holiday period for the regular package routes.

A UPS driver helper solves this problem by assisting the UPS driver with package delivery and organization work.

While the driver navigates to the destination, the seasonal helper organizes the packages and takes them to the correct doorsteps.

The two work in conjunction to get the extra holiday packages delivered efficiently.

What Does a UPS Driver Helper Do?

vector graphic showing a ups driver helper carrying boxes from truck

The driver helper job description mostly consists of loading and unloading the truck.

While a UPS driver helper isn’t allowed to drive the truck, they are in charge of making sure the next package is delivered to the customer’s doors.

They also help with navigation and truck loading and organization.

A driver helper is a package loader and package handler; they load the trucks at the distribution center.

They need to be comfortable with the loading gear, such as the dolly and truck lift mechanism.

Driver helpers will do other various tasks, including some paperwork, and work with the drivers to ensure everything is delivered safely and smoothly.

In addition to the delivery of packages and loading the truck, the UPS driver helper also handles customer signatures and any complaints with a positive attitude.

Customer complaints must be reported to the helper’s manager.

The UPS driver helper is essential to ensure that UPS keeps up its world-class customer service with the coordination of packages delivery.

Is Being a UPS Driver Helper Hard?

A UPS driver helper is a physically exhausting job.

Although it isn’t mentally difficult, there is a lot of walking and lifting.

UPS driver helper duties include loading and unloading the delivery trucks and timely delivery of packages.

Carrying heavy boxes and walking up and down stairs provides plenty of opportunity for physical growth.

Because the job is based around the holiday rush, winter weather also affects the difficulty of the job.

Deliveries must be made no matter how icy or snowy the roads are, and the driver helper is constantly jumping in and out of the truck to place packages for residents.

The work environment is positive, however, because of the satisfaction of job completion.

Even if you are physically fit, you might find this job to be exhausting.

The long shifts and constant moving can be tiring, but the busyness and flexibility of the job make the day go by quickly.

While the job is physically demanding, it also provides a great sense of job satisfaction and task completion.

How Much Does a UPS Driver Helper Make?

vector illustration of ups personal vehicle driver loading packages into his trunk

The median rate for a UPS driver helper varies per state and region.

The minimum is generally around $11 an hour but can be more in certain cities.

With previous experience, you can have a higher payment of up to $19 per hour.

If you apply for a position, be sure to enquire about the salary.

Although it’s a seasonal position, there could be a possibility of full-time employment with excellent performance and company need.

This would also increase the hourly salary and overall job earnings.

Seasonal positions can also include overtime work but don’t include a full benefits package, vacation time, or health insurance.

UPS Driver Helper Schedule

Of course, one of the most important aspects of a job is the schedule.

Temporary driver helpers have a busy schedule from after Thanksgiving to directly before Christmas.

Generally, a driver helper works from 40-60 hours a week with a flexible schedule.

If you decide to apply for this job, be prepared to have long work hours on the weekdays and be on call when you’re needed.

However, for those willing to be out late and work hard, the pay and potential overtime can make it worth your while.

Typical Schedule

A typical schedule for a UPS driver helper depends on the hub location and season’s busyness.

Generally, driver helpers are on call and should be available for the full days they’ve signed up for.

The schedule is generally from 8 am to 8 pm, for the brief stint between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

UPS Driver Helper Start Time

The available schedule is generally from 8 am to 8 pm, but can vary depending on the city and the season.

Although the start time is 8 am, UPS will require their workers to be there and prepared to pack the truck at 8 am.

The first part of the day is generally loading the delivery truck.

Most of the work will be navigating for the driver, organizing the packages in the truck, and delivering them to each of the customer’s doors on time.

UPS Driver Helper End Time

The scheduled end time is 8 pm, but routes can take longer than the allotted time because of unforeseen circumstances.

Inclement weather, unexpected traffic, or slower delivery of packages can increase the hours worked.

Overtime is paid after the scheduled hours, and the rate depends on your role and your experience.

Some delivery route delays can’t be helped.

Weather, especially around the holidays, can affect the road and traffic conditions and cause drivers and driver helpers to be out much later than expected.

UPS Driver Helper Requirements

vector illustration of ups personal vehicle driver holding packages in his hands

UPS hires workers regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation, disability, veteran status, or other categories.

Generally, UPS driver helpers are college students or other demographics looking for quick cash around the holiday time of year.

There are some requirements for the UPS driver helper position.

However, they are minimal and can sometimes be waived with proper discussion.

What UPS is looking for is a hard worker who is willing to work long hours.

1. Experience

UPS doesn’t require previous work experience.

Yearly seasonal workers often come back to the same job, which is exceptionally helpful.

However, job seekers can apply without any experience and will be considered.

Usually, a recommendation letter from previous employers is helpful.

UPS issues new employees with a policy book that outlines the dress, behavior, and grooming requirements.

The job details and call schedule are in this book, given to both seasonal and full-time employees.

2. Uniform

UPS provides the uniform for UPS drivers and driver helpers.

You will only need to bring shoes and wear work clothes.

The company recommends black or brown leather shoes that are slip-resistant.

Boots are often worn in winter to protect from weather and icy conditions.

Employee reviews have recommended bringing layers for the varying heats of the day.

Even in the winter, carrying packages and constantly moving can make you uncomfortably warm.

However, the mornings might be freezing.

Layers of clothing will help you adjust to whatever weather you face.

3. Other Requirements

The only official requirement for the job is a high school diploma or a GED.

Unfortunately, you can’t work this job while in high school or before completing your GED.

Generally, a driver’s license is not required.

It’s also essential to have the physical strength and stamina required to complete the necessary work.

If you don’t think you’ll be able to lift heavy boxes (sometimes up to 75 pounds) or carry packages to the doors, this job won’t be a good fit for you.

Frequently Asked Question

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about working for UPS in general and the specific role of the UPS driver helper:

Can you have a beard and work at UPS?

UPS appearance guidelines require men to be clean-shaven.

No beards or goatees are allowed.

Women have to keep their hairstyle at or above shoulder-length or keep it up at all times.

Can UPS drivers wear jeans?

UPS drivers are not allowed to wear jeans.

Their uniform will be provided for them and includes the UPS standard work pants and a shirt.

What color boots do UPS drivers wear?

UPS drivers are required to bring shoes.

They recommend brown or black non-slip shoes.

Generally, boots are preferred because of the variety of weather experienced.

Can you have tattoos as a UPS driver?

Until recently, UPS drivers were not allowed to show any tattoos.

However, a recent policy change allows visible tattoos as long as they are inoffensive and not on the face or neck.

Can the driver helper drive the UPS truck?

The driver helper is not permitted to drive the UPS truck.

They can (and should) navigate for the driver but are not allowed to drive.

Do UPS drivers have to wear seat belts?

UPS drivers and driver helpers are required to wear seat belts, both on the main roads and in neighborhoods.

Wrapping Up

If you are looking for seasonal nice work and want a great career with high satisfaction and good pay, you might benefit from a job with United Parcel Service.

A UPS driver helper position is essential to making sure the holidays are bright, and you can be a part of a team that delivers the joy of packages.

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