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ALDI Pickup 101: What You Should Know Before Using This Service

Learn how ALDI pickup works, from start to finish. We'll cover the process, pricing, and more.

Key Takeaways

  • ALDI offers a curbside pickup service, allowing you to shop online and collect groceries without leaving your car.
  • Order through ALDI’s website or app, or via Instacart, selecting items and scheduling pickup.
  • Get a notification when order is ready, park in designated space at ALDI, and staff loads groceries into your car.
  • Costs include a small service fee, dependent on order size.
  • Time-efficient, minimizes impulse buying, and access to discounts and weekly specials.

Does ALDI Offer Curbside Pick Up?

ALDI provides a curbside pickup service, allowing customers to conveniently shop for groceries and household items online. This can be done through ALDI’s website or its app, as well as through the Instacart app.

After placing an order, customers can pick up their items at a specified ALDI location without needing to leave their vehicle, offering a time-saving and hassle-free shopping experience.

How ALDI Pickup Works

The ordering process is pretty straightforward. You have to go to ALDI’s website or use the ALDI app or the Instacart app.

In the latter cases, you should create an account and enter the required information, like your address, phone number, and preferred payment method.

If using the Instacart app, you have to select ALDI from the list of stores this app works with and choose your preferred location.

Then you have to confirm the delivery method, which can be ALDI delivery or ALDI curbside pickup.

screenshot of the ALDI Instacart homepage

You can check whether your local ALDI offers curbside pickup by entering your zip code.

The next step is to confirm the desired pickup location and choose the pickup date and delivery window of an hour each. You get feedback on how long it’ll take for your order to be processed and ready for pickup.

After setting up your account, you can browse through products by category or use the search option to find whatever you need. Every item you click on goes to your online cart, and you can change your order before proceeding to the checkout.

Once you complete your order, you have to confirm your payment details.

You get a response that your order is placed, and then a personal shopper does the shopping for you and prepares your order for pickup.

In case some products are out of stock, personal shoppers will get back to you for more information.

Order Pickup Process

Instead of getting your groceries delivered, you have to go to the local ALDI store and take your order.

You get the notification that your order is ready on the pickup day. When you’re ready to go, start the check-in process to notify the personal shopper that you’re on your way to the store.

Once you arrive at the designated ALDI store, you should see the sign for ALDI Pick Up and blue curbside space.

Go there and find a marked parking spot, then notify your shopper that you’ve arrived. They’ll bring your order packed in bags and help you load them into your car.

Communication With ALDI Shoppers and Order Tracking

Handy options when you buy in ALDI via the Instacart app are communicating with your shopper and tracking your order in real-time.

The first one allows you to get in touch with a shopper directly and discuss any special requirements you might have before they start shopping.

As for order tracking via the app, it helps you stay up-to-date with order fulfillment. For example, if the ALDI employee doing your shopping finds out that a specific product is out of stock, they’ll get back to you for additional information.

You can accept or deny these suggestions, but try to respond promptly so that shoppers can proceed with your order and get it ready on time. In case you don’t want a replacement, you can refund that amount from your bill.

How Much Does ALDI Pickup Cost?

ALDI curbside grocery pickup isn’t a free service; the store charges a small pickup fee for the convenience provided. It can be as low as $1.99 for orders above $35. In case your total is less than $35, you have to pay a $3.99 service fee.

These fees cover the expenses of ALDI employees working to fulfill your order, from personal shopping to packing and loading.

The app doesn’t accept tips, but if you’re happy with the service provided, you can tip your personal shopper in cash (usually at 10%–15% of your total bill).

In case you shop from Aldi stores often and usually rely on grocery delivery or curbside pickup via the Instacart app, you can sign up for Instacart+ and thus waive delivery fees.

You can opt for an annual subscription, a one-time cost of $99, that guarantees free services during the subscription period.

If this cost is too much, you can opt for a monthly subscription of $9.99 and enjoy the same perks. There’s a 14-day trial to see how this membership works for you, and you can cancel it anytime during this period.

ALDI’s Return and Refund Policy

Personal shoppers in ALDI shop for your groceries and home essentials with the utmost attention. But there’s still a chance you can get a product you’re not happy with.

In that case, you can return it and get a replacement or a refund.

You have to contact ALDI’s customer support for refunds on online purchases. Save your receipt and the original product packaging, which you have to return to the store manager.

It takes about a week for ALDI to process your refund request and return your money in the original form of payment.

Brett’s Take: Thoughts From an Expert

It seems to me like prices are slightly marked up from ALDI’s normal in-store prices. It’s well-known that Instacart marks up prices, seeing this is not a shock to me.

However, the marked-up prices and service fee are well worth it because of how convenient this curbside pickup actually is. It saves me a ton of time.

I’ve also found that the quality of substitutions is usually remarkably good. While customers do have the ability to communicate with shoppers, the shoppers typically make the most logical decisions.

I think this is largely due to to ALDI’s limited selection of items, so it is sort of hard to not make a logical decision.

The only downside to this service would be that returns are pretty inconvenient, and usually not worth the hassle. Some customers complain about this, but like I said before, the benefits and time-savings far outweigh the small downsides.

If you haven’t tried it yet, I suggest giving it a shot. You’ll probably be pleasantly surprised at just how nice it is.

Reasons to Use ALDI Curbside Pickup

ALDI is one of the few store chains that offer grocery curbside pickup. If you haven’t used this service before, there are many reasons to give it a try.

1. Utmost Convenience

Curbside grocery delivery from ALDI requires a minimum of your involvement. You can place your order online with just a few clicks, communicate with shoppers via the app, and just be at your local ALDI at pickup time to get your groceries.

Another benefit is that you don’t have to push an overloaded shopping cart and haul heavy bags all the way to your vehicle. With grocery pickup, you don’t even have to leave your car, as personal shoppers can load bags into your trunk.

2. Save Time

Planning a grocery shopping takes time, let alone going to the store, wandering through crowded aisles, or waiting in long checkout lines with other customers.

If you opt for curbside grocery pickup, you can enjoy the convenience of not touring the stores and save much time.

There’s no need to change your plans and waste your free time on shopping. You can leave that to in-store shoppers, while you just select the desired pickup time and be there to pick up your grocery order.

3. Save Money

When buying online and planning your purchase, there’s less chance of impulse buying. You’re not tempted by “special offers,” “great deals,” and “sales,” meaning you won’t spend more than planned.

That makes ALDI curbside pickup and grocery delivery an excellent way to save money.

ALDI is a popular choice among customers because of its low prices. Plus, there are always coupons, discounts, and weekly specials that can cut your total bill.

Also, as a new app user, you can benefit from Instacart promo codes that bring even more savings.

Keep in mind that prices for items purchased online can differ from in-store prices, and ALDI is quite transparent about that.

Depending on the location, these prices can vary up to 15%, but that’s a small cost for the convenience you get and the time you save.

Tips for Smooth ALDI Curbside Pickup Experience

ALDI curbside pickup is already a helpful service, but you can make it even better to enjoy a smooth shopping experience.

1. Plan your order

Have your shopping list when ordering online to be sure you won’t miss anything. Set the pickup time a few days in advance and work around your schedule to pick up your groceries when it suits you most.

2. Think of substitutions

In case shoppers can’t find selected products in-store, they suggest similar items. To speed up the process, it’s good to have the idea of possible substitutions you can accept.

3. Double-check your cart before checkout

Make sure you include all items from your shopping list. You’re free to make as many changes as you want before hitting the checkout button.

4. Make sure the app notifications are enabled

The Instacart app sends you notifications to keep you posted about your order and possible changes. Keep your phone close to stay on top of notifications and communicate with shoppers promptly if necessary.

5. Have patience and understanding

ALDI and Instacart workers do their best to fulfill orders on time, but they’re not all mighty. Mistakes can happen to anyone, and sometimes processing your order can last longer than usual.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does It Take to Get My Pickup Order Ready?

The whole process of preparing your groceries takes anywhere from half an hour to two hours. If the personal shopper prepares your order in advance, they’ll keep it in a temperature-controlled environment.

Can I Add Alcohol to My Curbside Pickup Order?

Yes, Instacart is one of the alcohol delivery apps you can use to get alcohol from the nearest ALDI or any other convenience store. When delivering your pickup order, the employees will ask for your ID to prove you’re of legal age to buy alcohol.

Do Customers Need to Provide Their Own Bags for ALDI Pick Up?

Customers do not need to provide their own bags for ALDI Pick Up. Your groceries will be pre-bagged by Instacart shoppers or ALDI employees, ready for you to load into your car upon arrival.

To Sum Up

With the rise of technology and the convenience of online shopping, grocery shopping in ALDI has become easier than ever.

Use the ALDI’s website or app or the Instacart app for hassle-free shopping—forget about wasting time looking for products in-store and waiting in long lines.

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