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Amazon Flex Background Check: What You Must Know

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If you enjoy traveling while having minimal contact with people, why not get paid to do it?

If you like to be in charge of yourself at work, consider applying for Amazon Flex.

This article will tell you how to qualify to become an Amazon Flex driver, how to apply, and what to expect during a criminal history check.

We will also address some questions that applicants have regarding Amazon Flex jobs.

What is the Amazon Flex Background Check?

Similar to a UPS personal vehicle driver, Amazon Flex is a program through which Amazon that pays independent drivers to distribute packages to customers using their personal vehicles.

Imagine wearing whatever you want to deliver groceries and household items while earning a paycheck!

Driving for Amazon may be the job you’re looking for, but there is a process you must go through to qualify.

The most important fact is that you must pass a background check.

Who Conducts Amazon Flex Background Checks?

screenshot of accurate background homepage for Amazon Flex background check post

Amazon uses a third-party agency called Accurate Background that performs the background check.

The FCRA, or Fair Credit Reporting Act, limits what a background check report can contain.

For example, no negative marks (civic suits, judgment, arrest records, tax liens, or other offenses) older than seven years or bankruptcies greater than ten years old can be on that list.

What Does an Amazon Flex Background Check Look For?

The Amazon Flex background check is a two-step process that searches for criminal activity, such as prior theft or violence.

It will scour up to seven years of your personal history, so if you committed a crime seven years ago, it will probably show up.

The second part of the process checks your driving record for any moving violations or other citations.

Depending on the offense, you may or may not be eligible to drive.

How Long Do Amazon Background Checks Take?

How long it takes for a background check may depend on your history.

If you have no prior theft charges, it will probably take two to five days for your criminal history check to finalize.

If you have any outstanding offenses to search, Accurate Background may take longer to finish.

Your Flex app will alert you when your results are ready.

If it seems to be taking too long, you can check the status of your report after five days.

Amazon Flex Background Check Process

documents scattered about with a magnifying glass looking at a driver for an Amazon Flex background check

Download the Amazon Flex Smartphone App on iPhone or Android.

Look for delivery opportunities in your area before applying.

After applying for a position and responding to an invitation to download the app, set up an Amazon Flex account using your driver’s license and social security numbers.

You may have to complete a survey before signing up.

Look for opportunities to drive in your area and request a block, which is an allotted time that schedules you to make your deliveries and pickups.

There are rules about how long it should take to complete a block.

While your background check is in progress, you will have to provide your tax information and watch about 19 short-length training videos so you know how to use the app and what to expect on the job.

What Happens After an Amazon Flex Background Check?

If you pass the background check, you should be able to start scheduling your deliveries.

You let Amazon know when you are available, and they will schedule your “blocks or shifts.”

You decide whether to accept the block, and the type and time of your shift should determine your pay.

Amazon Flex drivers make a starting pay of $18-$25 an hour plus tips.

Drivers who take special shifts or make specific deliveries may receive higher compensation.

How Do I Know if I Passed My Amazon Flex Background Check?

When you look in the app you will find a green check mark indicating you are clear.

You may also receive a message welcoming you to Amazon Flex.

In addition to your background check, you will have to complete these other tasks:

  • Video training
  • Tax information
  • Bank account information for direct deposit

What Kind of Deliveries Do Amazon Flex Drivers Make?

There are different kinds of orders that come with the various Amazon delivery driver jobs available to applicants.

Whether your vehicle is small or large, you can still make those deliveries.


You will drive packages from the local delivery facility to your customers’ homes.

These types of deliveries require larger vehicles, such as your van, SUV, or pickup truck with a canopy.

2. Prime Now and Amazon Fresh

Amazon Fresh groceries and household items will be available for you to pick from local stores and transport to a customer.

For Prime-Now orders, a four-door sedan should be sufficient for these kinds of deliveries.

Most Prime-Now orders are in bags.

3. Amazon Restaurants

As a driver, you will pick up an order from a restaurant and take it to the patron.

A small vehicle is fine for this kind of delivery.

4. Amazon Locker

You deliver packages to an electronic locker that opens when you scan them.

5. Merchant Packages

You pick up store orders from a business merchant instead of the distribution center.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the questions that interested job seekers most likely ask.

Why Does Amazon Flex Background Check Contractors?

Amazon wants to make sure you are trustworthy to deliver packages that may contain valuable merchandise.

You must consent to a criminal record check to qualify.

Does Amazon Flex Hire Felons?

No.You cannot become a driver if you have a felony on your record within the last seven years.

You could contact Amazon to see if you can qualify for other positions.

You may be able to work with a history of a misdemeanor, depending on the offense.

Why is My Background Check for Amazon Flex Taking So Long?

It may depend on your personal history.

You may need to contact Accurate Background to find out what could be causing the delay.

Does Amazon Flex Drug Test?

Most of the assignments through Amazon require a drug test, but the type of testing may depend on location.

Is the Amazon Flex Background Check Similar to That of Uber and Lyft?


It is the standard for most industries.

How Do You Become an Amazon Flex Driver?

Qualifications to become an Amazon Flex delivery partner will require that you:

1. Be at least 21 years old
2. Live in an area that uses Amazon Flex
3. Have a valid driver’s license and social security number (SSN)
4. Own a medium-size or large sedan, SUV, van, or truck with a covered bed to handle packages of all sizes.
5.Have current automobile insurance coverage.
Have a smartphone

Unlike Uber and Lyft, Amazon Flex does not require drivers to have at least one year of U.S. driving experience with a valid driver’s license.

If you are a new driver, you can qualify.

Amazon has a commercial insurance plan that may cover you above your own policy.

It provides uninsured motorist and collision coverage for you.

Residents in the state of New York do not qualify.

Wrapping Up

To become an Amazon Flex driver there are qualifications you must follow.

You must be at least 21 years old, live in an area where Amazon Flex delivers, and have a valid driver’s license and social security number.

Your vehicle must be at least a mid-size or large 4-door sedan, SUV, van, or truck with a covered bed.

Your auto insurance must be current, and you must have a smartphone that can handle the Amazon Flex app download.

You must pass a background check to qualify as a driver.

Performing a criminal check is standard protocol for most businesses, including Uber and Lyft.

Accurate Background is the name of the agency that searches for criminal records.

You may have to wait up to ten days, but it may be worth it if you receive good news.

Your record will only include criminal activity for up to seven years.

After you pass the criminal check, you can start your route and earn money.

Choose from different types of deliveries or do more than one kind at a time.

If you have a felony history, you may not be eligible to drive for Amazon Flex.

Most misdemeanors will receive clearance.

Download the Amazon Flex app now and start your new life as an Amazon Flex driver.

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  1. On the criminal background check, I had only one conviction from 1996, over 25 years ago, and I was denied employment when I applied in 2021. While the article says they go back only 7 years, they really search your ENTIRE background. FYI: Despite any rehabilitation, you’re pretty much screwed if you have any blemish on your record.

  2. How many day’s to background check this take much longer time. Please check the process how many days’ to check to complete the background check.


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