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Does DoorDash Hire Felons? How To Apply With A Record

Learn whether or not DoorDash hires felons, including what felonies can disqualify you.

Key Takeaways

  • DoorDash considers hiring felons based on the crime, reviewing applications case-by-case.
  • Background checks flag criminal activities within the past seven years, affecting eligibility.
  • Certain felonies, especially violent or driving-related, may disqualify applicants from hiring.
  • DoorDash offers opportunities for those with minor misdemeanors or rehabilitated felons.

Does DoorDash Hire Felons?

The short answer is that, yes, DoorDash hires people with a criminal history — depending on the crime that was committed.

They do not have an outright policy against hiring felons; instead, they focus on specific qualifications such as being over 18, having a valid driver’s license, and owning a suitable mode of transportation.

The company reviews applications from former felons on a case-by-case basis to determine their eligibility. Some other factors may also affect whether or not you get hired.

These include the relevance of the felony conviction to the role, the time that has passed since the conviction, and the results of your background checks.

While a criminal record doesn’t automatically disqualify you, DoorDash conducts background checks which could flag applications with criminal charges within the past seven years.

Certain violations, particularly those related to vehicle use like DUIs or driving with a suspended license, may affect eligibility due to the driving nature of the job.

Additionally, applicants with more than three traffic incidents in the last three years may not be considered, as DoorDash prioritizes the safety of their service.

Has DoorDash Hired Felons in the Past?

DoorDash has a history of hiring individuals with felony records, as evidenced by employee testimonials on various online forums.

They do not have an official policy against hiring felons, and similarly, they also hire individuals with misdemeanors, which are considered less serious offenses.

Can Felons Apply for DoorDash?

DoorDash may hire people with prior convictions if their review and background checks deem them fit to handle the job without challenges.

However, certain felonies mean instant disqualification, such as violent crimes or sexual assault, since they imply a potential risk for customers. If a mishap ever occurs, it also won’t be a good look for the company.

Keeping a clean record over some time can increase your chances of getting hired because it suggests that you’re not a reflection of your past self. It also indicates a low risk of repeating your crime.

The challenge here is that DoorDash doesn’t stipulate a specific period for felons. Instead, it treats each case differently, depending on the exact felony, to determine a suitable time frame.

Another issue that may impede you from being hired by DoorDash is the crime’s relevance to your role as a DoorDash driver. If you were convicted of a DUI, reckless driving, or theft, the company may deem you unfit to handle the responsibility of taking on delivery jobs.

DoorDash hasn’t disclosed its policy on felony convictions to the public, but the company is committed to ensuring fair hiring practices for all employees and contractors.

Nevertheless, DoorDash’s foremost priority is to maintain its public reputation and keep its customers’ and employees’ safety and trust. This ultimately affects the way that the company handles applications from people with a criminal record.

Brett’s Take: Thoughts From an Expert

DoorDash’s approach to hiring individuals with felony records, particularly drug charges, is nuanced and individualized. The company seems to weigh the nature of the felony against the responsibilities of delivery driving.

Importantly, DoorDash doesn’t automatically exclude felons; many with drug-related convictions have been hired. This suggests a focus on rehabilitation and reintegration into the workforce.

If you have a similar background, it’s worth applying. The background check will play a significant role in their decision, but there’s a fair chance for consideration.

Keep in mind, DoorDash’s policies may differ regionally and could change over time.

How Does DoorDash Conduct Its Background Checks?

To ensure that its employees and customers are safe, DoorDash conducts background checks for all its Dashers.

It uses a third-party platform called Checkr to vet drivers across national and county-level databases in all 50 states. If you’re found to be an ex-offender, the company evaluates you based on the felony conviction to further understand your crime.

Based on this information, it can decide whether to accept or reject your application. During this process, DoorDash won’t keep you in the dark.

You can log in to Checkr’s portal to follow the background check request and see how the process is going. Note that even if you pass the initial background check and get hired, DoorDash has the right to run the check again at its discretion.

The company will continue to screen ex-offenders’ records to ensure that the drivers stay committed to keeping clean while on the payroll.

How Far Back Does DoorDash Peek into Your Criminal Record?

DoorDash goes as far as seven years in the past when running a background check. This follows the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), which caps the timeline of every criminal record to 84 months.

But there’s an exception to every rule. Some types of violent crimes extend beyond the seven years stipulated in the FCRA. The jurisdiction or specific situations surrounding the case can also affect this timeline.

If we’re looking at a serious felony conviction, such as murder or sex-related offenses, the record can linger on your background report for life. Also, certain states like California exceed the seven-year rule, so felonies recorded in the state are recorded for a longer period.

Will DoorDash Run a Drug Test?

There’s no DoorDash drug test for delivery drivers. However, if you have been previously convicted of a drug-related felony within the past seven years, it’ll show up in your background check and may affect your chances of getting hired.

Types of Felonies That Can Bar You From Doing DoorDash

Many former felons have a good shot at getting delivery jobs with DoorDash. But if you have committed any of the following felonies, your application may be at risk of not sailing through:

  1. Fraud Crimes: If you were previously involved in identity theft or credit card crimes, it shows a potential for dishonesty, deceit, and untrustworthiness, which goes against DoorDash’s company values.
  2. Burglary and Theft: Dashers often gain access to customers’ homes while handling their orders. This means that such felons may be a potential security risk or potentially lack workplace integrity.
  3. Drug Trafficking: This could be seen as a risk factor because it shows the felon was involved in organized crime in the past.
  4. Violent Offenses: Assault, murder, or battery charges suggest that the felon may be prone to unpredictable behavior, which can be triggered at any time during interactions with customers or other employees.
  5. Hate Crimes: This felony, especially if it relates to discrimination or bias, directly contradicts DoorDash’s policies on employee inclusion and respect for their customers. It creates grounds for rejecting an application.
  6. Arson or Weapon Charges: Offenses like these may portray you as a threat to public safety and property.
  7. Other Felonies: Driving offenses, moving violations, stalking, or harassment. These types of offenses raise concerns like recklessness, poor safety standards, inability to respect boundaries, and more.

Will DoorDash Let You Dash If You Only Have a Misdemeanor?

If your background check pulls up less relevant past offenses like a minor unrelated misdemeanor, the company may overlook it and offer you the delivery job.

Some of these misdeeds may include public offenses like trespassing, disorderly conduct, panhandling, public intoxication, or indecent exposure. Financial crimes outside the purview of fraud, like illegal gambling or tax evasion, may be overlooked as well.

You also have a good chance of getting employed if yours is a first-time small offense and you’ve been on good behavior since then. If you’ve enrolled in special programs for felons to help with your rehabilitation after the offense, it helps your case, too.

Tips to Help You Get Hired as a Felon Delivery Driver

If you’re eager to get a job as a DoorDash delivery driver despite your criminal record, there are some things you can do ahead of time to improve your chances.

1. Always Apply: It Never Hurts to Try

It’s better to apply and get denied than to not try at all. Your background check will take five to seven days, and you can apply to other jobs in the meantime.

If DoorDash hires you, you can start working immediately. If you’re turned down, you can look over your background check and file an appeal.

There’s nothing to lose.

2. Be a Step Ahead

Before you apply to DoorDash, run a background check on yourself first to check what your criminal record says about you. If there are any inaccuracies, rectify them immediately.

If DoorDash flags your account because of your background check, they give you a copy to look over. You can contact the company to explain any of the charges and ask them to reconsider your application.

Having evidence of the exact nature of your charges can help. It’s also favorable to have proof of keeping a clean record ever since an older conviction.

3. Seal Your Records

Your conviction doesn’t have to define you for life, especially if you have worked hard to become a better individual. If there’s formal proof that you have improved your life since the felony, perhaps through special programs, get the court to seal your records.

4. Take Responsibility and Show Improvement

If you’re unable to seal or expunge your records, focus on proving to DoorDash that you’re working on yourself. Join a rehabilitation program, anger management classes, treatment programs, etc.

5. Build Proof With Positive References

Volunteering for roles that don’t require background checks can help you build proof of your rehabilitation under other employers. If you want to dispute or appeal your background check results, positive references can serve as proof of an improved work ethic, reliability, and character.

6. Prepare All Relevant Documents

Have documents that show that your past mistakes as a felon no longer represent your current self. They’ll help your case when appealing to DoorDash if your application is denied.

Wrapping Up

A former conviction shouldn’t keep you from making an honest living. If you’re truly in need of that extra income, you must prepare adequately to defend your case if DoorDash rejects your application.

Go ahead and send your DoorDash application right away — you wouldn’t be the first to apply to the company with a felony record. Many former felons have confirmed they work with DoorDash as delivery drivers, so you might be lucky and get a job yourself.

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