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The Best Dash Cam with Night Vision: Our 9 Top Picks for 2023

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We recommend the use of dash cameras to all our readers, as they are easy to use and can potentially save you a ton of hassle down the road.

There are many good dash cams on the market, each with a unique set of features.

One feature that is quite important – but often overlooked – is night vision.

If you’re looking for the best dash cam with night vision, find the info you seek below!

Why Do You Need a Night Vision Dash Cam?

A standard dash cam will be able to record at any time of the day or night.

However, if it doesn’t have night vision technology and features, the footage it records at night will be dark and difficult to see.

In many cases, the light from your headlights will be enough to see some things on the camera footage, but it may be difficult to make out details that could be important – such as license plates.

In addition, crash data suggests that most serious accidents happen at night – which means it’s vitally important to have your dash camera working well, even when it’s dark.

If you drive at night regularly, we highly recommend looking at dash cameras with night vision.

What is the Best Dash Cam with Night Vision?

To compile this list, we used a combination of our own experience with these cams, third-party customer reviews, and manufacturer specs (also the Reddit community list of dash cam).

1. WheelWitness HD PRO

WheelWitness HD PRO
  • ✅ NEW UPDATED MODEL HD PRO Mark II Dash Cam - - 2x Super Capacitors for maximum reliability in any temperature (no battery issues!) [WiFi iOS/Android Capability] so you can use your favorite iOS or Android device to transfer videos and control your dash camera without ever leaving your car.
  • ✅ NEWEST SONY SENSOR - The Sony IMX307 Starvis Sensor provides maximum video quality and superb night vision along with Novatek 96675 processor for best quality and performance. REAL 1080P Super HD. (Note that most cameras advertised as 4K are not true 4K and just interpolated)
  • ✅ OPTIONAL - DUAL 1080P Cameras - Add the Rear view camera for a 1080P recording of everything happening behind your vehicle. with backup camera capability (requires additional rear view camera). [Optional GPS Module] for tracking exact location. Check our other listings for hte accessories.
  • ✅ PERFECT FOR DASH CAMERA FOR CARS & TRUCKS - 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - Guaranteed support from USA Company - Just contact us!
  • Includes 2 Windshield mounts (suction cup + sticky mount), power adapter, mini usb cable. [SD card not included.] We recommend high endurance microSD card for best performance
  • OPTIONAL: Rear Camera which can be used to record what happens behind you. Can also be configured to be used as a Reverse Camera (it will show the rear view on the screen when you put your car in reverse). Must purchase ASIN: B093KHJBJ7

The WheelWitness HD Pro is perhaps the best dash cam with night vision 2023 that we’ve tested.

It’s priced affordably, yet offers incredibly crisp recording quality, day and night.

WDR technology makes for a detailed shot, even in the darkest conditions.

  • Super HD recording quality
  • Advanced night vision technology
  • Wide dynamic range (WDR) technology for superior night vision
  • GPS built in
  • SD card included
  • Excellent reviews
  • 1 year warranty

2. Street Guardian SG9665GC

Street Guardian SG9665GC
  • 2-YEAR WARRANTY: Register your camera online for an additional year on top of our complimentary 1-year warranty. This along with our LIFETIME CUSTOMER SUPPORT with agents IN THE USA represents our continuing investment into the customer experience.
  • 2K QUAD HD RECORDING: Equipped with the STARVIS 2K Image sensor, the front camera of this device renders a clear quality image even in extreme lighting locations. State-of-the-art technology delivers a lens sensitive well beyond that of a human eye, allowing the system to capture and generate quality-grade footage evidence day-or-night. Capture the important details especially when you need them most!
  • THE AMENITY KIT: You truly get more with The Street Guardian Brand, now featuring our Premium Accessory Kit that includes a full scope of accessories paramount for the smooth operation and installation of your dash camera.
  • WIFI & APP STABILITY: Now supporting full-range Wi-Fi camera control for your Smart Device using our stability-proven App for Apple and Android. Rigorously tested for precision, our Wi-Fi coverage and Smart Device App stability are a great addition to the Street Guardian User Experience!
  • SET-IT-&-FORGET-IT: Designed to operate independent of the driver to function as a vehicle black-box capturing the entirety of events and intuitively locking important videos onto the SD card for future review.
  • 1080p recording quality
  • Wide dynamic range (WDR) for top quality night vision recording
  • Built in GPS capabilities
  • Huge recording capacity – supports up to 256gb cards
  • Excellent reviews
  • Great for use in any condition
  • 1 year warranty included

The Street Guardian SG9665GCis an excellent mid-range camera that features advanced WDR technology, which makes a HUGE difference in recording quality at night.

The other big benefit of this camera is that it can support massive SD cards, which is beneficial for commercial drivers and others who want to store more footage.

3. VanTrue N2 Pro

VanTrue N2 Pro
  • 【Dual Lens 1080P Car Camera】Best dual dash cam for uber, rideshare, lyft drivers, picked by Wirecutter, CNET, Businessinsider, BGR etc. The front and inside camera simultaneously capture the road front (170°) and inside passenger cabin (140°) in crystal details at dual 1920x1080P 30fps, which is a great option for rideshare drivers that will need photographic evidence in the event some rowdy passengers do damage to their car.
  • 【Single Front 2.5K 1440P Dash Cam】When recording in front-only mode, footage is captured at at 2.5K [email protected], which enables clear license plates, road signs. Or you can switch to 19[email protected] mode with smoother videos for high speed traffic.
  • 【Infrared Night Vision】The interior facing camera utilizes 4 IR LED lights and f/2.0 aperture, which can handle low light conditions and ensures flawless video footage even when the passenger cabin is dark. F/1.8 6-glass lens front facing cam and unique HDR video system automatically balance the light and dark areas of the video.
  • 【24 Hours Parking Mode & Auto LCD OFF】24 Hours Motion activated parking mode makes the dual car camera to automatically record when it detects motion. Auto start and record when the ignition sparks up. Auto LCD OFF timer ensure you won't be disturbed by another glowing rectangle on your windshield. Ideal for most climates: -4° to 158°F (-20° to 70°C). Excellent audio recording with built in microphone. Time lapse function automatically takes photos at specified intervals.
  • 【Looping Recording & G-Sensor & Optional GPS】Seamless Loop Recording overwrites the oldest footage with the newest upon filling a card to capacity. Variable sensitivity G-sensor auto detects sudden shake/collision and emergency locks the footage to "Event File" to prevent that video from an overwrite. Supports up to 256GB microSD cards, recommend Vantrue microSD card. Optional GPS to track the driving route, location and speed(To use GPS function, please buy an extra gps mount).
  • 【Total Peace of Mind w/18m Warranty】Full 18m Warranty, email replies within 24H, and 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Pay less auto insurance, your witness for accidents and insurance claims. Perfect dual lens dash cam for uber, taxis, rideshare, lyft drivers, commuters, and families. Works with 12V and 24V vehicles.
  • Dedicated night vision mode can be entered into manually
  • Infrared night vision recording
  • 1080p full HD recording quality
  • Can detect potential accidents based on motion data, and automatically save relevant footage permanently
  • GPS not included, but can be added on
  • Front and rear-facing cameras
  • Excellent customer reviews

The VanTrue N2 Pro is a close contender for best dash cam with night vision, and one of the only ones we’ve found that actually has a dedicated “night mode”.

When entered into night mode, the camera’s HDR technology works to balance the dark and light areas of the footage, resulting in a cleaner, crisper and brighter image, even in the darkest of conditions.

This also has an internal rear-facing camera that makes it a good choice for Uber and Lyft drivers and makes it the best front and rear dash cam with night vision.

Find out more Uber dash cams and also Lyft dashboard cameras on our dedicated articles.

4. Vantrue N1 Pro Mini

Vantrue N1 Pro Mini
  • 【FHD 1080P Mini Dash Camera with Super Night Vision】With mini and compact design (Size: 2.5x1.95x1.5in), the dashcam takes up tiny space in your car, which won't obstruct your vision while driving. Recording HD 1920X1080P/30 fps video with advanced Sensor, 160° wide-angle F1.8 six layers glass lens clearly capture the license plates as well as road signs during the day and night. Perfect mini dash camera for cars, truck, SUV, provides the most important evidence for car accidents.
  • 【24H Parking Monitor & Collision Detection】With built in battery, this dash cam can be triggered by collision detection without hardwiring, it will auto power on and end recording after 20s once it detects collision or impact on parking. The dash camera can also be triggered by motion detection with dash cam hardwired, it will run in standby mode and awaken to record once detects movement, the low battery protection of Vantrue hardwire kit (Asin: B083XB8T7T) avoids the car battery over draining.
  • 【Seamless Loop Recording & G-sensor】When the storage limit is reached on the memory card, new recordings will automatically overwrite oldest recordings. Triggered by G-sensor, it can automatically detect a sudden shake/collision and lock the footage to prevent the video from being overwrote even in loop recording. Supports up to 256GB microSD cards. The Vantrue microSD card (ASIN: B07WWCLHGM, not included) is recommended.
  • 【Heat- Resistant & Optional GPS Function】Made of the PC and ABS materials, the working temperature is from -4℉ to 158℉ (-20℃ to 70℃). With high heat resistance chipset, the cam has longer lifetime and stable performance. Optional GPS for you to track the driving route, location and speed with KM/H or MP/H. To use GPS function, please buy an extra N1 Pro GPS mount, ASIN: B083XBS88L.
  • 【Time lapse & 18-Month Warranty】The car camera will keep taking photos at the set time interval and then auto edit them together to a video clip once time lapse enabled, thus reducing the size of the video file. Built-in Mic provide excellent audio recording even in noisy environment. We offer 18 Months Warranty and Satisfied Service. To cover any issues and professional team support, all emails will be replied within 24 hours.

Among the best night vision and budget-friendly dash cameras, we can certainly mention the Vantrue N1 Pro Mini which can make HD video recordings in 1080p quality.

Its highly performing “Sony Night Vision Sensor” (IMX323) combined with the cutting-edge NOVATEK NT96658 processor can make high-quality video recordings and still maintain an affordable price.

By using its microSD card for dash cam, with a capacity of 256GB you will have the opportunity to store many hours of high-definition recordings without your files being overwritten by old files.

The availability of a lens with 160 degrees wide panoramic coverage will ensure the capturing of the whole front area of your vehicle, irrelevant of time during day or night.

The exquisite capabilities offered by this night vision cam may offer you security and surveillance regarding your vehicle during its parked state during night time.

This very important mode will grant you motion and impact identification while your car is not in a mobile state.

It will activate the camera in case it detects collision or movement in the vicinity of the unit.

If you are interested in using this valuable feature you have to take into account the necessity of using a hardware kit or external battery for a dashcam, due to the unusability of the unit battery for a longer period. 

This effective model has the capability of utilizing GPS signals, as well as watermarking the recorded videos in alignment with your velocity and location.

Nevertheless, this necessitates the additional acquisition of an auxiliary mountable GPS module.

This unit is easy to install or remove from the windshield of your car due to its mountable hanging suction cup.

This characteristic can be particularly useful in case you plan to frequently change cars, especially if you are a truck driver in need of dash cam, who does not own the rig and intends to dismount the camera after the shift is over. 

When you are driving your car outside the town, this suction cup mount can be particularly handy.


  • Particularly wide coverage with an angle of 160 degrees
  • Small in size (having the width of a credit card)


  • Bigger visibility due to the hang down mounting style
  • Does not contain a GPS module
  • Depending on a battery (this is not convenient in areas with high heat)


  • Time-lapse (it will keep taking photos and then auto edit them together to a video clip)
  • 1080P Mini Dash Camera with Super Night Vision
  • G-Sensor activated with motion and impact
  • Loop recording when its capacity is full

As we mentioned in the beginning, we are talking about a particularly affordable camera.

It also offers a particularly good vision during night time, which is a characteristic that may provide safety for your vehicle.

Despite not being specially equipped with a GPS system, it is particularly easy to install or remove from the windshield which makes it particularly transferable.

All in all, it is a practical budget-friendly product.

5. THINKWARE U1000 4K Dash Cam

THINKWARE U1000 4K Dash Cam


Top Features:


This article is concerned with the newest dash cam produced by THINKWARE named U1000, a dash cam which can record videos in 4K.

This unit is available on the market in the form of a single dash camera or as a dual dash camera equipped with a facultative rear camera, despite most of the purchases for this model of the U1000 also containing this optional feature.

To shoot a clear night-vision recording, the main anterior camera utilizes an exquisite Sony Exmor R STARVIS photographic sensor.

This enables you to make recordings in 4K and shoot in 30 frames per second, or maybe drop the quality to 2K to get 60 frames per second, which is a feature that provides you with detecting the number of license plates during movement.

The optional rear camera may record in 2K resolution, while the main camera features a mid-range of a 150 degrees lens angle, as the back camera can cover a field of a 156-degree view.

Along with its characteristic of parking mode activity and detailed night vision, it provides security to your car while it’s parked during night-time.

The parking mode recording feature gets activated when a collision or movement is identified.

To capture more material and use less memory space, you can also set up a permanent recording with its time-lapse feature.

The THINKWARE Cloud APP is also available to connect your cellular phone or tablet with the U1000 device due to its integrated WiFi.

In cases when you want to watch the videos remotely, you may use this application.

You can also tune the camera settings and download videos on your cellular phone or your tablet directly.

Additionally, you can adjust the settings to inform you via notifications in the event of a major collision or detection of movement while your vehicle is immobile. 

The integrated GPS offers surveillance over the car location and velocity, as it also watermarks your videos following its geographic position and motion speed.

Along with its internal capacitor, it is quite resistant to hot and cold circumstances, which makes this dash cam with capacitor comparably better in comparison to a battery-run camera. 


  • 4K resolution Video footage on the Main Cam with an optional 2K Rear Cam
  • WiFi connection with an application for smartphone usage
  • Integrated GPS
  • Low light recording provided by 8MP Sony STARVIS photo sensor


  • It costs more in comparison to other dash cams


  • 1080p mini dash camera including super night vision
  • Non-stop parking surveillance and collision detection
  • 18-month Warranty and online support service & G-sensor
  • Designed to provide bigger heat resistance

Providing its capability to record videos in 4K and record videos with its dual camera system, this dash cam shoots high-quality night time videos too.

The detailed vision brought by the cutting-edge equipment means your vehicle is quite secure when you leave it in a parking mode.

In addition to having a large capacity combined with the loop recording option, it also provides the possibility of downloading and viewing videos remotely.

All in all, this model is recommendable.

6. VIOFO A129 Pro Duo 4K

VIOFO A129 Pro Duo 4K
  • 【Ultra HD Real 4K Dual Channel】 Dash cam A129 Pro Duo adopt top quality Sony 8MP IMX317 Sensor on front camera and rear camera with Sony IMX 291 sensor, this dual dash cam captures super clear view at Ultra HD 4K 30fps or 2K 60fps for front camera. 4K Dash cam offer amazing video quality, four time higher than a regular FHD. Help you read most details from street signs, license plate etc. Give you peace of mind when you're driving
  • 【Upgraded Super Night Vision & WDR】8MP sensor, combine with upgraded 7-Glass F1.8 aperture lens and WDR technology, provide a much clearer image than most dash cameras at night, maintain sharp image and automatically balance the lighting at over bright and over dark area. A car recorder that can be used with peace of mind from day to night
  • 【Advanced Parking Mode】Car camera A129 Pro Duo will record and lock 15 seconds video before the event and 30 seconds after an impact / motion, This is an excellent feature and completes a true parking mode as there can be a lot of vital information in the lead-up to whatever triggered recording(using VIOFO HK3 hardwire cable kit, sold separately, asin: B07JQ1JYPJ)
  • 【Wireless Wi-Fi & GPS】 5GHz & 2.4GHz dual-band Wi-Fi could transmit in two different standard frequency ranges to avoid wireless interference. More stable signal and faster speed. With GPS logger, dash camera can log the current speed and GPS location, Timestamp information can be embedded in the video. Real-time speed would display on car camera screen in KM/H or MP/H.
  • 【Premium Functions】 4K resolution, loop recording, emergency recording, motion detection, time lapse, parking mode, wifi gps function and so on. All your daily driving needs will be satisfied by this one dash cam.
  • 【Bluetooth Remote Control】Notice: SD card is not included. Optional Bluetooth remote is helpful for you to save and lock important videos without being distracted or taking your eyes off the road. All you need to do is to place it in a suitable position and simply press on the remote. (please buy separately ASIN: B07GF9CF2X)

The A129 Pro Duo by VIOFO represents one of the highest-ranked dual dash cams available for capturing bright or noisy low light night time videos together with its Sony 8MP IMX317 which can shoot real 4K video.

In addition to utilizing a Sony image sensor, it is also powered by a rear camera containing a photosensor of the Sony IMX 291 type.

They may both work at 30 frames per second while the main camera records in 4K (3840x2160p) together with the rear camera functioning at 1080p (1920X1080p).

It also utilizes microSD with a card capacity of 256GB which provides many hours of recording ability.

When there is no storage left on the memory card, it makes a loopback and records over the oldest video files while each clip is between 1 and 10 minutes long.

The A129 Pro Duo main camera contains a 130-degree wide-angle, as its additional back camera has a 140-degree view field.

There is a 2 inch wide LCD screen on the back of the camera body which provides watching recorded videos and making setting changes on the dash camera.

With the integration of WiFi connection on your A129 Pro Duo unit, you are also able to download and watch videos on your smartphone device by utilizing the iOS application or VIOFO Android.

Among the auxiliary features, the constant 24/7 monitoring of your car against possible impacts or motion is also provided.

To use this feature, you also require a $15 hardware kit or an external battery.

The integrated GPS device enables you to watermark the recorded videos following velocity and geographic location.

You can also turn the GPS feature off in case you don’t want that information to be founded on your videos.

Due to its advantage of not being powered by an internal battery, but a capacitor which is resistant to damage caused by heat or cold during extreme weather conditions. 


  • Ability to record 4K video with its front cam
  • Sony IMX image sensor is present at both cameras
  • Latent parking mode which can activate in case of incidents
  • Integrated WiFi and GPS systems


  • It has a higher price in comparison to other models of dash cameras
  • A smaller front lens with 130 degrees


  • Exquisite main camera Sony 8MP IMX317 sensor & Sony IMX 291 rear camera sensor 
  • Super Night Vision brought by upgraded 7-Glass F1.8 aperture lens
  • Parking mode with the capability to record events of impact/motion
  • Integrated Wi-Fi connection & GPS

The Viofo A129 Pro duo model is capable of capturing excellent 4K quality daytime and nighttime images with both of its cameras.

The combination with its two recording devices brings a nearly panoramic view to your vehicle surveillance which may be a shortcoming.

Nevertheless, it provides 24/7 monitoring of your car together with the advantage of being powered by a capacitor rather than an external battery.

In spite of being a bit expensive, this tool is recommendable.    

7. YI 2.7K Ultra Dash Cam

YI 2.7K Ultra Dash Cam
  • 2.7K RESOLUTION: Loop recording 2.7K videos With a high efficient H.264 video encoding, up to 30/60 frames per second; 16GB SD card is included in this product to meet your daily needs.
  • WIDE-ANGLE LENS: 140° wide-angle (all-glass) lens comfortably covers three lanes to allow you to see more of the road with minimal lens distortion.
  • VOICE CONTROL: Voice Control lets you focus on the road ahead while sending simple voice commands to your YI Ultra Dash Camera; Operating temperature: 14F Degree - 140F Degree.
  • LCD WIDESCREEN: 2.7” LCD widescreen features large buttons with an intuitive interface so you can comfortably preview the road ahead, and easily change settings.
  • rformance and 3-axis gravity sensor to store and lock emergency recordings. IN THE BOX: 1 x YI Ultra Dash Camera,1 x Sandisk 16GB SD card,1 x 3M sticky mount,1x Suction cup mount,1 x USB 2 Ports Car Charger, 1 x Micro USB Cable, 1 x User Manual

The 2.7K Ultra Dash Cam provides you with a lens of a wide-angle coverage with an ability to record every kind of situation going on three lanes on the road.

The recording remains undistorted which makes it capture more than the most alternative options.

It also involves a specific voice control feature which provides you with the ability to simultaneously drive and maintain command over the device.

Besides, it has a user-friendly interface that easily can be turned into the desired settings during driving.

It is packed with a 16GB SD memory card that can store your recordings without the need of being deleted in a quick time.

There is an extra feature called gravity sensor which makes safe accidents are recorded, so they wouldn’t get deleted by some chance.

Its low light sensors secure a good image quality while your journey is recorded during night time.  


  • It’s comparatively affordable and budget-friendly
  • It’s loop recording feature eliminates the necessity of multiple storage devices
  • In case of an accident, the footage is locked to secure it from deleting
  • Ability to grasp footage of wider space which enables a better view of the situation
  • Relatively good footage during night time


  • Insufficient capture of the license plate image
  • The device temperature can get high


  • Capturing video image at 2.7K and up to 30/60 frames per second
  • The 140° wide-angle (all-glass) lens may cover up to three lanes
  • Voice Control which allows you to focus on driving with sending voice commands
  • 2.7” LCD widescreen features large buttons with a user-friendly interface

This model is not a very suitable one if your purpose is to keep it less visible.

Nevertheless, it contains some effective characteristics which you would probably consider before deciding.

All in all, it still has the most of the necessary characteristics which, combined with its budget-friendly price make it preferable in certain occasions.  

8. OldShark 3″ 1080P Camera with 32GB Card

OldShark 3″ 1080P Camera with 32GB Card
  • 【Ultra HD Dash Cam for Cars】With super HD video resolution 1080P and superior fluently recording. Old Shark Dash Cam 1080p deliver clear images videos even at high speed or in darkness, it will be safe and reliable with OldShark dashcam.
  • 【170° Super Wide Angle】Adopt Sony Sensor and F1.6 Big Aperture wide angle lens, real 170 degree wide field of view, the dash cams for vehicles reduces the blind spots, captures more details and reserve the real scene.
  • 【Lock Accident】Built in G-sensor, dashboard cameras can automatically detects a sudden shake/collision of car, save and lock the accident footage, which provides proof in case of an accident claim.
  • 【Your Best Driving Companion】Seamless Loop Recording, Impact Detection, Protection for Important Files, Parking Guard, Motion Detection, Auto On/Off, Time Stamp, Screensaver,the camera dash recorder satisfy your need for daily driving.
  • 【Easy to Install and USE】OldShark Dashcam comes with 32GB Memory card car cigarette charger - Plug and Play, simply mount this dash cam to windshield, connect the power cable, no need to worry even for a first time user.

This model can capture a wide-angle of 170 degrees so it provides a recording of the road and protection from false allegations.

Its capability of taking 1080p footage is useful for making records during both daytime and nighttime.

It also provides the setting of the sensitivity of the G-sensor, so it is fixed in the most suitable way.

The records kept in the storage of the OldShark can be safely accumulated for many months.

Its high-quality design of zinc alloy will surely continue working during accidents and even in cases of explosions.

This product is combined with a USB connection, a power cable, an easily installable suction mount, as well as a cable clip.  

The control of the OldShark while maintaining attention on the road is particularly easy with the use of an LCD.

It is equipped with a movement identifying device, night vision sensors, and it also locks footage in case of an accident.

In the case of necessity, it allows you to instantly play the footage again. 


  • Its high-resolution camera enables more detailed recording
  • The wide lens characteristic enables getting a greater grasp
  • It maintains solid video quality during night time traveling
  • It is a pretty budget-friendly device
  • The production company has a solid customer service


  • Not easy to set up
  • Instructions of usage are difficult to comprehend


  • Loop recording option along with g-sensor for collision & movement detection
  • Security Dash Cam providing 24 Hours of protection
  • Night Vision of Ultra HD quality
  • 170° Angle Lens

The OldShark 1080p camera is especially easy to set up.

All the user has to do is to place it on the windshield or the dashboard, connect it with a cable and it immediately starts functioning.

It may be one of the most suitable budget-friendly options for being a cheap dash camera for vehicles which is also equipped with night vision.

It contains the majority of the most desirable features. 

9. DDPai Mini2P Distortionless HD

One of the main features of the DDPAi is the wide coverage lens and its broad aperture which is an option enabling night vision of high quality.

This option will help you capture a fine picture at any time of day or night.

The resolution will be always better visible when played on a PC, although you can similarly play them on your smartphone.

If you desire to do so, you can also control your dashcam from a great distance, since the DDPai has an integrated Wi-Fi.

Its capability of looping ensures that most of the current footage is not lost, while its integrated G-Sensor provides activation of the recording mode in case of an accident.

It also enables the possibility of long-duration recording, although auxiliary devices are necessary for these purposes.

The fish-eye effect possibility is reduced to zero because the lenses have zero-distortion so you don’t have to worry.

The supplementary devices of the camera are a car adapter, USB for a micro-cable, as well as a remotely controlled snap button.


  • Relative affordability of the device
  • Ability to capture a detailed clear footage
  • Provides a solid night vision quality
  • The lens enables recording without distortion even at very wide angles
  • Easily blendable on vehicles and it doesn’t look inappropriate 


  • The set up of the device can be pretty challenging
  • It may not be easy to connect the device with the phone app


  • Capturing footage at 2K Ultra HD 1440P
  • 140 degree wide Angle Lens
  • G-Sensor for movement and collision detection
  • Non-stop parking surveillance, with a storage capacity up to 128GB

This night vision dash cam produced by DDPai provides distortionless vision, broad and fair visibility during both daytime and nighttime.

Its integrated wireless internet connection makes remote control of the device possible.

Despite being quite complicated to connect, it still remains a relatively useful device.

What should I take into account when I buy a night vision dash cam?

Infrared Lights

A large number of dash cams that can record the inner part of a car cabin are equipped with infrared/led lights, which can make records in totally dark environments.

They generally show good performance on small distances, like the interior of a car, but in case they are placed on the front, they will not be able to cover more than 10 feet away from the car, which is the reason why they are rarely used as main cameras. 

Parking Mode

When buying a dash camera, many people are interested if it can maintain security over their car when it is parked.

In case you are curious about a camera with an ability to detect human motion in the vicinity of your vehicle, then you are probably interested in purchasing a dash camera with solid movement detection and parking mode component.

The device is turned on and begins recording once it detects someone approaching your car.

It is also crucial to have a dash camera with a solid night vision after it gets dark. 

Image Sensor

If you attempt to purchase some kind of a dash camera that is worth less than $50, the chances are good that it will also have a bad image sensor that won’t perform well during nighttime.

In every kind of situation, it would be smart to spend your extra money on getting a camera with a sensor like SONY STARVIS.

The very brand of Sony will certainly increase the price of the dash camera, although the money will still be cleverly spent. 

Video Resolution

Even though there are various 4K cameras available for sale, you should be sure that the dash camera can capture night time footage by using a 1080p or 2K.

The resolution of the dash camera remains irrelevant in comparison to the great role of the image sensor quality.

For these purposes, going under 1080p should never be an acceptable option.

Is Night Vision Worth It?

Is night vision technology a worthy addition to a dash cam?

We think so!

It certainly adds some cost, as you won’t find night vision on budget dash cams.

That said, we think the cost is worthwhile.

Given that after dark is the most dangerous time to drive, you definitely want to have a camera recording in case of an accident!

Night vision dash cams use wide dynamic range, or WDR, in order to record better quality at night.

WDR is similar to the HDR setting on your smartphone’s camera, and allows the cam to pick up better footage in general, with more balanced colors and light distribution.

This also means that cameras with night vision just tend to record better footage overall, which is great news for picking up license plates and other key details.

Further Reading

Want to learn more about dash cams? Check our other reviews:

Enjoy, and safe driving!

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