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Best West Virginia Online Traffic Schools: Reviews & Guide

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You might think that traffic school is a sort of punishment. In a lot of ways that’s true. You’re learning things you probably already know. You’re stuck in a classroom setting for hours with complete strangers and the instructor gets to run the show including how many breaks you’ll get to have. It’s boring and in a lot of ways it feels like a waste of time. Of course, now you can go online. The best West Virginia online traffic schools allow you to set your own schedule, take as many breaks as you want, and they will even save your progress, so when you get back to work you’re in the right spot.

The Best West Virginia Online Traffic Schools

If you’ve never had to consider going to traffic school, you might wonder why anyone would bother. It’s actually a pretty good question. In most cases, the benefits are greater than the annoyances. For instance, attending West Virginia online traffic school can help you to improve your driving record by removing a traffic ticket or getting points taken off your record. You may also be able to get a car insurance discount for safe driving upon completion of traffic school.

Of course, you could also be forced to go. In any case, the good news is that if you’re choosing to go voluntarily, whether it’s for an insurance discount or to become a better driver, you can go to one of the best West Virginia online traffic schools and avoid the hassle of a classroom. Keep in mind, if you want to attend a defensive driving course, you can only go online for voluntary reasons. If you want to get a traffic ticket tossed out or are required to go, you will need to go to a classroom, instructor-led class.

Looking for online driver’s education? We have details about that for every state!


iDriveSafely courses are design with students in mind. The chapters are shorter and there are plenty of places to take breaks. Beyond reading, there will be some videos to watch. Everything can be done on your computer or you can use a mobile device, if you prefer. Prices are competitive with the best West Virginia online traffic schools. While you cannot attend West Virginia traffic school for mandatory purposes, you may still be able to go to get an insurance discount. You can learn more in our iDriveSafely review.



Aceable is a great way to complete West Virginia online traffic school if you want to use an app to do it. All of your coursework, from reading to videos are done on the app. You can use most mobile devices as long as the Aceable app is available. Prices are fair and customer service is available should you need them. Keep in mind that you cannot attend West Virginia online traffic school for mandatory reasons. Still, it could help improve your driving and could get you an insurance discount. Visit our Aceable review to learn more!

Improv Traffic School

Improv Traffic School

Improv Traffic School offers a little more humor than most West Virginia online traffic schools. As even the best West Virginia online traffic schools are only available for voluntary reasons, if you’ve decided to attend defensive driving classes, this one might be the option to put a smile on your face. Many people find the videos to be hilarious and they help get through class a little faster. All work is done online using a computer or mobile device. Progress is saved, which means you’re free to work at your own pace. You can learn more in our Improv Traffic School review.



GoToTrafficSchool is the best discount option you’re bound to find in any West Virginia traffic school. In fact, if you find cheaper prices, GoToTrafficSchool will match them! Work is similar to the material that is required by West Virginia law and includes reading work, videos, and driving simulations. Whatever work you have to do can be done at your own pace and will be saved as you complete it. Everything is done online, and you’ll be able to use both computers and mobile devices to get the work done. Our GoToTrafficSchool review is a great way to learn more.

West Virginia Traffic School FAQ

If you’re planning to attend a West Virginia traffic school you’ve probably already read the best West Virginia online traffic school reviews. No doubt that you still have some questions. If you do that’s perfectly normal. Hopefully the questions below are similar to yours and you get the answers that you need. If not, feel free to ask your questions in the comments.

Is Completing West Virginia Online Traffic School Difficult?

No. West Virginia traffic school is not difficult. It’s not difficult in the classroom or online. In fact, you’ll probably already know a lot of the information they are teaching, because you will have learned some of it in driver’s education. The test that you’ll take will be multiple-choice and, in the event, that something goes wrong and you don’t pass, most schools even allow you to retake the test.

What do the Best West Virginia Online Traffic Schools Teach?

West Virginia traffic schools are required to all touch on the same topics. The formatting and content will be different depending on the school you choose, but the subjects will be more or less the same. You can expect to learn things about West Virginia traffic laws, tips to becoming a better driver that makes smarter driving decisions, and how to prevent accidents. Other topics may be discussed, but these are some of the ones you can expect to learn about.

Is There Anything Else I Should Know about West Virginia Online Defensive Driving Courses?

Keep in mind that for mandatory or court purposes, West Virginia online traffic school is not allowed. You can attend because you want to become a better driver. You may also attend to get a discount on your car insurance. If that’s why you’re going, you should contact your insurance company beforehand so that you can make sure you attend the right school and receive the discount you seek.

Even if you’re not located in West Virginia you can still attend online traffic school! Find the best online traffic schools in your state.

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