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Yes, You Can You Buy Groceries With PayPal: Here’s How

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PayPal is a valuable tool for sending and receiving money securely.

If you want to buy groceries with PayPal, there are several ways to do this, and many stores accept these kinds of payments.

Can You Buy Groceries With Paypal?

You can use your PayPal account to buy groceries if you set it up with the proper payment methods or shop at grocery stores that accept PayPal.

There isn’t yet a way to pay for groceries directly with PayPal without one of these payment avenues such as Google Pay or Samsung Pay.

But as long as you link your PayPal account to one of these programs, you can use it in many grocery stores.

Sometimes you can pay with PayPal directly, saving you the hassle of setting up PayPal in other payment methods.

But for in-person grocery shopping, you will need either Google Pay or Samsung Pay.

It’s important to note that you cannot link your Apple Pay or Apple Wallet to PayPal.

So, for now, you’ll need Google Pay or Samsung Pay.

To understand more about how you can buy groceries with PayPal, read about which grocery stores accept these payment methods and how you can set them up on your mobile device here.

Grocery Stores That Accept Paypal

Not all grocery stores have the equipment or security to accept touchless payments from your mobile device.

But many grocery stores nowadays are equipped with this new technology, which means you can use PayPal to buy your food!

Below are the most common grocery stores in America that are happy to accept PayPal through your mobile device when you’re ready to check out your shopping cart.

vector graphic showing a hand holding a phone to illustrate that you can buy groceries with paypal

Whole Foods

A screenshot of the whole foods homepage

Whole Foods only accepts Google Pay and Apple Pay, meaning you cannot use Samsung Pay to buy your groceries.

This payment method is relatively new for Whole Foods, as they only accepted Apple Pay up until the beginning of 2023.

Connect your PayPal account to your Google Pay and start buying the fresh produce and snacks you love from Whole Foods.


A screenshot of the publix homepage

Publix is all about touchless payment methods, offering customers the option to use Google Pay, Samsung Pay, and Apple Pay.

So whichever mobile payment method you prefer, you can link your PayPal to it and use it in-store at Publix.

They also have a Publix App from Google Play that you can pay with directly and link to your PayPal account.


Costco can be weird about what forms of payment they accept.

You cannot use Amex, Mastercard, or Discover cards to buy your groceries and supplies.

They only accept Visa cards.

So it surprises many that you can use mobile payment methods like Google Pay, Samsung Pay, and Apple Pay!

And Costco will accept PayPal via these mobile methods.

However, make sure your PayPal is linked directly to a bank account or Visa card and not one of the cards they don’t accept.


A screenshot of the aldi homepage

Aldi accepts all forms of mobile payment, so you can use Google or Samsung pay and link it to your PayPal account.

Like most stores, they accept any credit card and debit card.

So you can also use your PayPal cash card (debit card) if you have one.

Food Lion

Food Lion is one of the smaller chains of grocery stores, but they still have the technology, so you can use Google Pay or Samsung Pay to buy groceries and charge your PayPal account.

King Soopers

A screenshot of the king soopers homepage

King Soopers, a popular grocery store in the midwest, has recently updated its systems to accept forms of mobile payments.

However, they only accept mobile payment from their Kroger app, setting them apart from other grocery stores.

So you must have their app to pay on your mobile device.

You can link the Kroger App to your Google Pay, Samsung Pay, or PayPal account!


A screenshot of the kroger homepage

Kroger owns King Soopers.

The two stores follow the same rules when accepting PayPal and mobile payments.

So you’ll need to download the Kroger App to pay by phone and use funds from your PayPal.


Shaw’s makes it easy when it comes to paying.

They accept nearly every possible payment method, including mobile payments that you can link to your PayPal.

Trader Joe’s

A screenshot of the trader joes homepage

Trader Joe’s was actually at the forefront of mobile and touchless payments.

They began accepting them as early as 2016.

So using Google Pay and Samsung Pay to buy your favorite Trader Joe’s frozen appetizers or their fancy peanut butter is a breeze!

Online Grocery Stores That Accept Paypal

Grocery stores on a Sunday morning can be a zoo, so many people turn toward online grocery shopping.

If you buy your groceries online, it is easier to use PayPal linked to a mobile payment platform.

Below are the four best online grocery stores that will allow you to pay with Google Pay or Samsung Pay hooked up to a PayPal account.

Thrive Market

Rather than a one-time grocery order, Thrive Market Walmart is a subscription service that bills you monthly or yearly, which you can set up to come from your PayPal via Google or Samsung Pay.


Customers can shop at Walmart in-store and online using their PayPal account.

To pay in-store with PayPal, you will need to use the PayPal card at checkout the same way you would use a debit or credit card.


Target makes it super easy to order online using a mobile payment method attached to your PayPal account.

You can use any mobile payment method linked to your PayPal account.

Amazon Fresh

While it is possible to use PayPal on Amazon Fresh, it does require some extra effort.

You cannot link PayPal as one of your payment methods on your Amazon account.

But you can use PayPal to buy an Amazon gift card, which you can then use to order groceries.

If you have PayPal Key or a PayPal cash card, you can use these as payment methods on Amazon Fresh.

The Fresh Market

When ordering groceries from The Fresh Market online, you can use your PayPal cash card, Samsung, or Google Pay.

All it takes is a quick sign-in to your Samsung or Google account.

Grocery Delivery Apps That Accept Paypal

Along with online grocery shopping, there are also grocery delivery apps that accept PayPal.

What’s more convenient than opening an app on your phone and having your eggs, milk, and bread delivered that day?

To add to the convenience of these services, you can also use PayPal via a mobile payment method!

Below are commonly used grocery delivery apps and how to use them with PayPal.


Instacart is specifically for ordering groceries that you need within a few hours.

You will be assigned a shopper who will physically go to your requested grocery store and pick out your selected items.

The fee is relatively small, and many people find this app super affordable and convenient.

In addition, you can pay for your Instacart order directly from your PayPal account!

So you don’t need to bother with Google or Samsung Pay, making the process streamlined and easy.

Uber Eats

Uber Eats is another PayPal-friendly platform.

You can link your PayPal account as your direct form of payment, reducing the hassle of setting up other mobile pay accounts.

However, Uber Eats is best for small grocery shops for things from 7/11 or other smaller stores.

But depending on your location, you may be able to place an entire grocery order via Uber Eats.


DoorDash is better known for meal delivery from restaurants, but they’ve added grocery stores to their list of conveniences.

They accept PayPal as a direct form of payment, making your life easier if that’s where your money is.


GrubHub also accepts PayPal directly, as well as other online payment platforms like Venmo.

They accept Samsung Pay, but not Google Pay.


Postmates is also a PayPal-friendly app that can deliver groceries.

They also accept Google Pay and Samsung Pay, allowing you to order directly from Google listings if your account is set up properly.

How to Combine Paypal With Google Pay

If you want to do grocery shopping the old-fashioned way, in the store, Google Pay is one of the best ways to draw the funds from your PayPal account.

Google Pay is also considered the best way to pay for online grocery shopping because it works easily on your mobile device or desktop.

In contrast, Samsung can be tougher to integrate with your computer.

Google Pay will work on any smart device, whether an Android, iPhone, or desktop computer.

It’s super easy to link your PayPal with your Google Pay if you follow the instructions below.

Step by Step Instructions

  1. Open the Google Pay app on your phone or desktop.
  2. Go to ‘Payment Methods’ and click the box that says ‘Add New Payment Method.’
  3. Tap on the PayPal option.
  4. Follow the instructions to fill in your PayPal account details.
  5. Verify your account, and then you’re all set!

How to Combine Paypal With Samsung Pay

If you prefer to use Samsung Pay rather than Google Pay, this process is just as simple.

However, Samsung Pay is more limited in what devices it will work on.

If you have an iOS device, you will not be able to set up Samsung Pay, but you can use Google Pay.

If you have a Samsung device, you can set up Samsung Pay by following the steps below.

Keep in mind that you must do this on your phone, as you cannot add PayPal via a computer.

Step by Step Instructions

  1. Download and open the Samsung Pay app.
  2. On the home page, click the ‘Add PayPal’ button. If it doesn’t appear, go to saved payment methods, and you’ll find it there.
  3. Sign in to your PayPal account and complete the verification process when prompted. And then you’re good to go!

How to Buy a Gift Card With Paypal

If you don’t want to use Google Pay or Samsung Pay, you can buy a gift card from PayPal to buy groceries from places like Amazon Fresh.

Read the instructions to do so below.

Step by Step Instructions

  1. Visit PayPal’s Digital Gifts page.
  2. Select the gift card you want (Amazon, Publix, etc.)
  3. Choose the value.
  4. Complete the transaction, and you’ll receive a digital gift card you can use online or in-store.

Wrapping Up

If PayPal is the primary source of your cash flow or you use it as a bank account, it’s often easier to directly pay from your account.

Luckily, buying groceries with PayPal funds is a snap if you have it set up on your devices!

So whether you shop on Instacart or at Whole Foods, you can use your PayPal money to fill your belly!

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  1. I have an established PayPal account and it used to work with Google pay but now even when it looks like I have the links set up properly it does not work. The only issue I have found is that there is a request for my mobile number and I do not use a cell phone. I am using a lenovo tablet and have used it for the past several years. I have sent out requests for help with both PayPal and Google pay but have not received help to fix this problem.


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