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Uber Plus Card: A Complete Guide to Its Benefits and Features

Learn about how to use the Uber Plus card to handle "Order and Pay" and "Shop and Pay" requests as an Uber Eats driver.

Key Takeaways

  • Convenience: The Uber Plus card simplifies payment for “Order and Pay” and “Shop and Pay” requests.
  • Accessibility: Drivers can easily request the card through the Uber Eats app.
  • Flexibility: The card offers more delivery options, potentially increasing earnings.
  • Efficiency: Activating and using the card is straightforward, enhancing the delivery process.

What Is an Uber Plus Card?

The Uber Plus card is a physical prepaid debit card available to Uber Eats drivers and Uber drivers who accept Pack and Deliver trips.

You can use it to pay for “Order and Pay” or “Shop and Pay” requests, which stray away from the typical prepaid deliveries you receive when you become an Uber Eats driver.

Instead of paying out of pocket, Uber automatically authorizes a specific amount on the card based on the order value, which is used for the transaction.

Note that you can use it to purchase items pre-approved by the customer only, and you can’t preload it.

What is an Order and Pay Request?

Order and Pay requests are those made by customers who didn’t complete the payment of their orders online. This usually happens when the user wants to have something delivered from a place that’s not an Uber Eats partner.

When you accept such a request, you’ll need to head to the specified location, place the customer’s order, pay for it with the Plus card, wait until it’s ready, and then deliver it.

What is a Shop and Pay Request?

Shop and Pay is a service for Uber Eats users looking for personal shoppers to search for, purchase, and deliver groceries on their behalf.

These requests will only appear to you as an Uber Eats driver when you receive the Plus card.

How to Get an Uber Plus Card

If Uber Eats services that allow couriers to fulfill payments are available in your area, you might be invited to participate in receiving an Uber Plus card.

The driver app will ensure you remain in the loop by letting you know when such opportunities are available and prompting you to sign up for them.

Through the app’s invite, you can request the card to be delivered to your address; it’s sent by mail and won’t cost you a cent.

As for the delivery time, you can expect to receive the card within a week. If it takes longer than that, you should contact the Uber Eats driver’s help center.

Activating the Plus Card

Once you get your Plus card, you’ll need to activate it on your Uber app so it becomes registered as a payment method. Here’s how:

  1. Open the Driver app
  2. Navigate to ‘Account’
  3. Choose ‘Plus Card’
  4. Type in the 16-digit number written on the card’s back

You can also link it to your digital wallet, such as Google Pay or Apple Pay, and use it for contactless payments at supported stores and restaurants.

Using The Uber Plus Card

When you activate your Uber Plus card, you can start tackling non-prepaid requests; Uber Eats will start throwing them your way.

However, you must download the latest version of the driver app and agree to the Addendum to the Technology Services Agreement. Otherwise, you might not be able to view them.

Now, assume you accepted a Shop and Pay request and are curious about how the card works. The orders you receive have an estimated cost based on the pre-approved items selected by the customer.

Your card will automatically authorize the payment with the order’s expected amount from the specified destination. That’s why if you go to a different store than the one picked by the customer, your payment will be declined.

When it comes time to settle the bill, you’ll use the Uber Plus card like any other payment card by swiping it on the POS machine or using a Google Pay or Apple Pay account to which it’s linked.

Note that, unlike in the U.S., the Uber Plus Card requires a PIN code in Canada. It’s 8237.

Dealing With Price Changes

If the final cost differs from what was expected due to a product having a price increase or not being available, there’s nothing to worry about.

If a product is out of stock, you can easily delete it by tapping the three-dot icon next to it and selecting ‘Remove item.’ This way, you can update the order’s total amount on the Plus card.

You can also make changes if the overall cost doesn’t match what you see on the app.

As you reach the final phase of checkout, you’ll find your driver app asking you to choose if the estimated cost was ‘Correct’ or ‘Incorrect.’

Once you tap the ‘Incorrect’ button, the app will instruct you on how to adjust the amount based on the changes made to the order.

Is the Uber Plus Card Worth It?

Yes, getting the Uber Plus card is 100% worth it!

It’ll expose you to various types of deliveries and increase your chances of earning more money. The card is also free, and you’re not expected to pay for anything out of pocket.

The catch here is the type of services that the Plus card is used for.

Order and Pay, as well as Shop and Pay requests, can consume a lot of time, whether you’re waiting for a meal to be prepared or tracking down products across several aisles. That’s why some Uber Eats drivers believe they’re not worth the hassle.

But these services are an excellent way to boost your Uber Eats earnings. They usually come with a generous tip, so you shouldn’t pass up this opportunity.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Happens if You Lose Your Uber Plus Card?

If you happen to lose your Plus card, you must fill out this form to notify Uber and then request a replacement. To do so, open your Uber account, head to the Uber Plus card section, and select the ‘Replace Card’ option.

What Should I Do if My Uber Plus Card Doesn’t Work?

Uber Eats advises its delivery drivers to swipe the Plus card again if it gets declined the first time. If the problem persists, you can choose to cancel this delivery request or pay for it yourself and then request a reimbursement from Uber.

Wrapping Up

The Uber Eats card is a great facilitator for Uber Eats drivers. Obtaining it is a breeze, and more importantly, it improves your earning potential by giving you access to a wider range of delivery requests.

Better yet, having this card won’t limit you in any way. You’re free to select which types of requests to accept, so on the days you don’t feel like shopping or waiting around, you can stick to fulfilling prepaid orders.

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