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How To Order Uber Eats For Someone Else [Step-By-Step]

Learn the basics of ordering an Uber for someone else, step-by-step. We'll cover how to do it and what to keep in mind while doing so.

Key Takeaways

  • You can order Uber Eats for someone else by changing the delivery address to the recipient’s location.
  • To order, select a restaurant, add items, enter the recipient’s address, and confirm the order.
  • The Uber Eats app allows the sender to share the delivery status with the recipient for real-time updates.
  • Troubleshooting issues like wrong deliveries involves contacting Uber Eats Support for resolution.

Can I Order Uber Eats for Someone Else?

Yes, you can order Uber Eats for someone else. Uber Eats recently introduced a feature enabling you to send food and drinks to friends or family by changing the delivery address to theirs.

You can also share real-time delivery updates with the recipient, even if they don’t have the Uber Eats app.

This service is available regardless of the recipient’s location, as long as they are in an area served by Uber Eats.

Alternative: Try the “Group Order” feature that Uber Eats offers.

The person paying for the order can select a restaurant, initiate a group order, and share the link with others.

Each person can then add their items to the order, and the payer finalizes and pays for the entire order.

How to Order Uber Eats For Someone Else

The process of ordering Uber Eats for someone else is very similar to the process of placing a regular order, with slight variations.

  1. Launch the App: Open the Uber Eats app on your smartphone.
  2. Choose a Restaurant: Select a restaurant and the items you wish to order.
  3. Enter Recipient’s Address: At checkout, change the delivery address to the recipient’s.
  4. Add Delivery Instructions: Optionally, include specific instructions for the delivery.
  5. Place Your Order: Confirm the details and place the order.
  6. Share Delivery Status: Optionally, share the tracking link with the recipient for real-time updates.
  7. Track the Order: Wait for the delivery confirmation, knowing you’ve successfully placed an order for someone else.

Brett’s Take: Thoughts From an Expert

There are two very important things to note while sending Uber Eats to somebody else.

First, let the person you’re sending the food to know it is coming.

When a delivery order randomly arrives, there is no context to indicate where it came from. If the person doesn’t know it is coming, they could be left very confused.

I hear countless stories of people receiving Uber Eats orders without any type of context. Sometimes this might be a loved one sending them food, but they wouldn’t know unless you tell them.

This is especially true in some markets like Los Angeles, where a curbside delivery model is common. The driver doesn’t go to the door, but instead expects somebody to come out right when they arrive.

Second, provide a contact number for the person at the delivery location in the delivery notes of the order.

This helps the driver communicate in case of delivery issues like locked gates, address clarification, or anything else that might prevent them from delivering the order.

Can I Get a Refund If My Food Doesn’t Arrive?

You can get a refund if your food doesn’t arrive.

If your order has a mark that says it was delivered, but you have not received your food, contact the help center through your app by following these steps:

  • Go to the main home page of the Uber Eats app
  • Click on “Account” at the bottom right corner.
  • Scroll down and click on “Help.”
  • Click on “Help with an order.”
  • Click on the order that wasn’t delivered.
  • Select the option “Past order.”
  • Select the menu option “Order never arrived.”
  • Leave any vital information for the support agent.

The agent will respond to you as soon as possible.

In some cases, they may refund you the entire amount of the order immediately. You will need to speak to the agent directly to get a refund in other cases.

Other Questions Users are Asking

Can I Pay for Someone Else’s Uber Eats Order?

Yes, you can pay for someone’s Uber Eats by ordering their food through your app with your payment method, or by sending them money directly.

It’s simpler to place the order yourself and share the delivery details with them, ensuring they get exactly what they want.

Can You Send Uber Eats as a Gift?

Yes, you can send Uber Eats as a gift by ordering a delivery to someone’s house or by sending an Uber Eats gift card or Uber Cash.

It’s advisable to inform the recipient beforehand to ensure they’re available to receive the order. Remember to choose a gift card valid in the recipient’s country.

Can You Share an Uber Eats Account?

Sharing your account login is not recommended due to payment details. You can’t share Uber Eats Pass directly but can gift the subscription cost for someone else to purchase.

Troubleshooting: Uber Eats Delivered Somebody Else’s Order

Communication can sometimes get lost in translation, and an Uber Eats delivery may arrive at the wrong house. If this has happened to you, read on for tips on fixing it.  

What to Do if This Happens to You

If you receive someone else’s Uber Eats order, let the Uber driver know that it is not your order. They will contact support themselves.

If the delivery person has left the order on your doorstep and is nowhere nearby, contact Uber Eats Support to give them the information on the receipt and any other relevant information such as:

  • The driver’s car color
  • The driver’s license plate number
  • The type of food item you received
  • The name of the restaurant
  • The city and state and country where you live

The Uber Eats support team will find the driver and figure out what happened. They’ll let you know any next steps to take with the food.

Wrapping Up

Ordering Uber Eats for someone else is an excellent way to send a gift to someone you love from afar. You can send food to another city, state, or even country.

Uber Eats makes it easy to share delicious food from anywhere. Sign up today if you’re ready to make your first order.  

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