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Citi Bike Membership: Options, Pricing, Discounts, and Thoughts

Learn the ins and outs of Citi Bike memberships, including what they offer, what they cost, and how to sign up for one.

Key Takeaways

  • Annual membership at $185 offers unlimited 45-minute rides; cheaper over time for regulars.
  • Free 30-day trial for new users; includes unlimited access to classic and electric bikes.
  • Members can rent up to four bikes simultaneously, enhancing group ride convenience.
  • Signing up is easy online, offering both classic and electric bike plans for flexibility.

The Benefits of a Citi Bike Membership

An annual Citi Bike membership offers numerous advantages over single-ride or day passes.

It includes 45-minute rides on classic bikes, with an option to upgrade for electric bike use, ideal for longer or more effortful journeys. The upgrade enables users to enjoy enhanced convenience and speed, perfect for swiftly navigating city streets.

For those needing extra time beyond the 45-minute limit, additional minutes are affordable at just $0.15 each, making longer rides, like a leisurely Sunday cycle, surprisingly economical.

The cost-effectiveness of an annual membership is evident when broken down to a monthly rate of $15.42, a stark contrast to the single day pass price of $15, presenting an exceptional deal.

Citi Bike not only offers a green and health-conscious transportation alternative but also allows annual members to rent up to four bikes at once, accommodating group rides with friends or family. This flexibility enhances the service’s appeal for social outings.

Moreover, there’s no need for a separate membership for electric bikes; members can simply upgrade their annual plan to include e-bikes for an additional $0.15 per minute.

This makes navigating through the bustling city streets during hot New York summers easier and more enjoyable.

For those using a Citi credit or Citibank debit card, an additional 10% discount further reduces the annual membership cost, underscoring the value and convenience of the Citi Bike program.

How Much Does A Citibike Membership Cost?

A Citi Bike annual membership costs $185, which is billed upfront and equates to approximately $15.42 per month. There are also other plan options:

  1. Single Ride: This option costs $3.99 for a single 30-minute ride and is suitable for occasional use or when in a hurry.
  2. Day Pass: For $15, users get unlimited 45-minute rides within a 24-hour period, ideal for tourists or day-trippers.
  3. Annual Membership: At $15.42 per month, billed as $185 annually, this is the most economical for regular users.

Citi Bike offers free 30-day memberships for new users to try their bike share program.

Users who sign up for a free trial can enjoy 30 days of unrestricted access to the Citi Bike program across tNew York City.

The free trial includes classic bikes and electric bikes, providing a huge incentive for people to try this bike-sharing program instead of other options.

Is A Citibike Membership Worth It?

A Citi Bike membership is a cost-effective and flexible solution for navigating New York City, avoiding the high costs and delays associated with taxis, buses, and the metro.

It stands out for its affordability in a city known for high living expenses, offering substantial savings on transportation.

Additionally, using Citi Bike for daily commutes or errands effortlessly adds physical activity to your routine, promoting health without requiring extra workout time. It also supports environmental sustainability by reducing traffic congestion and pollution.

The main consideration is the annual membership fee of $185, which might seem steep upfront but averages to about $15 per month, making it a worthwhile investment for frequent users seeking an economical and healthy way to travel around the city.

How To Sign Up For A Citibike Membership

New users need to know the step-by-step instructions on how to sign up for a Citi Bike membership, so they get started as soon as possible!

  1. Visit the Citi Bike website.
  2. Click on ‘Pricing’
  3. Click on ‘Annual Membership Join now
  4. Choose either Citi Bike for $15.42 per month or Citi Bike + Seamless + Lyft (Lyft Pink) for $16.58 per month.
  5. Enter your phone number and the verification code
  6. Enter your name and email to create your account
  7. Get started!

Are you visiting New York City and want to cycle along the infamous waterways and bridges? Maybe you are sick of sitting in traffic day in and day out on your way to the office.

Fortunately for you, Citi Bike offers flexible membership plans that make it possible for anyone and everyone to get around the beautiful New York City boroughs!

1 thought on “Citi Bike Membership: Options, Pricing, Discounts, and Thoughts”

  1. Thanks for your article! I noticed a small error in the Do You Need A Separate Membership For E-Bikes? section –

    For just an additional $0.15 per minute, users can enjoy the added convenience and horsepower of an eclectic bike during those hot New York summer days.

    The above should say electric bike, not eclectic.



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