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Uber Ride Pass: What It Is and How It Works

If you use Uber frequently and wwant to save some money on rides, groceries, and more, consider a monthly subscription with the Uber Ride Pass.

Uber is a popular ride service that a lot of us use as a convenience when we’re in a bind or after a late night out.

For many other Uber customers, it’s a reliable mode of transportation that they utilize the service daily to commute to work and school.

Though this might be advantageous in some ways, it also can get costly and produce large Uber bills during the month.

If you use the app frequently, an Uber ride pass is an excellent solution that can save you time and money.

Keep reading to learn about how the program works and if it’s worth signing up.

What is an Uber Ride Pass?

Uber ride pass enables members to get discounts on various Uber services, including UberEats, grocery delivery, and Uber rides at a fixed rate each month.

How Does Uber Ride Pass Work?

The Uber Pass offers unlimited discounts in certain cities if you pay a subscription fee each month.

Previously the company also offered discounts on scooter and bike rides, but this isn’t available any longer.

The Uber driver still gets paid the same amount he or she would typically receive based on the time and distance driven, but Uber pays the cost difference.

Your pass is valid for the month that you have paid for, and it will renew itself every month until cancellation.

What is Included in an Uber Ride Pass?

As an Uber Pass member, you can get a discount every time you order from your favorite spots and on comfort and standard rides across town.

Discounts on Rides

Uber ride pass members will receive ten percent off of their Uber Comfort rides, as well as any rides with Uber XL and Uber X.

Additionally, riders get 15 percent off any premium rides, including Uber Premier, Uber Select, Uber Black SUV, and Uber Black.

Signing up for this program affords you the same rate whether you take Uber POOL or UberX, guaranteeing a comfortable ride no matter where you go.

You also get higher-quality drivers, including those that qualify for Uber Pro.

Free Delivery With UberEats

With UberEats, you get limitless orders without the extra delivery fee as long as the order is more than $15.

That includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner!

This benefits package also comes with five percent off those orders that total more than $15.

Free Delivery From Supermarkets

Whether you need to buy your essential items, stock up on extras, or you’re missing something you need to cook right away, Uber pass offers the option to get as many deliveries as you want with no delivery fee for orders higher than $30.

Priority Support

Uber pass members get faster responses from customer service representatives.

They are also afforded more flexible and quicker processing of refunds in various situations.

Getting top-notch support is crucial when you’re out and about and have a problem; being an Uber pass holder allows you to receive priority support.

Where is the Uber Ride Pass Available?

Only certain cities in the U.S. offer Uber ride passes.

You will see the option for a ride pass in your Uber app.

If you do not see it in the drop-down menu section, hold tight, it may be coming your way soon!

Check below to see if the pass has arrived in your city:

  • Miami, FL
  • Los Angeles, CA
  • Austin, TX
  • Denver, CO
  • Orlando, FL
  • Dallas, TX
  • San Diego, CA
  • New York City, NY
  • Seattle, WA
  • Las Vegas, NV
  • San Antonio, TX
  • Phoenix, AR
  • Orange County, CA
  • Baltimore, MD
  • New Orleans, LA
  • Nashville, TN
  • Raleigh-Durham, NC
  • Portland, OR
  • St. Louis, MO
  • Memphis, TN
  • Jacksonville, MS

What Does Uber Ride Pass Cost?

Get full benefits for UberEats, Uber rides, and grocery delivery for $24.99 each month.

This renews every month until you cancel the membership.

Is an Uber Ride Pass Worth It?

The pass is worth it if you use Uber almost every day in some capacity.

It’s especially beneficial if you ride with Uber frequently.

Also, if you regularly order food through the app, you might save money by getting a monthly subscription to cut back on delivery fees.

Calculate how much you usually spend per month on rides, surge pricing included, and how much it would cost you to take another form of public transportation like the train, bus, or subway.

If the comfort of the Uber vehicles and the privacy you get with a personal driver, consider the Uber ride pass to save a little money each month.

Pros of the Uber Ride Pass

  • Protects you against surge pricing
  • It makes grocery delivery more affordable
  • Discounts on stylish and comfortable Uber vehicles
  • Flexible cancellation

Cons of the Uber Ride Pass

  • You might end up spending more than what you normally pay for your Uber rides

How to Get Uber Ride Pass

Follow these simple steps to download Uber Ride Pass today:

Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Visit the home screen on the Uber app and click the three bars in the top left corner.
  2. Go to the menu section and click the “Ride Pass” selection, which will only be visible if this program is active in your home town residence. You must be using the latest version of the Uber app to sign up.
  3. Tap the option that says “Get a Pass.”
  4. When the pop-up window appears, read the conditions and terms and the details of the impending transaction. (Make sure that you have the correct payment information entered)
  5. Tap “Buy” to confirm your membership.

(You have to unsubscribe from Uber Eats pass if you’re currently a member as you cannot participate in both programs.)

After you’ve successfully subscribed to the Uber Pass, you’ll be sent an email confirmation to your registered email or spam folder.

Remember: Be mindful that the credit card that you choose to use will be billed $24.99 a month for as long as you have the subscription—until the day of cancellation.

If you wish to change the card you want to be billed, just select the “Switch” tab next to where it’s listed, and you can choose to add a new card or select a different card from your account.

Uber Ride Pass Comparisons

Below are the key differences between Ride Pass and other Uber rewards and savings programs.

vector graphic showing three different uber rewards screenshots on separate phone screens side by side

Ride Pass vs. Uber Rewards

Without much scrutiny, Uber Rewards and Uber Ride Pass can appear to be similar saving options.

Even though there is a bit of overlap between the programs, they truly are different altogether.

For example, the Uber Pass plan enables you to have price protection on every relevant route, and this usually means UberPool and UberX routes.

Moreover, you have to pay a monthly fee to gain access to ride pass and protection on eligible routes within your city to prevent price hikes.

Conversely, the loyalty program, Uber Rewards, has no fee to join.

The Uber reward program allows members to gather points from every eligible dollar they spend on Uber rides.

After you’ve collected enough reward points, you’ll be eligible for perks such as priority pickup at airports, premium support, and flexible cancellations.

After reaching Diamond and Platinum levels (with Diamond being the highest) you’ll be eligible to have price protection on a route of your choosing using UberX ride.

Indeed this price protection is the same as price protection that you receive with a ride pass, but it will afford you many courses, and Uber Rewards will only afford you one route that will be protected.

Ride Pass vs. Uber Credit Card

The Uber Credit Card is a card designed specifically for Uber customers who are tremendously loyal.

For instance, for customers who spend an excessive amount of time ordering through Uber Eats or riding with Uber, having the Uber Credit Card grants you the ability to quickly earn and redeem rewards.

With that being said, the card is very limited in its redemption choices; this makes it less useful for individuals who barely use Uber.

Perhaps the best way to increase your savings is to combine the Uber Credit Card with Ride Pass.

Or you could use your platinum card or American Express gold card to your benefit by getting cash back when you make an Uber purchase using the card.

The Uber Visa Card enables you to get 5 percent off on all Uber purchases; this includes the monthly subscription fee for the ride pass.

In addition to this, there’s a $100 off as a sign-up bonus which is only accessible after you’ve spent $500 or more within 90 days of signing up absent the annual fee.

Furthermore, the card will give you 3 percent back on airfare, hotel purchases, and dining and 1 percent on anything else.

Moreover, if you pay the monthly Ride Pass fee of which is a maximum of $24.99 up to a year, you would earn approximately $15 in cashback.

This figure is less than the cost of having one month worth of Ride Pass; however, you’d also make 5 percent back on rides from Uber which are protected from price increases when there’s bad weather or a lot of traffic.

What’s more, if you were to buy Ride Pass in each of the first three months of owning your Uber Visa card, this would account for the $74.97 of the minimum spend you need to earn the $100 bonus for signing up.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the answers to the most commonly asked questions concerning Uber Ride Pass:

Is There a Free Trial of Uber Ride Pass?


One month from your initial enrollment into the Uber Pass free trial, the subscription will auto-bill at the current monthly rate.

Can You Pay Annually Instead of Monthly?

Members can pay $24.99 per month for the ride pass, and they can cancel anytime.

There is not currently an annual option for this subscription.

Can You Cancel Uber Ride Pass?

You can quickly cancel your Uber Pass at any time.

Just follow these simple steps:

  • Open your Uber app > Account > Uber Pass
  • At this point, you can see the “auto-renew” option. Select disable, and a pop-up window will ask to confirm.
  • Select “disable” to confirm your cancellation of your Uber Pass.

After canceling, you’ll still be able to access your membership benefits until your current billing period finishes.

Afterward, you will no longer have access to your benefits, and the termination will be final.

Uber customers are encouraged to cancel their Uber Pass subscription 48 hours before the next payment is due.

This is because Uber will issue no refund if the charge occurs for that scheduled period.

Wrapping Up

To sum it up, Ride Pass offers its subscribers cost-effective solutions to continue using Uber services each day.

There’s no need to concern yourself with unforeseen events that can raise the cost of the ride.

For a little under $25 every month, you can make your commute consistent and predictable without being subject to pricing up charges because of traffic or what you have.

The great thing about this program is that you will quickly earn back your investment and some with how much money you’re bound to save while using Uber services.

Just download the app today and quickly get a hold of the Ride Pass’s benefits to offer Uber customers!

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