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Delivery Dudes: How It Works, Pricing, & More

Haven't heard of Delivery Dudes? From its humble history to how to order, check out our review for everything you need to know about the service.

Are you craving some tangy pad thai from the local Thai joint down the street?

Or, do you have a sweet tooth for Ben and Jerry’s “Phish Food?”

Either way, online delivery companies make it easier than ever to get your favorite foods delivered to your door.

But, with so many delivery services saturating the market, which one do you choose?

If you haven’t heard of it already, you might want to check out Delivery Dudes for your next lazy-day meal.

This article covers everything you need to know about Delivery Dudes, what it provides, how to order, and more helpful information you might need when navigating the platform.

What is Delivery Dudes?

Delivery Dudes is a local food delivery company that provides customers with their favorite foods and service with a smile.

The company focuses heavily on local restaurants and partners but also includes some larger chains to appease customers’ food preferences and expand their sources.

Unlike other delivery businesses, which focus on speed and convenience, Delivery Dudes emphasizes personalization and friendliness.

The company has a set of core values that uphold its focus and play into the idea of originality and personality.

A Brief History of Delivery Dudes

Jayson Koss founded Delivery Dudes in Delray Beach in 2009.

He founded the company because the delivery services he used never offered the food he was interested in.

In other words, the mainstream delivery companies focused more on larger chains and not on the small-time local restaurants that Koss thought of.

Koss didn’t spend too much time on the company at first.

Still, when he noticed that the company was doing well, he invested more time and effort into it, launching a successful food delivery service that expanded from Delray Beach in Florida to many cities nationwide.

The company has partnered with more than 2,000 restaurants within its serviced states.

After gaining traction, Delivery Dudes began using its revenue for community good too.

The company partnered with Community Greening, a local Florida non-profit organization, to plant trees in South Florida.

Delivery Dudes has also worked with the ocean cleanup organization 4Ocean and donated money to Hospitality Helping Hands.

The business currently seeks to expand its presence outside of its limited scope.

The company continues to grow each year, but it could take some time to reach the level of availability as the other leading delivery chains.

How Does Delivery Dudes Work?

You can access Delivery Dudes by phone, website, or the new Delivery Dudes app, available for iOS and Android smartphones.

To order from the company, you need to enter your address and peruse the list of affiliated restaurants to choose your food.

From there, you can select your meal choice, add it to your cart, and hit the checkout option.

Delivery Dudes will then take you to a payment screen to enter your card information and apply a tip to the transaction.

After that, you can sit back on your couch and wait until your driver arrives with your food.

If you plan to order from the company multiple times or loved a previous order you made, you can access the platform’s past orders menu option to revisit your favorites.

You can also place a future order for a couple of hours from picking food or a few days.

You can access the future orders option by selecting items, then clicking on the ASAP button next to your address.

Finally, you just choose from a list of dates and times that you want your food delivered.

What Does Delivery Dudes Deliver?

vector graphic showing delivery dudes mascot riding a scooter on a mobile phone

Delivery Dudes offers everything from fried catfish and tacos to sushi and chicken fajitas.

The company emphasizes local restaurants in your area instead of chain franchises.

However, it does offer a healthy mix of both to choose from.

However, the premium food delivery company also integrated a bodega feature to their platform to bring customers necessities other than food during quarantine.

The bodega offers essentials, such as batteries, over-the-counter medications, tampons, and other household items.

Plus, you can order cigarettes and vapes, which other delivery companies don’t offer.

Delivery Dudes also added an alcohol section to their delivery capabilities to deliver adult beverages to those who want them.

You will need to provide proof of age upon delivery.

Where Does Delivery Dudes Deliver?

Delivery Dudes can deliver your favorites to your door as long as you live within their servicing areas, which has since expanded from South Florida to over 60 cities nationwide.

Delivery Dudes provides services to cities in:

  • Pennsylvania
  • Tennessee
  • Florida

Delivery within these states is subject to driver availability since drivers might not service every city.

For example, Delivery Dudes might have a desirable platform within Nashville city limits, but the service might not be available in less populated areas.

So, before you get your hopes up when ordering from the delivery service, double-check your address to make sure they can reach you.

Since the company originated in Delray, Delivery Dudes has quite the stronghold on the South Florida market.

However, after being acquired by Lafayette, LA’s Waitr Holdings Inc., there are plans for Delivery Dudes to expand throughout South Florida even further.

You also might want to know that even if Delivery Dudes is available within your city, they have a cap on the distance it takes for drivers to reach you.

For instance, if you live in the North Miami Beach area but if it takes more than half a half-an-hour to reach you, you might not be able to get delivery from the restaurant of your choice.

Delivery Dudes restricts these distances because it doesn’t want to compromise your food quality.

What Does Delivery Dudes Cost?

Delivery costs vary depending on the restaurant you choose within Delivery Dudes.

Some might offer free delivery while others might charge a few dollars fee.

In addition to the delivery fee, prices vary depending on the amount or type of food you choose, as if you were to visit a restaurant in person.

Delivery Dudes doesn’t have any fixed prices.

It does, however, try to keep upfront costs as minimal as possible.

For example, the platform offers the option to tip or not.

Depending on your meal total and how much you’re willing to give, you can choose from 10-percent to 15-percent, or you can select “other” to enter your custom tip.

If you’re not able to leave a tip, choose the custom tip option and enter zero to skip it.

However, you should note that 100% of your tips go directly to the delivery person, not the company.

Prices also fluctuate depending on market pricing.

If you order market-priced scallops, Delivery Dudes will offer an estimate when you confirm the order, but the price will adjust to the actual cost once they deliver the meal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions about Delivery Dudes?

Don’t worry; below, we’ve answered some frequently asked customer questions to ensure you get all the information you need.

How do I Delete my Delivery Dudes account?

If you don’t want to use your account anymore, you can simply sign out and not log back in.

However, if you’re worried about your payment information, it’s recommended that you call the Delivery Dudes number and ask for an employee to help you deactivate your account.

Can You Pay Cash with Delivery Dudes?

Unfortunately, Delivery Dudes does not offer a cash payment option.

Instead, you will need to enter your card information to complete your order.

However, if you call them directly through their phone number, an employee might be able to help you complete your order.

Which is Better: DoorDash or Delivery Dudes?

Being more widely known and readily available to many states and regions, Doordash is the better delivery option in our opinion.

However, if you want a more personalized experience and food from your favorite local restaurants, Delivery Dudes might be the better option for you.

Ultimately, the best way to determine which is better for you is to try them both and compare them.

Does Delivery Dudes Pay Drivers Hourly?

Since Delivery Dude drivers sign on as independent contractors, they do not receive a specified hourly rate.

Instead, payment is based on tips and a guaranteed one-dollar per delivery.

Ultimately, pay is dependent on how often you work.

The Delivery Dudes website states that their drivers earn about $15 per hour, but some make as much as $20.

Delivery Dudes in Review

While there are plenty of delivery apps, sites, and companies, Delivery Dudes emphasizes local restaurant support where others do not.

However, it’s not as accessible as some other platforms, such as DoorDash and UberEats.

But, if you live within reach of a Delivery Dudes business, you might be able to order from some restaurants that the major companies can’t provide.

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