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The Best Denver Aiport Parking Options For 2024 [Pricing & Location]

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Key Takeaways

  • Denver Airport offers varied parking options: short-term, long-term, economy, and valet.
  • Parking costs range from $8/day in shuttle lots to $144/day in short-term.
  • Off-site parking options available with shuttle service, rates from $7.50/day.
  • Free Cell Phone Lot for pickups; electric vehicle charging available in selected lots.

Overview of Denver Airport Parking

First and foremost, let’s take a look at the overall layout of parking facilities available at Denver Airport.

From the main terminal, there are several options for parking facilities on either side – both west and east. The parking facilities available on the west mirror those of the east.

There are also additional parking lots available at a further distance from the terminal. Some of these can be accessed through a shuttle to and from the main terminal.

The parking lots available range from short-term to long-term. There are also lower-priced economy parking lots available, as well as off-site parking. Let’s take an in-depth look at each of these different options.

How Much Does Denver Airport Parking Cost?

Costs at Denver Airport vary depending on which lot you’re in and how long you plan to stay. You can view the hourly and daily rates below.

LocationHourly RateDaily Rate
Economy$5/hour$17 ($15 after the third day)
Pike’s Peak Shuttle Lot$2/hour$8
Short Term$6/hour$144
61st and Peña$6 per day, $3 per half-day (must pre-pay)No daily option

On-Site Parking Options for Denver International Airport

Denver International Airport has several parking options available. There are three on-site, along with several nearby to choose from.

DIA on-site Parking Rates
Airport Lot
DEN Long Term RatesDEN Short Term RatesShuttle Service
Short Term$144/day$6/hourNo
61st & Pena$6/day$3/12 hoursNo

1. Garage Denver Airport Parking

Garage parking at Denver International Airport is a great choice for long-term parking. It offers protection from weather and easy car location. The airport has two garage parking lots, East and West, both open around the clock.

Garage East, located on the Jeppesen Terminal’s east side, features both covered and uncovered parking across five levels, with 5 electric hybrid charging stations on the first level.

On the opposite side, Garage West has covered parking from Levels 1 to 4 and uncovered parking on Level 5. For hybrid or electric vehicles, Garage West is ideal as it offers 5 standard and 10 fast-charging spots on Level 1.

2. Economy Denver Airport Parking

Similar to the garage parking at Denver International Airport, the economy parking also offers East and West lots, both open 24/7.

Economy East is situated beyond Garage East, on the eastern side of the Jeppesen Terminal. This lot is conveniently within walking distance to the terminal, and there’s also a shuttle available every 10 minutes.

On the other side, Economy West is located on the Jeppesen Terminal’s western side. It’s a brief 5-10 minute walk to the terminal, and like Economy East, it also provides a shuttle service that operates every 10 minutes.


  • 8511 Peña Boulevard (East)
  • 8148 Peña Boulevard (West)

3. Short Term Denver Airport Parking

Short Term parking at Denver International Airport is available in both the East and West sections of Garage East and West, respectively.

Located on the 4th level, designated for Arrivals, this parking option is ideal if you’re either dropping off or picking up someone.

Off-Site Parking Options for Denver International Airport

On top of these DIA options, there are also some off-site parking options available to drivers that are worth considering:

Off Airport ParkingLong term Parking RatesShuttle ServiceCar Care Service
The Parking Spot$7.50/dayYesNo
Fine Airport Parking$10/dayYesNo
US Airport Parking$10/dayYesYes

Off-Site Parking Options

On top of these DIA options, there are also some off-site parking options available to drivers that are worth considering:

vector graphic showing a vehicle in an Uber Park parking space

1. ParkDIA

ParkDIA is located in Aurora, Colorado, only 2.6 miles from the airport. It’s the closest off-property airport parking you’ll find.

25200 East 68th Ave

Aurora, CO 80019

How Long Can You Park There?

ParkDIA doesn’t list a time limit for how long you can park in their lot. However, you’ll have to call to discuss long-term rates ahead of time.

How Much Does it Cost?

ParkDIA offers daily rates of $12 per day for uncovered parking and $18 per day for covered.

If you reserve in advance, you can save $1.50 per day. Rates are a bit higher for electric vehicle charging spaces.

The rate is $14.95 per day if you book early and $15.95 if you drive up.

Is There an Airport Shuttle?

An airport shuttle runs every 5-7 minutes from ParkDIA to the East or West Terminal. You’ll see shuttle pick-up locations throughout the covered and uncovered lots.

When you return, you can catch the shuttle from the 5th floor of the terminal and the right end of Island 3.

2. WallyPark

WallyPark airport parking is located in Denver, 4.3 miles from the airport. It’s about 7 minutes to the airport by shuttle.

24200 East 78th Ave

Denver, CO 80249

How Long Can You Park There?

There is no limit to how long you can park at WallyPark. But, as with other lots, if you need long-term parking, you’ll need to arrange it ahead of time.

How Much Does it Cost?

WallyPark has a daily rate of $17. However, they run promotions pretty often, so you might be able to get a deal if you check the website frequently.

The lot also has valet parking services, but as of March 2022, it isn’t available for pre-booking.

Is There an Airport Shuttle?

The airport shuttle from WallyPark runs on a continuous loop to Denver Airport’s terminals.

3. Canopy Airport Parking

Canopy Parking is an off-site parking option located on Tower Road. This parking lot offers a wide range of options, from uncovered to covered parking as well as valet services.

Canopy Parking allows you to park overnight, and charging stations for electric cars are also available. The cost of parking for a 24-hour period is $14.95 for uncovered lots, $25.95 for covered lots, and $29.95 for valet lots.

8100 Tower Rd

Commerce City, CO 80022

4. USAirport Parking

USAirport Parking is located in Commerce City, just a few miles from DIA. You’ll find it on 81st Avenue just before Quintero

18000 East 81st Avenue

Commerce City, CO 80022

How Long Can You Park There?

USAirport Parking has monthly, daily, and hourly rates. In addition, you can also book an annual parking package if you need to leave your car there long-term.

How Much Does it Cost?

You’ll have four different options for parking at USAirport:

  • Covered
  • Uncovered
  • Valet covered
  • Valet uncovered

Unfortunately, valet parking is currently unavailable as of March 2022.

Covered parking has an hourly rate of $3 and a daily rate of $17. Uncovered parking is $2 an hour and $12 per day.

The long-term rates are as follows:

  • Monthly covered $305.80
  • Annual covered $3055.80
  • Monthly uncovered $152.90
  • Annual uncovered $1527.90

Is There an Airport Shuttle?

USAirport offers shuttle services that run every ten minutes. They’ll take you right to the main terminal at DIA. Allow about 20 minutes from when you arrive till you get to your shuttle, and another 10-20 to get to your gate.

Short-Term Parking Options

Short-term parking options are ideal if you only want to make a quick stop to pick up or drop off a passenger. These parking lots are close to the main terminal, making for maximum convenience levels. However, they are likely to be a bit more pricey.

Short-Term West and Short-Term East

Located closest to the main terminal are parking lots Short Term West and Short Term East which sit on either side of the terminal.

Short-Term West and Short-Term East are covered car parks that are open 24 hours a day, and parking here will cost you $7 an hour or $168 per day.

You can find these parking lots through level 4 (arrivals) in Garage West and Garage East. These parking lots offer the convenience of a short five-minute walk to the terminal.

It’s important to note, however, that overnight parking is not allowed at Short-Term East and Short-Term West parking lots.

West Garage and East Garage

Situated on both sides of Short Term West and Short Term East are the West Garage and East Garage.

These parking lots are larger than Short Term East and Short Term West with five levels, allowing for greater capacity. In addition, they are also still within five to ten minutes’ walking distance of the main terminal.

Prices for these lots are $7 an hour or $30 a day. There is both covered and uncovered parking in these lots, as well as charging stations for electric vehicles.


  • 8511 Peña Boulevard (East)
  • 8148 Peña Boulevard (West)

Long-Term Parking Options

There are also longer-term parking options available at DIA for those who need to keep their car parked for the day:

1. Pikes Peak Lot

The Pike’s Peak Shuttle Lot, a bit farther from the terminal, offers the most affordable parking at Denver International Airport. It is one of two shuttle parking lots at the airport.

To reach the terminal from Pike’s Peak, you’ll need to use the shuttle service, which departs every 7-10 minutes. However, it’s recommended to allow 30 minutes to travel from your car to the terminal.

Address: 24300 E. 75th Avenue

2. Mt. Elbert Lot

The Mt. Elbert lot is the second shuttle parking option at Denver International Airport. As of March 2022, this lot is temporarily closed. Upon its reopening, shuttles will be available every 7-10 minutes for transportation to the terminal.

Address: 6975 Valleyhead Street

3. 61st and Peña

Denver’s 61st and Peña parking lot, located at the University of Colorado A-Line stop of the Regional Transportation District, offers 800 parking spaces. This is a budget-friendly option, providing some of the lowest parking rates.

The lot features 11 charging stations, making it a suitable alternative for hybrid/electric vehicles if the garage spots are full. Additionally, most parking spaces are covered by a canopy, offering your car protection from the elements.

Address: 6195 N. Panasonic Way

4. Longs Peak Lot

Longs Peak Lot is also located approximately seven to ten minutes by shuttle to the main terminal.

Again, these shuttles depart every seven to ten minutes, and parking here for the day will cost you $8.

Address: 25630 E 78th Ave, Denver, CO 80249

Economy Parking Options

At DIA, you will also find some more economical parking options that are still relatively close to the main terminal:

West Economy and East Economy

West Economy and East Economy parking lots are located on either side of the West Garage and East Garage lots.

These are large parking lots with high capacity; however, these are further away from the main terminal.

Walking distance to the terminal is approximately ten minutes, though there are free shuttle services available that will get you there in five! These shuttles run every ten minutes, 24 hours a day.

The cost for these parking lots is $6 an hour or $18 a day. Therefore, they’re great economical options for those who are willing to park a little further away – whether for short or long term.

Unique Parking Options

There are also a few additional parking options at DIA that are worth knowing about.

These include parking lots that allow electric vehicle charging, valet parking, and a free parking lot where you can wait for your passenger’s arrival! Let’s take a closer look at each of these:

Cell Phone Lot

Cell Phone Lot is located approximately three miles from the main terminal.

This is a great place to park your car while you wait to hear when your loved one has arrived at the terminal! Parking at this lot is also free, and there are some great food options on-site.

Electric Vehicle Charging

If you have an electric vehicle, you’ll no doubt want to know which parking lots have charging facilities!

Parking lots with electric charging include West Garage, East Garage for short-term parking, and 61st and Pena for long-term parking.


Valet parking is also available at DIA. These parking lots are located to the west and east of the main terminal, next to the Short-Term West and Short-Term East parking lots.

How Long Can You Park at the Denver Airport?

At Denver International Airport, you can park in any lot, except Short Term parking, for up to 30 days. Vehicles parked beyond this period may be towed as abandoned.

For extended parking needs, arrangements can be made in advance, which is beneficial for those spending winter months in warmer climates. However, parking in Short Term for more than a few hours incurs a daily rate of $144.

Pro Tip:

If you don’t want to pay for parking, especially on long trips, check out the Uber Denver airport options. There are many Uber services that operate at DIA, so that is a great option for travelers on a budget.

Tips and Tricks for Denver Airport Parking

By now you might be wondering how to ensure you get the best parking rates!

To find the best rates for parking lots, consider using economy parking lot options. While slightly further away, there are excellent shuttle services available to get you to and from the main terminal.

In addition, try to arrive at the airport during off-peak hours when it is less busy to secure a parking space.

Another excellent tip if you’re traveling to DIA is to download the ParkDIA app. This app will assist you in locating shuttles for your parking lot, as well as get in and out with ticket-free parking.

Lastly, if you want to skip the parking altogether, you could always forgo the car and use Uber at DIA instead!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does it Cost to Park at the Denver Airport?

The cost of parking at DIA depends on the parking lot you choose. Most parking lots cost around $6 to $7 an hour, with day charges ranging from $8 a day all the way up to $168 a day.

What is the Cheapest Place to Park at DIA Airport?

The cheapest place to park at DIA is at the 61st and Pena parking lot. Parking here for an hour will cost you $5; however, you can park here for a whole day for only $7. Bear in mind that a train transfer to the main terminal will cost $10.50!

Wrapping Up

As we’ve seen, there are a range of options for parking services at DIA.

If you’re only stopping by briefly, Short Term West and Short Term parking lots East are ideal while West and East Garage are also great options.

For longer parking times, Piles Peak Lot, Longs Peak Lot, and 61st and Pena are options worth considering.

However, there are also slightly more affordable options available at Economy West and Economy East where you can park both short and long-term at an affordable price.

While located slightly further away, there are excellent shuttle services available for these parking lots that will take you directly to the main terminal.

Choosing the right car park for your needs is worth careful consideration, and in this article, we’ve taken a look at the benefits and costs of all options.

Being prepared and knowing which parking lot you need ahead of time will save you a lot of stress when you arrive at the airport!

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