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Does Instacart Deliver To Hotels?

Instacart is a great way to save time getting groceries. But does Instacart deliver to hotels? Here’s everything you need to know about getting groceries delivered to your hotel room!

Are you going on vacation? How about going on an extended business trip? Staying in a hotel for a while?

You might have the same question I did the first time I decided to buy groceries while traveling. Does Instacart deliver to hotels?

It’s a valid question, too. Between the activities, work meetings, days at the beach, and everything in between, who has time to go shopping?

That’s why I use Instacart whenever I’m traveling. Still, some things should be kept in mind before committing total loyalty to the delivery app.

In this article, we explore whether or not you can get Instacart deliveries to your hotel room or if you’re stuck heading to the store. Plus, we’ll go over some frequently asked questions about Instacart.

Can You Use Instacart on Vacation?

Whenever I’m on vacation, the last thing I want to think about is how to get everyone fed.

While restaurants are fun, the cost of going out every night would cost more than the vacation itself!

That’s why I use Instacart, even while on vacation.

Not only is the messaging feature great, but avoiding the crowds and spending more time on activities makes the delivery fee and tip worth it!

Does Instacart Deliver to Hotels?

The short answer is yes, Instacart will deliver to a hotel.

But it’s slightly more complicated than that.

Not every hotel accepts the practice, and you’ll want to notify the front desk.

As a result, there might be several questions regarding an Instacart delivery to your hotel.

Is It Weird To Have Instacart Deliver Food To a Hotel?

Many hotels are warming up to having strange delivery personnel in and out of the hotel.

I always alert the front desk staff that I’m expecting a grocery delivery, and no one has looked at me any weirder than they already do!

No longer is pizza delivery the sole option for getting food delivered to a hotel—and Instacart is no different than Uber, GrubHub, or DoorDash.

Instacart grocery deliveries are perfect for those on extended stays for business.

There’s little time between work and activities to go shopping, so having groceries delivered is efficient for the working traveler.

How do Instacart Hotel Deliveries work?

Instacart deliveries for hotel rooms work very similarly to standard deliveries.

You’ll start by placing an order through the Instacart app.

You have the option to shop at available stores, like Costco, Albertsons, and CVS.

Once you’ve finished shopping, you’ll schedule your delivery.

I like to plan ahead and schedule my deliveries to the hotel a few days in advance, just in case!

As I mentioned, letting the front desk know you’re getting a delivery is a good practice.

I always meet my delivery driver outside the hotel; it’s far less work for them and less distracting for the hotel staff and guests.

However, you do have the option of direct-room delivery.

Still, it’s always best to tip these drivers exceptionally well, especially if your room is far from the entrance!

Which Hotels Allow Instacart Delivery?

Hotels, particularly resorts, usually frown upon Instacart and other delivery services because of restaurants on site.

Some hotels even have deals with competitors, blocking out affordable delivery options.

The most famous example is with the Disney resorts, which no longer support Instacart in favor of Garden Grocer.

Despite the pushback from some hotels, one stands out as a supporter of the grocery delivery app—Wyndham Hotel Group.

Wyndham is one of the largest hotel chains worldwide.

A partnership between chefs and Instacart provides support and recipe ideas.

How Much Does it Cost to Have Instacart Delivered to a Hotel?

An Instacart account won’t cost anything, but delivery fees can add up.

I was getting hit with at least a $3.99 fee for a standard delivery, sometimes more.

Upwards of $9.99 in some cases!

Now, I use Instacart+, which used to be called Instacart Express.

While I’m not overly fond of the $9.99 a month or the $99 per year, it does save quite a bit if you use Instacart a lot.

On top of the delivery fee, there are several other fees you could be hit with.

Expect these fees if any of the following apply to your grocery list:

  • Alcohol service fee – Covers ID protection costs and transportation requirements.
  • Long distance fee – Covers orders that come from a far distance away.
  • Priority order fee – Orders placed with a one-hour delivery time will have priority order fees.
  • Retail pickup fee – covers costs from specialty retail stores.
  • Bottle deposit or bag fees – plastic bags and bottles are beginning to carry associated fees.

Don’t forget to factor in taxes!

Taxes will depend heavily on where you are, with certain resorts or locations charging higher taxes because of the tourist-heavy nature.

Should You Tip Your Instacart Hotel Driver?

Absolutely! Instacart drivers work hard to bring you groceries.

It can be tempting to stiff a driver who doesn’t get you everything you desire.

But, remember, it’s often not their fault, and shortages are still a frequent occurrence across many popular vacation destinations across the world.

Unless an egregious error occurs, such as a driver being extremely rude or tampering with your food, you should always tip them.

Be sure to report any concerns to Instacart directly if needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now that you know a bit about Instacart deliveries to hotels, you might have some more questions about some specifics.

Here are some commonly asked questions like, does Instacart deliver to hotels?

Does Instacart bring groceries inside?

Instacart does bring groceries inside the hotel and up to your room.

However, it’s most polite to the hotel if you meet the delivery driver outside.

Should you decide to have the Instacart delivery drop-off in your room, a nice extra tip is customary.

Always check your hotel’s policy for grocery deliveries.

It would be awful to place an undeliverable order because your hotel has a policy against it!

What are commonly delivered items to hotel rooms?

The most commonly delivered items are produce like bananas, strawberries, spinach, and avocados.

Also popular are eggs, snacks, beverages, and frozen goods.

These all make easy meals for hotel rooms, and snacks are a must-have when you’re on vacation.

I always ensure an equal blend of healthy items like yogurts and fun things like chocolate.

Can You Instacart to a Vegas Hotel?

Yes – any Wyndham-branded hotel will allow you to order a grocery delivery through Instacart.

While the Wyndham hotels are the most straightforward hotels to get deliveries, they’re far from the only brand.

Check with the hotel you are staying with to find out if you can have Instacart deliveries at your hotel or not.

Final Thoughts

Every time my family is on vacation, I make sure we have at least one nice meal out at a restaurant.

The rest of the time, though, I’d instead save the money and get groceries delivered through Instacart.

Knowing that the Wyndham hotels allow delivery is beneficial information.

As is knowing, you should let the front desk staff know about your delivery to prevent disruptions.

Finally, if you decide to have your Instacart delivery brought to your room, consider leaving the driver a decent tip, well over the 15% base tip rate!

By following the guidelines written in this article, you’re sure to have success with having Instacart deliver to your hotel.

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