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How Does DoorDash Pickup Work For Customers?

Are you interested in using the DoorDash Pickup option, but feel a little confused? Find out how to pick up your next food order in this helpful guide.

Key Takeaways

  • DoorDash Pickup allows customers to order food via the app and pick it up themselves.
  • No additional fees for using DoorDash Pickup; costs are transparent.
  • Pickup orders can be ready for collection without entering the restaurant; some offer curbside delivery.
  • Tipping on pickup orders is optional but appreciated, with the full tip going to the restaurant.

Does DoorDash Offer a Pickup Option?

Yes, DoorDash offers a pickup option that allows customers to order food through the app and pick it up from the restaurant themselves. This service is available in select cities and at specific restaurants.

To use the pickup option, customers choose a restaurant, select their food items, and finalize the order in the app. DoorDash then notifies the restaurant to prepare the order.

Some restaurants may offer curbside or drive-through pickup, while others require customers to collect their orders inside. DoorDash will alert customers via text or push notification when their order is ready.

It’s important to have sufficient funds for the order and to check with the restaurant regarding parking and order preparation times. Not all restaurants guarantee the availability of specific items or quantities for pickup orders.

Brett’s Take: Thoughts From an Expert

Personally, I use DoorDash Pickup when I’m running errands, near my favorite restaurant, during peak delivery hours, or to avoid long waits and crowds.

It’s ideal for quick takeout needs or when I’m craving a certain restaurant but don’t want to actually dine in there.

To save money on pickup orders, look out for discount codes from DoorDash emails or consider subscribing to DashPass for more promotions and discounts.

How Much Does DoorDash Charge for Pickup?

DoorDash does not charge customers for using the pickup feature, allowing them to avoid delivery fees and minimum order requirements.

Restaurants, however, are charged a 15% fee for pickup orders, compared to the 20% charged for deliveries.

DoorDash occasionally offers promotions on pickup orders, which can be accessed through email notifications or the app.

Subscribing to DashPass for $9.99 per month provides additional discounts and promos, potentially saving 10% to 20% on pickup orders.

Additionally, using a cash-back credit card for restaurant purchases can further increase savings. Note that restaurant gift cards cannot be used on DoorDash orders.

How to Select DoorDash Pickup

To select the DoorDash Pickup feature, open the app, select the restaurant you want to order from, and then look for the Pickup option.

Keep in mind that this feature isn’t available for all restaurants.

Place all the items you want into your cart and then select the check-out option.

You won’t pay any fees and the app tells you exactly when you should leave for the restaurant.

When you get there, park in the designated spot and let the restaurant know you’ve arrived.

They’ll bring your order out to you.

Tipping on DoorDash Pickup Orders

Tipping on DoorDash Pickup orders is entirely at your discretion. It is considered good practice to tip for service industry interactions, and doing so can help offset the fees restaurants pay to DoorDash.

Tips are suggested to be in the range of 10% to 25%, similar to dining in, and can be added through the app or given in cash.

The restaurant receives 100% of the tip, and tipping decisions do not influence the service you receive.

Troubleshooting: Common Errors

Experiencing delays with DoorDash Pickup orders can occur due to a rush of orders at the restaurant, including those from other food delivery apps and walk-in customers.

Delays are more likely during peak times, such as dinner hours, requiring patience. Sometimes, DoorDash may only offer Pickup due to a shortage of drivers, especially during busy times or when drivers are incentivized to deliver during specific hours.

Additionally, temporary app outages can restrict service to only Pickup until resolved by DoorDash’s technical team.

Over to You

What do you think about the DoorDash Pickup feature? It’s a convenient way to pick up your food when you’re close to a restaurant or can’t find a Dasher to help you. Open up your DoorDash app now and give it a try.

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