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Do you have an anniversary coming up, or is your significant other’s birthday right around the corner?

Do you want to get your mom some flowers for Mother’s Day?

Whatever your need for flowers, you may need a fast delivery service.

Does DoorDash deliver flowers in your city?

When you need flowers delivered fast, you can use DoorDash to bring your mother or girlfriend a bouquet of roses.

In the guide below, you will learn all about how DoorDash flower delivery works and how to order a bouquet.

Now, let’s get started!

Does DoorDash Deliver Flowers?

In February 2022, DoorDash announced that it had started partnering with florists, including foods market floral departments.

According to Supermarket News, DoorDash now provides same-day delivery of flowers to its customers.

The platform began delivering flowers right in time for Valentine’s Day.

The flower delivery can take as little as one hour when you utilize the DoorDash delivery app.

A DoorDash delivery driver will bring the blooms to the location you choose.

How Does DoorDash Flower Delivery Work?

If you’re looking for fresh flowers with same-day delivery for your family, spouse, or significant other, choose DoorDash floral delivery.

To order roses, lilies, carnations, or any other blooms, consumers should open up their DoorDash app to pick a beautiful bouquet.

Click on the “flowers” tile in the upper part of the app to find various florists and the right flower shop offering gorgeous bouquets.

There is also a gifting tile on the homepage showing other products that are ideal for Valentine’s Day.

Once consumers pick their preferred gift from a shop on the app, they can choose the “send as a gift” option when checking out.

Numerous digital cards can go along with the flowers and presents.

The last step is to type in the recipient’s phone number in case the delivery driver needs to contact them.

DoorDash Flower Delivery FAQs

Below are the top answers to commonly asked questions about the DoorDash flower delivery service when gifting flowers.

What Kind of Flowers Does DoorDash Offer?

When choosing a flower arrangement for your significant other, close friend, or family member, you want to get the best one available.

The flower shops that operate through DoorDash include Poppy Flowers, POMP Flowers, William Paul Floral Design, and Jennie’s Flowers of Tampa.

You can choose all sorts of exceptional flowers and bouquets.

You can even send a single red rose to your love.

You can also pick out a bouquet of sunflowers, a pink rose arrangement, or even add a box of Ferrero Rocher chocolates to accompany your flower choice.

Can You Send Someone Flowers With DoorDash?

As of early 2023, you can send anyone flowers by using the DoorDash app.

You can choose between the same-day or one-hour delivery options.

When using the DashMart store, you can ensure that DoorDash delivery drivers bring bouquets to your loved one in less than half an hour.

You can also choose supermarket flowers to get delivered to your home if you’re looking to decorate the table for a dinner party.

If you want your wife to wake up to a bouquet of roses, you can get them delivered straight to your home early in the morning.

Is There Same-Day Flower Delivery?

DoorDash provides same-day flower delivery services and the option to get your blooms delivered in only one hour.

In addition, you can schedule a flower delivery through DoorDash as much as 30 days in advance.

Doing so means you won’t accidentally forget your loved one’s birthday, Valentine’s day, or anniversary.

How Much Does DoorDash Flower Delivery Cost?

The flower delivery costs on the DoorDash app range from flower bouquets as low as $22 to as high as $100 for more elaborate bouquets.

In addition, you may find various discounts and promotions through the DoorDash platform.

Every florist on the DoorDash app also likely offers different prices for their flowers, so you can compare prices and pick the right florist for your needs.

However, you will also need to consider the delivery fees that DoorDash adds to each order.

The delivery fee ranges from $1.99 to $5.99.

How to Order Flowers Through DoorDash

You can follow the steps below to order flowers through DoorDash.

  • Open up the mobile app from DoorDash
  • Type in your address
  • Click on the “Flowers” icon at the top of the home page
  • Check out the florists available in your area and what they offer
  • Look through the costs of each florist, the ratings, and how close they are to the address you request
  • Pick your floral order
  • Go to the check-out page
  • Double-check your delivery address and type in delivery instructions
  • Click on “Place Order”

What Other Items Can You Get Through DoorDash?

vector graphic showing an illustration of does doordash deliver flowers

DoorDash delivery drivers can bring customers many other types of items.

You can order multiple types of things through the DoorDash app. Some possible items include:

  • Restaurant meals or appetizers
  • Food, snacks, juices, sodas, and water
  • Groceries for a week or two
  • Alcoholic drinks
  • Over-the-counter medications and prescription medicine

Below, you can learn a bit more about the type of products the typical customer can order through the DoorDash mobile app.


First and foremost, DoorDash delivers restaurant food and take-out from your favorite eateries.

It is one of the most popular restaurant delivery options available.

You can pick your favorite meal on the DoorDash app, and a DoorDasher will have the food delivered straight to your door.


DoorDash delivery workers can get an entire week of groceries delivered to your home.

You can choose your favorite snacks, protein, fruits, and veggies on the mobile app and then get the groceries delivered to your residence within a few hours.

Of course, you can also pick out your fave sodas and some orange juice.


Do you need to get some wine or beer for a barbecue you’re throwing at your house?

Did you forget to get the alcohol on your trip to the store?

If so, you can use DoorDash delivery options to get some beer, wine, or liquor delivered straight to your home.

However, you must show your identification to the DoorDash delivery driver before getting your alcohol order.

The drivers need to make sure you are of legal age.


You can use the DoorDash delivery app to get your prescription medication sent straight to your house.

The delivery drivers can bring over-the-counter pills to your home as well.

Essentially, they can pick up the drugs from the pharmacy.

All of these deliveries are in sealed, closed packages.

You will also need to sign that you received the delivery once the driver is at your door.

Wrapping Up

You can choose from all kinds of flower arrangements and bouquets from your favorite florist through the DoorDash delivery app.

Then, type in your delivery address, and they’ll be delivered to you by a DoorDasher in no time!

In addition, you can also compare the prices and options between different florists to ensure you’re getting the best flowers for the best price.

Now, all you have to do is put them on display or give them to your loved one.

Do you have any questions about DoorDash floral delivery?

Then, make sure to leave us a comment below, and we’ll get you the right answers.

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