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How Far Does DoorDash Deliver In 2023?

Learn how far does DoorDash deliver, why these restrictions exist, how to work with them, and what you can do to send DoorDash as a gift to someone far away.

I don’t know about you, but delivery times influence my decision to order from restaurants.

If I have to wait too long, I’ll pass.

DoorDash is a popular way to order food from more local restaurants, but distance can impact delivery times.

Wondering how far does DoorDash deliver?

It can depend on the restaurant, but the app restricts delivery to a standard radius.

Some restaurants can upgrade their DoorDash accounts to accept deliveries that are further away.

However, you may need to tip delivery drivers more to take on those orders.

Let’s look at the full details.

How Far Does DoorDash Deliver?

Each restaurant on DoorDash can adjust its delivery radius to a certain limit, though most owners or managers accept the standard delivery radius.

Customer feedback might influence how far a restaurant manager sets the location’s delivery radius.

In addition, account types or levels can impact the delivery radius.

Standard DoorDash Delivery Radius

The standard DoorDash delivery radius is around five miles.

This is the default option for most restaurants.

However, DoorDash account managers may extend the standard depending on factors like demand or popularity.

What is the Max Distance for DoorDash?

Some restaurants that sell food over DoorDash may deliver up to a 30-mile radius.

So, you might be in luck if you’re looking to order from that hot new place across town.

Nonetheless, restaurant managers can update their maximum delivery distances at any time.

And some Dashers or delivery drivers may not pick up orders that require extra driving time.

Does Every Restaurant Have the Same DoorDash Delivery Radius?

No, not every burger joint or fancier Italian ristorante will have identical DoorDash delivery radiuses.

Unless, of course, all your local places for foodies accept the default radius.

Why Does DoorDash Have a Delivery Radius?

Food is perishable.

Even cooked food can only stay out for so long before it might make you sick.

That is if you eat it.

DoorDash has a delivery radius to increase the chances your food will arrive in an edible, safe condition.

You’d also probably get a little upset if you had to wait longer for your food.

I know I do.

I’ll get antsy even if the app’s location tracker shows my driver seems stuck at a traffic light.

When I’m hungry after a long day at the office, I want my meal as soon as possible.

Optimized Delivery

Ask any delivery company or shipping carrier, and they’ll tell you that they optimize their delivery routes.

This covers everything from grouping nearby addresses together to studying traffic patterns and limiting delivery radiuses.

Say a Dasher had an extended delivery radius for the entire city of Los Angeles.

They’d take a lot longer to get everyone’s food to them.

More than likely, they’d struggle to meet customers’ expectations, waste fuel, and see their ratings decline.

Deliver Fresh Food

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention cautions that restaurant deliveries should be within two hours.

When it’s 90 degrees or warmer outside, that maximum delivery window goes down to one hour.

Dashers aren’t just out delivering your order.

They’re handling several in a one to two-hour time frame.

The longer a Dasher has to drive, the longer someone’s food may be sitting out.

Limited delivery radiuses mean Dashers can handle more than one order and still deliver food safely.

No one wants to get food poisoning. Trust me.

I’ve had it a few times, and it can lay you up for a few days with a fever and more.

Are There Extra Fees for Long-Distance DoorDash Orders?

Yes, there can be extra fees for long-distance DoorDash orders.

You may notice the delivery fees change according to how far you are from the restaurant.

Dashers might also expect a higher tip in the 25% to 30% range before they’ll pick up long-distance orders.

Why Does DoorDash Say “Too Far”?

As you might guess, the DoorDash app or website will tell you if your address is out of range.

You’ll get a message that says you’re “too far” from the restaurant, and you won’t be able to put your order through.

However, sometimes you’ll get a “too far” message for a restaurant that’s within a delivery radius.

Here are a few reasons for that.

Changed Delivery Radius

Say you order from your favorite Mexican restaurant on DoorDash once a week.

But today you try to get dinner, and the app says “too far.”

The restaurant’s owner might have changed the delivery radius.

And now your home address is outside that delivery area.

But if you’re willing to go pick up your grub, you can still place an order.

App Glitch

Another reason you’ll see the “too far” message is because there’s a temporary app glitch.

Try going onto the website to place your order after you confirm you’re within the delivery radius.

You can also shut down the app and reload it to see if that fixes the problem.

Can You DoorDash to Someone Far Away?


Check out this YouTube video to learn how to use DoorDash’s gifting feature.

As long as you update the address in your app or on the website and select a suitable restaurant, you can send DoorDash to anyone.

However, many find it’s easier to send a DoorDash gift card or gift.

That way, your friend or a remote colleague can order whatever they want.

How Do You Send a Meal to Someone Far Away?

Want to send a meal to someone far away?

Here’s how.

  • Change the address to your friend or colleague’s location.
  • Choose a restaurant within the delivery radius.
  • Add the meal items to your cart.
  • During checkout, choose the option to “send as a gift.”

Final Thoughts About How Far Does DoorDash Deliver

DoorDash has a delivery radius between five and 30 miles.

This is set to help Dashers deliver food safely and within reasonable times.

Have questions about DoorDash deliveries? Please comment below.

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