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How Far Does DoorDash Deliver? Delivery Radius Explained

Learn how far does DoorDash deliver, why these restrictions exist, how to work with them, and what you can do to send DoorDash as a gift to someone far away.

Key Takeaways

  • DoorDash’s standard delivery radius is around five miles, varying by restaurant and demand.
  • Extended delivery up to 30 miles possible, subject to restaurant discretion and additional fees.
  • “Too far” message indicates outside delivery radius; options include restarting app or pickup.
  • DoorDash allows sending meals to distant addresses within restaurant’s delivery radius or gifting.

How Far Does DoorDash Deliver?

DoorDash typically delivers within a standard radius of around five miles, but this distance can vary depending on the restaurant’s preference and DoorDash account settings.

Some restaurants may offer delivery up to a 30-mile radius, though this is subject to change at the restaurant manager’s discretion.

Delivery distances also depend on demand, popularity, and the willingness of Dashers to accept longer drives, meaning not every restaurant on DoorDash has the same delivery radius.

As a customer, you may charged extra fees for long-distance orders. The delivery fees can vary based on the distance from the restaurant to the delivery location.

Additionally, for long-distance deliveries, Dashers might expect a higher tip, typically in the 25% to 30% range, to incentivize them to accept these orders.

Why Does DoorDash Have a Delivery Radius?

DoorDash implements a delivery radius to ensure that food arrives fresh and safe to eat. Given that food is perishable and can become unsafe to consume if left out too long, the delivery radius is designed to reduce the time food spends in transit.

This approach also aims to meet customer expectations for prompt delivery, as longer wait times can lead to dissatisfaction.

Optimizing delivery routes is essential for efficiency, allowing Dashers to deliver multiple orders within a manageable area, thereby minimizing delivery times and maintaining food quality.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention advises that food deliveries should ideally be completed within two hours, or one hour in hotter conditions, to prevent foodborne illnesses.

A limited delivery radius helps Dashers adhere to these guidelines, ensuring that food is delivered in a condition that is safe to eat.

Why Does DoorDash Say “Too Far”?

DoorDash might display a “too far” message if the delivery address is outside a restaurant’s delivery radius, indicating that the address is out of range for delivery.

This message can also appear even if the restaurant was previously within delivery range, which could be due to a change in the restaurant’s delivery radius settings.

Additionally, a “too far” notification might occur because of a temporary glitch in the DoorDash app.

In such cases, trying to place the order through the website or restarting the app may resolve the issue. If the delivery radius has indeed changed, customers still have the option to place an order for pickup.

Can You DoorDash to Someone Far Away?

Yes, you can use DoorDash to send a meal to someone far away.

To do this, simply update the delivery address in the DoorDash app or website to the location of the person you wish to send the meal to, and select a restaurant that is within the delivery radius of that address. DoorDash offers a gifting feature that allows you to easily send meals as gifts.

Alternatively, many people opt to send a DoorDash gift card, which gives the recipient the flexibility to order whatever they want, whenever they’re ready.

To send a meal as a gift, follow these steps: change the delivery address to the recipient’s, pick a restaurant that delivers to their address, add meal items to your cart, and during checkout, select the option to “send as a gift.”

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  1. I am having difficulty with 9.7 miles being out of my delivery radius. Any ideas on how I can have that order that I just got from a place LAST WEEK?! Any suggestions would be appreciated


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