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If you’re contemplating driving for DoorDash, you may find yourself thinking about logistics.

Driving for DoorDash requires you to have a way to get around, and using a car is your best option.

However, if you’re among the estimated 10% to 13% of Americans who don’t have access to a car, you’ll have to find alternative solutions.

Thankfully, many short and long-term car rental options are available, and we’ve assembled the best ones below.

Use this guide to the DoorDash car rental process to save yourself time and money on your journey to becoming a paid driver.

Can You Do DoorDash With a Rental Car?

DoorDash drivers must be able to pick up and deliver food over long distances.

The company allows its drivers to use automobiles, motorcycles, scooters, bikes, and e-bikes to make deliveries.

However, you’ll need to use a car to maximize your earnings.

Having a car will allow you to pick up and deliver the food faster so you can take on more daily deliveries.

Over time, this can allow you to earn significantly more.

DoorDash allows its drivers to use rental cars to complete their deliveries.

You’ll need a valid driver’s license and insurance to rent your vehicle.

Once you have the required documents, you can evaluate several different options.

How Do You Get a Car Through DoorDash?

DoorDash is a food delivery company that does not offer rental cars.

However, you can benefit from many programs adjacent to DoorDash that provide you with a car:

  • Peer-to-Peer Rental Options: With the availability of social media platforms, peer-to-peer car rental is increasingly common. This is ideal for those looking for a quick and affordable solution.
  • Renting Cars Daily: If you drive for DoorDash irregularly, consider using a daily car rental program. These programs allow you to pick up cars daily and return them when you’re done.
  • Monthly Car Rental: A monthly car rental service lets you keep the car for months. This option is best for those who need to use a car most days of the week.
  • Renting a Car Long-Term: If you need a car for more than DoorDash deliveries, consider renting one long-term. This can allow you to save money over time.

Where to Get a DoorDash Car Rental

DoorDash has established partnerships with select car rental companies.

If you want to drive with DoorDash but don’t have a car, you can use one of the company’s third-party programs to rent one.

Each program has different benefits and drawbacks, so you should read up before committing to any option. Consider the DoorDash car rental programs below:


Hertz is a leading car rental company that offers several options for Dashers.

First, you can participate in the daily DoorDash rental program through Hertz. This program offers discounted rates for Dashers and unlimited miles.

Additionally, Hertz will ensure that the car is properly sanitized before and after each rental period.

All you have to do is sign up for the program online and select your car. You can claim your car for up to one week.

Hertz also offers several programs for Dashers. The Hertz rent-top-buy program allows you to rent a car for a select period. You can take advantage of special rates to purchase the vehicle.


Getaround is an online car-sharing program. It is a sharing economy staple, connecting willing renters with car owners.

Getaround has a car-sharing program specifically for Uber Eats, but you can also use the popular car rental service with DoorDash.

This program is unique because you sign up and pay a membership fee. Then, you can find and unlock vehicles near you.

You can use the car for as long as you’d like, and because the company prioritizes affordability, it’s an excellent option for those on a budget.

Consider using Getaround with DoorDash to minimize your expenses and maximize your earnings.


HyreCar is a peer-to-peer car rental platform that advertises itself as the Airbnb for cars.

You can easily use HyreCar with DoorDash.

The program connects willing car owners to prospective renters, allowing them to share their resources. It helps car owners save money and enables you to save money as a renter.

You can now do away with the expensive cleaning and maintenance fees associated with big-name rental companies, and the process is generally smoother and faster.

HyreCar also offers more flexibility than other traditional car rental programs.

The time you rent a car can vary for as long as you need, and you’ll get charged only for the time you use it.

This option is best for those seeking affordable and flexible solutions. It also works well for students or people who live in cities.

Is It Worth Renting a Car for DoorDash?

Renting a car to drive with DoorDash can have varying results.

It’s worth it if you think you can earn more money making deliveries than you will spend on your rental.

Additionally, you can save money by avoiding the usual wear and tear accompanying heavy driving since the burden of care will fall on someone else.

Consider the following list of benefits and drawbacks to make your decision:


There are several unique benefits to renting a car for DoorDash. Consider the following:

  • Lower Long-Term Expenses: Driving with DoorDash is a surefire way to gather some serious miles—which can get expensive over the long term. Renting a car allows you to avoid the usual expenses associated with car ownership.
  • Ease of Use: Renting and returning a car can take time you don’t have, so consider this before deciding.
  • Convenience: If you rarely use a car outside of DoorDash, renting a vehicle may be more convenient for you—mainly if you live on a college campus or in a big, crowded city with lots of traffic.
  • Safer: Renting a car is the most secure option since it prevents strangers from identifying your license plate number and trying to find you.


There are drawbacks to renting a car for DoorDash. Consider the following:

  • Time-Consuming: Renting and returning a car can take time you don’t have, so consider this before deciding.
  • Cost: The biggest problem with renting a car for DoorDash is that it will significantly cut your profits. Remember to determine how much you plan to drive and make before renting your vehicle.
  • Liability Issues: Renting a car sometimes entails liability concerns. Remember to carefully read the fine print before signing a rental agreement, and be sure to obtain insurance.


Whether renting a car is worth it will depend mainly on your ability to maximize your profits.

Consider drafting a list of your expenses and potential gains to determine your profits.

Then, you can better evaluate whether renting a car to complete DoorDash deliveries is worth it.

How Much Does a DoorDash Car Rental Cost?

The average car rental costs around $150 a day. However, many DoorDash affiliates offer special rates for drivers.

Your car rental cost will depend on several factors, including your geographic location, how long you rent the car, and which make and model you choose.

Ultimately, you’ll have to assess your options to determine the cost.

Can You Write Off a Rental for DoorDash?

You can write off a rental for DoorDash since a car rental counts as a business expense for self-employed individuals.

Driving for DoorDash is technically contracted work, so you still qualify as self-employed.

For this reason, you can obtain tax write-offs for your car rental.

Remember to save all your gas and rental receipts to calculate how much you can save on your taxes.

Wrapping Up

Using DoorDash to rent a car can be a great way to make money. You can use peer-to-peer programs or leverage services from a DoorDash partner like Hertz.

Ultimately, the options are endless, and a car rental offers more flexibility than most alternatives.

Please comment with any questions and share the article if you enjoyed it!

There are many ways to rent a car for DoorDash, so explore your short and long-term options before driving for the popular food delivery platform.

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