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DoorDash Catering Program: Should You Join It?

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Key Takeaways

  • DoorDash’s catering program offers high-value deliveries for selected drivers with requirements like a reliable catering bag and a track record of successful orders.
  • To join, drivers need 200+ lifetime deliveries, a recent month with 100+ deliveries, a 95% completion rate, a 4.7+ customer rating, and an approved catering bag.
  • Entry is by invitation; eligible drivers must validate their catering bag meets standards and then can accept larger, more profitable orders.
  • The program pays well but demands high service standards and the ability to handle and deliver large food orders effectively.

Delivering food with DoorDash makes for an easy and profitable side gig. You only need to be older than 18, own a vehicle, and provide suitable documentation to start.

But what if your financial responsibilities increase, and you need more money without leaving the new gig? That’s where the DoorDash catering program comes in.

It’s a private program that has specific eligibility requirements and gives you more money than a regular delivery.

But what are the criteria for working in this program? And how profitable is it? Let’s find out.

What Is DoorDash’s Catering Program?

The program is called the “large order” program on DoorDash. What sets it apart from regular deliveries is that it’s limited to high-value and large deliveries like catering orders, which isn’t an easy task for drivers.

That’s why the program is limited to only a few employees who meet the minimum requirements set by the food delivery application.

What Are the Eligibility Criteria for Joining the Large Order Program?

To be eligible for this private program, you should meet all the following criteria, which are listed on the DoorDash website:

  • Deliver 100 or more orders in the past month.
  • Deliver 200 or more orders overall.
  • Have a completion rate of 95% or more in the past month.
  • Have an average customer rating of 4.7 stars or more.
  • Have a reliable catering bag.

You should note that these criteria aren’t limited to the qualifying part. Even after you get into the program, you need to maintain those numbers to stay.

On top of that, DoorDash has specific requirements regarding the catering bag you’ll carry on your large orders. You’ll need to either purchase their bag or purchase one from a third-party company that meets DoorDash standards:

  • The bag should be insulated to properly store hot or cold food.
  • The bag’s size should be at least 22 inches in width, 14 inches in length, and 13 inches in diameter.

It’s better in this case to purchase DoorDash’s bag because aside from its suitability, you can buy it using a promo code, which is more cost-efficient.

When you enroll in the program, DoorDash will send you the code, which will give you a discounted price.

That said, you should note that only you can use the promo code.

How to Join DoorDash’s Large Order Program

Now that you know whether you qualify for the program or not, you should know how to join it. Here are the steps you should follow:

  • Wait for an Invitation: unfortunately, DoorDash’s large order program is currently an invite-only program, so you’ll need to wait for your invitation after making sure you meet all the criteria. If you meet the criteria and don’t get an invitation, then the area you’re working in probably doesn’t have enough demand for large orders at the moment.
  • Confirm That Your Catering Bag Meets the Standards: after receiving the invitation, you have to confirm with DoorDash that your catering bag meets their standards by sending a picture, especially if it’s from a third party.
  • Wait for the Confirmation Email: if your bag meets the application’s requirements, you’ll receive a confirmation email that you’re now a member of the program.
  • Start Delivering: once you receive the confirmation email, you can start working on large deliveries right away.

How Profitable Is the Large Order Program?

As stated by DoorDash, large orders pay twice or thrice as much as regular deliveries. Of course, this translates to more tips, which is much more profitable.

For example, most high-value orders in this program are more than $100.

Since most customers give percentage tips (typically 10%), you’re looking at a decent number at the end of each month, especially if you work in a demanding neighborhood.

How Do Large Orders Work?

Large orders work just like small orders. If a customer needs a delivery, you’ll get a notification on the application that there’s a work opportunity.

Once you check its location and what’s needed from you as a Dasher, you can accept the order and head to the restaurant.

As usual, you’ll pick up the food, which is expected to be a large amount in comparison to regular deliveries. Then, you’ll deliver the order to the customer.

Keep in mind that you’re free to accept or reject delivery orders in this program.

Also, DoorDash doesn’t open and close at specific hours. It’s available 24/7 unless the application crashes. Accordingly, you should expect to get orders any time of the day.

Factors to Keep in Mind If You Join the Large Order Program

If you join the world of high-value orders, there are a few points you should keep in mind to maintain your credibility and eligibility as a Dasher.

Here’s a quick roundup:

  • Customers Have High Expectations: Since customers are paying large amounts of money for their orders, they expect better service. This means that you should be presentable, punctual, and communicative in case of a delay.
  • Large Orders Are Challenging to Deliver: Note that delivering large orders that feed ten or more people is different from delivering an order for two. These orders are usually larger, thus making it more challenging to deliver in the best state possible, and may take more time to get ready in the restaurant.
  • Not All Orders Are Large: Contrary to what people think, working in this program doesn’t entail that you only deliver expensive orders. You’ll also get regular offers, and they might be more than you’re expecting, so make sure to keep your expectations reasonable.

To Wrap Up

DoorDash’s catering program is an excellent side gig if you’re looking to make more money while working for the application.

It’s an invite-only program that requires specific performance criteria, like a high average star rating, set catering bag standards, and more than 200 lifetime deliveries.

To join the program, you only need to provide the eligibility criteria and wait for your invitation!

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