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DoorDash Not Working? How To Troubleshoot Common Issues

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Key Takeaways

  • Restart phone and app to fix frequent crashes and improve performance.
  • Update DoorDash and device OS to ensure compatibility and feature access.
  • Check internet connection, switch between Wi-Fi and cellular for stability.
  • Reinstall DoorDash to solve persistent issues and access the latest updates.

Like any other software, DoorDash’s application can encounter device- or app-related issues that prevent it from functioning properly.

Besides affecting the customers’ experience, they can undermine the service’s overall reliability, pushing users toward the company’s competitors and affecting its market position.

Fortunately, most of these problems can be solved through restarts, app reinstallations, and device updates.

Below, we’ll show you a number of helpful solutions for the frequent issues that users encounter, including app crashes and compatibility issues, so read on!

How to Troubleshoot DoorDash’s Application

Here’s how to troubleshoot common DoorDash issues.

Application Crashes

App crashes are commonplace, so don’t be shocked if your DoorDash app gets stuck on the login screen or exits to your home screen.

This is rarely caused by errors on DoorDash’s part. Most commonly, it’s due to outdated software, compatibility issues, corrupt data, or phone bandwidth. Here are a few potential fixes:

Why Does the DoorDash App Keep Crashing?

There are several reasons why the DoorDash app may crash, including:

  • Glitches caused by a coding error or a bug in the online food delivery app.
  • Problems with the app due to outdated software, compatibility issues, corrupt files, or system outage.
  • Lack of bandwidth on your phone when you’re running too many apps at once, or your phone doesn’t have enough space for the data required for DoorDash to run.
  • Internet issues when you’re in an area with a poor internet signal or unstable connectivity.

How to Check if the DoorDash App Crashed

If you suspect that the DoorDash app has crashed, you can confirm this by following these steps:

  1. Check if the app is responding to your touch.
  2. Check if you can access other apps on your phone.
  3. Check if you have a stable internet connection.

If the DoorDash app isn’t responding but you can access other apps or go online, the mobile app has probably crashed.

What to Do When the DoorDash App Crashes

1. Restart Your Phone

If your app is crashing frequently, begin by restarting your phone. This clears the cache and lessens the load on your phone, freeing up memory for the DoorDash app to use and booting out any corrupted files.

2. Clear DoorDash’s Cache

If that doesn’t work, try to clear DoorDash’s app cache. Here’s how to do it on an Android phone:

  • Navigate to your “Settings” app.
  • Tap on “Apps.”
  • Depending on your device and Android version, you may have to tap “Manage Apps” or choose an individual app from the list.
  • Select the app whose cache you’d like to clear. In this case, select “DoorDash – Food Delivery.”
  • Tap “Clear Cache.”

Unfortunately, iOS doesn’t have a universal option to clear the cache for all apps. Instead, try to offload the app—it’ll be uninstalled, but you’ll retain your app data for future use. Here’s how to do it manually:

  • Navigate to your “Settings” app.
  • Tap “General.”
  • Tap “iPhone Storage.”
  • Tap on the app you’d like to offload.
  • Tap on “Offload App.”

Clearing an app’s cache often resolves glitches and crashes because it might contain outdated or corrupted files that interfere with its functionality. In essence, you’re rebuilding the cache afresh, mending any file corruption.

3. Reinstall DoorDash

If DoorDash continues to crash after clearing its cache, you’ll need to reinstall it. This is one way to ensure you’re using the latest version, too.

Reinstalling the app will clear all your data, so you’ll need to log back in to your account the next time you access it. However, it usually resolves most—if not all—app-related issues.

If none of these tips work, the crashes are likely caused by device-related issues or external factors.

What to Do if the DoorDash App Crashes During Delivery

If the DoorDash app crashes during a delivery, follow these steps:

  1. Contact the customer and let them know what’s happening.
  2. Contact DoorDash’s customer support to resolve the problem. It’s best to take a screenshot of the error message or issue. This can help their customer support identify the app issue and provide assistance.

To prevent the DoorDash app from crashing, make sure your phone’s software is up to date.

Then, check whether you’re running the latest version of the Door Dash app.

Updates often come with bug fixes that prevent app crashes, so make sure to keep an eye out for those too.

Compatibility Issues

Compatibility issues are two-fold: they can be app-breaking, or you could end up missing certain features.

Your DoorDash app might glitch, freeze, or crash if your device doesn’t meet its requirements, or it won’t be able to offer or support the latest features and functionalities.

This can be especially frustrating since you’re likely to experience frequent issues with orders, customer support, refunds, and account security. Fixing compatibility is possible if you:

1. Ensure Minimum System Requirements

First, make sure your phone or tablet meets the app’s minimum requirements and has an up-to-date OS version.

DoorDash requires iOS or iPadOS 16.0 or later for iPhone and iPad devices. That translates to the iPhone SE 2nd generation and the iPad Air 3rd generation or newer.

For Android phones, the requirements are a bit blurry, but having an Android 5.0 or later device with at least 3GB of RAM is best. However, users on Reddit reported slowdowns on devices released as late as 2016, so the sweet spot is 4GB of RAM and Android 8.0 or higher.

While rare, storage issues could also be the culprit. Ensure you have enough space on your phone to install the app and its updates and accommodate new data. Low storage space can impact its performance.

2. Update DoorDash

Go to your app store, ensure that you’ve got the latest update installed for the DoorDash app, and accept any permissions it may require. Make sure your phone isn’t rooted or jailbroken, either. That could cause issues while accessing the app, as well as compromise your personal data.

Taking both steps will ensure you have a frustration-free ordering experience and eliminate all potential app freezes, glitches, and crashes. However, if your phone refuses to run DoorDash seamlessly or the app keeps pausing, it might be a sign you need an upgrade.

Server Communication Issues

A slow internet connection can be impeding in many ways. If you’re not struggling to make an order, a bad connection can cause issues when trying to track your delivery or contact your Dasher.

Internet-related issues can be difficult to maneuver because you’ll either have to hope they’re temporary and caused by a hiccup or, as a worse possibility, rethink your current data plan. Do the following steps if you’d like to fix your internet-related issues:

1. Restart Your Devices

Try restarting your phone and Wi-Fi, after ensuring you’re not in airplane mode. Surprisingly, that fixes a plethora of issues by itself. If possible, “forget” the network you’re connected to and re-enter the password to establish a fresh connection.

2. Check Wi-Fi and Cellular Data Signal

Check if you have strong Wi-Fi signal bars or a good cellular data signal. If not, try changing your location until you improve the signal strength, or invest in a Wi-Fi range extender.

3. Switch Between Wi-Fi and Cellular Data

If that’s still not it, try switching between Wi-Fi and cellular data to find what works best, and try activating and deactivating airplane mode to reset your network connection.

If none of these tips work, it could be that the issues stem from DoorDash itself, and there’s little you can do besides wait. Visit websites such as Downdetector to check if the service is experiencing an outage. Meanwhile, try other services, such as Uber Eats or Grubhub.

How Do You Know if Your DoorDash is Deactivated?

If your DoorDash account is deactivated, you’ll receive a notification in the Dasher app and/or your email.

This notification will explain why your account was deactivated, preventing you from accessing the DoorDash app or making deliveries. 

If you haven’t received any app notifications or emails, your account isn’t deactivated. That’s when you should contact the Dash app customer support for assistance.

Final Thoughts

Fixing the issues outlined above is a surefire way to get the DoorDash app working again seamlessly and retain your access to its countless partners. Thankfully, most of them are resolved by restarting your device and Wi-Fi and ensuring you have the latest updates installed.

However, if the app continues to be jittery on your side, you likely need to upgrade your phone or tablet.

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