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DoorDash Tracking: Where Is My Order?

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We’ve all been there.

You’ve ordered your favorite pizza, pasta, pu-pu platter, or pierogies through DoorDash, but when will it be at your door?  

Don’t waste your time peeking out of your window, waiting to see your DoorDash driver.

You can track your DoorDash order and know where your food is from pickup to your front door.  

Even if you’re traveling for business or pleasure, DoorDash tracking works on orders from some of America’s most exciting cities, such as New York and San Francisco.

Does DoorDash Let You Track Your Order?  

Knowing when your DoorDash delivery driver will be at your door lets you meet your delivery worker promptly.

It also helps you plan your day or night.

With this in mind, DoorDash designed its delivery app to track your orders from the moment the restaurant dispatches them all the way through delivery and arrival.  

How to Track a DoorDash Order  

There are several ways to track your DoorDash order, so you can choose the method that works best for you.

All these methods work better than standing in your driveway to look for your delivery to arrive.

1. Track Using DoorDash Notifications  

The easiest way to track a DoorDash order is to watch your smartphone for notifications from DoorDash.

The food delivery service will notify you where your order is, from preparation to transport and delivery.

Text messages will let notify you of delivery status from the moment of order acceptance if you opt for contactless delivery.

2. Track Using Maps  

If your DoorDash delivery driver has accepted your order, a map will pop up in the orders tab showing where your Dasher is.

The Dasher’s distance from the restaurant and delivery location, pinpointed on the map, will let you track your DoorDash delivery.

That way, you’ll know when to start setting the table.

This is an excellent method.

3. Track Manually by Contacting Restaurant  

You could also call the restaurant to see if your Dasher has picked it up.

Although this will let you know where your food delivery is you won’t know transit details between the restaurant and the drop-off location.

This may be the least convenient way to track an order since restaurants are often busy and might put you on hold.

4. Track by Contacting Delivery Driver  

Instead of calling the restaurant, you can also call your Dasher to find out where the driver is.

Your Dasher can give you the details about whether your food is ready to be picked up and the estimated time of arrival.

DoorDash does not share the personal details of their food delivery workers’, but you can contact them through the app to get a status update.

They can’t see your info either.

But food delivery workers are usually happy to give you a quick update on delivery.

DoorDash Tracking Statuses  

DoorDash orders have several tracking statuses, each of which is a distinct step in your order’s journey.

These status reports will help you plan your day or night and let you know that your favorite foods are en route to your delivery address.

vector graphic showing a screenshot of the DoorDash tracking screen on an order that has been placed by a customer

Order Confirmed  

The first step in your order is getting confirmation that a Dasher is accepting your delivery order and will be heading to your favorite restaurant to pick it up.

That means your food delivery is that much closer to your doorstep.

Before long, you can enjoy a dinner takeout delivery from DoorDash.

At the Restaurant  

The second DoorDash tracking status shows that your Dasher has arrived at the restaurant and is in the process of picking up your order.

Remember to ask for extras such as condiments, napkins, straws, and eating utensils when ordering, so your Dasher will include them.

The Dasher is on the Way to You  

This DoorDash tracking status lets you know your Dasher has your order along with condiments, napkins, and other necessities and is on the way to dropping off your order.

Since food delivery workers like to choose orders near their location, this means that your food is likely just minutes away.

Does DoorDash Notify You When Your Order is Delivered?  

Once your Dasher has arrived with your order, you might get a text message letting you know.

To get that text message instead of a knock at your door, you have to opt for contactless delivery.

Many customers like this option for the automatic updates and the quiet delivery.

What Happens if Your DoorDash Order Doesn’t Come?  

Nobody’s perfect, not even DoorDash.

If your DoorDash order does not arrive, report the problem to DoorDash.

Mobile phone users can select their order from the “Orders” tab and then tap “Help.”

Under “Delivery Issues,” tap on “Order never arrived.”

The screen will then show you prompts to either choose a refund or talk with a DoorDash spokesperson for further assistance.  


vector graphic showing illustration that explains "how does doordash work"

DoorDash Tracking Not Working  

You’ve placed your DoorDash order, but you don’t have your food yet.

You try tracking your order but are having problems.

These frequently asked questions on DoorDash troubleshooting may give you a hand when tracking your food order from DoorDash.

Why Can’t I Track my Order?  

The most common reason DoorDash customers can’t track their orders is that the restaurant delivers its orders.

You might see that message either on the store page or while checking out.

In this situation, DoorDash cannot track your delivery, so would want to contact the restaurant for delivery status.

It could also be that there is a DoorDash outage that is causing issues with the app.

DoorDash Delivered to Wrong House  

Your DoorDash food order is at the wrong house, and you are still without.

Reported such incident to DoorDash as “Order never received.”

Your Dasher may get a “Never delivered” contract violation.

One such infraction isn’t enough for a Dasher to be deactivated from DoorDash, but reports of many undelivered orders could lead to letting the driver go.  

One way to keep your DoorDash order from being delivered to the wrong location is to provide detailed location information on the delivery address when you are placing your order.

That should eliminate any confusion on delivery locations.  

DoorDash Says Delivered but not Here  

If you get a “Delivered” text from DoorDash but your order never arrived, the worker probably left your order at the wrong location.

If this happens to you, notify DoorDash of the problem, selecting “Order never received,” or talk with a DoorDash agent to resolve the issue.

Another common occurrence is that a driver or restaurant forgets something, resulting in an item missing from your DoorDash order.

DoorDash will probably refund your money, but you will have to make other dinner plans.

Can DoorDash Drivers See You Tracking Them?  

Just like DoorDash drivers see tips, they also know that the app tracks them while they’re delivering an order.

DoorDash delivery drivers most likely are aware that their customers can track them since they’re familiar with the DoorDash app and know how it works.

They know that customers receive text notifications with the order delivery status, and most likely, they appreciate the high-tech communication help.

If you know your order is coming and are ready to meet your driver, that makes the Dasher’s job easier.  

Frequently Asked Questions  

You may still have questions about DoorDash tracking, but these FAQs about DoorDash tracking and troubleshooting may give you the answers you need when ordering takeout.

These frequently asked questions should cover any issues with DoorDash deliveries you might have.

vector graphic showing a DoorDash driver at the door of a hotel for the post does doordash deliver to a hotel

Does DoorDash do Refunds?

Excellent customer service is paramount to DoorDash, so the food delivery app offers refunds, especially when a takeout order never arrives.

These may offer you a gift card.

But they do not refund orders for memberships or for food orders that are complete.

Each customer service situation is unique and handled on a personal level.

Can DoorDash Leave Food at the Door?  

Yes, DoorDash food delivery workers often leave food orders at customers’ doors.

Customers who choose contactless delivery can have their food delivery left on their doorstep.

In this situation, customers would have asked for a “no-knock” delivery and opted for a text message to notify them their food has arrived.  

Are Grubhub and DoorDash Tracking You as a User?  

Yes, GrubHub, DoorDash, and other food delivery apps track a customer’s location if they pick up orders curbside.

This lets the restaurants know when the customers have pulled into their parking lots so orders so they can bring them to the car the moment the customer arrives.

This is a win-win for customers and restaurants.

The Bottom Line  

One of the many advantages of ordering food through DoorDash and other food delivery apps is that you’ll know exactly where your food order is in the delivery status.

Knowing your DoorDash order’s delivery status is as easy as checking your text messages.  

DoorDash customers can order food to be delivered at home, work, or while traveling.

Whether you’re in New York or San Francisco, you can track your DoorDash order to know when your food delivery worker will be arriving with your dinner.

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