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How To Use DoorDash Tracking To Follow An Order You Placed

Sometimes a food order may be delayed or delivered to the wrong address. Doordash tracking knows where your order is at anytime. Here's how it works.

Key Takeaways

  • DoorDash allows real-time order tracking through their app from pickup to delivery.
  • Notifications and in-app maps enable tracking; direct contact with the Dasher is possible.
  • Tracking statuses include order confirmation, Dasher at restaurant, and Dasher en route.
  • Issues like app glitches or independent restaurant deliveries may affect tracking.

Does DoorDash Let You Track Your Order?

Yes, DoorDash allows you to track your order in real-time through its delivery app.

From the moment the restaurant dispatches your order, you can follow its progress until it arrives at your door. The app’s geo-fenced feature lets you see your food order’s journey from pickup to delivery.

Additionally, DoorDash notifies you when your order is in transit and upon arrival, enabling you to meet your delivery driver without the need to continuously watch for their arrival.

The app also sends a notification when your order is delivered, and you can choose between contact or contactless delivery.

How to Track a DoorDash Order

There are several ways to track your DoorDash order, so you can choose the method that works best for you.

1. Track Using DoorDash Notifications  

The simplest method to track a DoorDash order is by keeping an eye on your smartphone for updates from DoorDash. The service keeps you informed about your order’s status, from its preparation to transportation and final delivery.

If you choose contactless delivery, you will receive text messages updating you on the delivery status starting from the moment your order is accepted.

2. Track Using Maps  

Once your DoorDash delivery driver accepts your order, a map will appear in the orders tab of the app, displaying the location of your Dasher.

This map shows the Dasher’s distance from both the restaurant and your delivery address, allowing you to track the progress of your DoorDash delivery.With this feature, you can easily determine when to start preparing your table for the meal. This tracking method is highly effective.

3. Track Manually by Contacting Restaurant  

Alternatively, you can contact the restaurant to check if your Dasher has picked up your order.

While this method informs you whether your food has been picked up, it doesn’t provide details about the transit process between the restaurant and your delivery location.

However, this might be the least convenient tracking option, as restaurants can be busy and may put you on hold.

4. Track by Contacting Delivery Driver

Instead of calling the restaurant, you can also call your Dasher to find out where the driver is. Your Dasher can give you the details about whether your food is ready to be picked up and the estimated time of arrival.

DoorDash does not share the personal details of their food delivery workers’, but you can contact them through the app to get a status update.

They can’t see your info either. But food delivery workers are usually happy to give you a quick update on delivery.

DoorDash Tracking Statuses

DoorDash orders have several tracking statuses, each of which is a distinct step in your order’s journey.

These status reports will help you plan your day or night and let you know that your favorite foods are en route to your delivery address.

1. Order Confirmed

The first step in your order is getting confirmation that a Dasher is accepting your delivery order and will be heading to your favorite restaurant to pick it up.

That means your food delivery is that much closer to your doorstep.

Before long, you can enjoy a dinner takeout delivery from DoorDash.

2. At the Restaurant

The second DoorDash tracking status shows that your Dasher has arrived at the restaurant and is in the process of picking up your order.

Remember to ask for extras such as condiments, napkins, straws, and eating utensils when ordering, so your Dasher will include them.

3. The Dasher is on the Way to You

This DoorDash tracking status lets you know your Dasher has your order along with condiments, napkins, and other necessities and is on the way to dropping off your order.

Since food delivery workers like to choose orders near their location, this means that your food is likely just minutes away.

Why is DoorDash Taking So Long?

No app is perfect; not even DoorDash.

In case your DoorDash order is taking so long, here are some reasons.

  • Busy restaurant. The restaurant you put in your order may be busy dispatching other orders or dealing with in-house customers to ensure your order is delivered early. It may result in your dasher waiting in line for a while before they deliver your order.
  • Dasher is stuck in traffic. In most cases, weather and traffic are some delivery deterrents dashers face while in transit. Do not fret for your DoorDash delivery may not have arrived due to traffic problems.

What Happens if Your DoorDash Order Doesn’t Come?  

Nobody’s perfect, not even DoorDash. If your DoorDash order does not arrive, report the problem to DoorDash.

Mobile phone users can select their order from the “Orders” tab and then tap “Help.” Under “Delivery Issues,” tap on “Order never arrived.”

The screen will then show you prompts to either choose a refund or talk with a DoorDash spokesperson for further assistance.  

Troubleshooting: Why is DoorDash Tracking Not Working?

Suppose you have placed your DoorDash order, and it has not arrived yet. It likely means your DoorDash tracking is not working. Here are some of the reasons why:

  • Wrong phone settings: For the DoorDash app to work effectively, you need to set your smartphone so that the app can access the map, contacts, and other phone features that allow it to work effectively.
  • App glitches: App glitches are often a result of a failed system setting. For instance, your DoorDash app may have issues tracking your order and accepting payment, among other issues.
  • The food restaurant offers independent delivery: Not all cafés and restaurants depend on delivery services to deliver their clients’ orders. If you have ordered from one that does not deliver through DoorDash; instead, they independently deliver using their means, then you may not be able to access your order through DoorDash.

How to Fix Problems with the DoorDash Tracking

If DoorDash is not working for you, try some of these steps to get it working or understand what is wrong with the app feature.

1. Contact your Dasher

Suppose your DoorDash order takes longer than expected before it gets delivered; consider contacting the dasher through the app to give you a status update.

Chances are your dasher may be running late due to traffic or car issues, or they may have some network issues getting your details correct.

If your case falls under these categories, be patient and wait a while before calling the restaurant or customer care.

2. Call the Restaurant

Sometimes, a restaurant on DoorDash may decide to use its delivery services instead of relying on DoorDash.

You may have some challenges tracking your order through the app in such cases. Consider calling the restaurant to get your order status and the means of delivery they are using.

If that’s not the case, the restaurant may have some issues with the app on their side and will assure you of the delivery once they solve the problems.

3. Contact DoorDash Customer Service

Sometimes, it may be difficult to locate some restaurants in your location through the DoorDash app. In other instances, you may have issues making your DoorDash payments or with app glitches.

To counter these problems, consider contacting the DoorDash support center through texts or calls for help.

Their customer service workers will help you find what you are looking for or aid in your checkout process through remote access.

4. Close and Reopen the App

If your DoorDash app freezes or is not working right, you should force close and try restarting the app.

If you are working with a desktop monitor or laptop, try Alt+Ctrl+Delete to shut down the glitching app.

You can try deleting and reinstalling the app if this does not work.

Consider following the onscreen instructions to navigate to the app page and uninstall the app from your device.

Later, go to the app store, search for DoorDash, and install it back to your device.

Later, you can feed your account details to the app and hope the issue is fixed.

5. Reset Your Phone

Whenever the DoorDash app is not working correctly, chances are your phone is experiencing some malfunctioning due to system overload or app multitasking. These issues may demand a phone reset.

Although you may lose all your account details, after resetting, hopefully after reinstalling your DoorDash app, it will work more efficiently.

Frequently Asked Questions  

Does DoorDash do Refunds?

Excellent customer service is paramount to DoorDash, so the food delivery app offers refunds, especially when a takeout order never arrives.

These may offer you a gift card. But they do not refund orders for memberships or for food orders that are complete. Each customer service situation is unique and handled on a personal level.

Can DoorDash Leave Food at the Door?  

Yes, DoorDash food delivery workers often leave food orders at customers’ doors. Customers who choose contactless delivery can have their food delivery left on their doorstep.

In this situation, customers would have asked for a “no-knock” delivery and opted for a text message to notify them their food has arrived.  

Are Grubhub and DoorDash Tracking You as a User?  

Yes, GrubHub, DoorDash, and other food delivery apps track a customer’s location if they pick up orders curbside.

This lets the restaurants know when the customers have pulled into their parking lots so orders so they can bring them to the car the moment the customer arrives. This is a win-win for customers and restaurants.

What happens when nobody picks up your DoorDash order?

If all dashers are occupied and no one is available to pick up your order, then it may get canceled, and DoorDash will make a timely refund.

Do DoorDash drivers get penalized for missing items?

DoorDash drivers are not penalized for missing items in an order, as the responsibility for preparing and sealing orders lies with the restaurant. If an item is missing, the issue typically falls on the restaurant, not the driver. Customers can report missing items to DoorDash for investigation.

Wrapping Up

Today, ordering your food through DoorDash is quite convenient as it allows you to track your order’s delivery status.

However, DoorDash’s live tracking does not always operate efficiently as intended due to several reasons, including:

  • App glitches
  • Phones settings
  • Restaurants’ independent delivery

Fortunately, you can troubleshoot by closing and restarting the app and resetting your phone. You can also call the dasher or the restaurant and contact customer service to check for a status update or get help with the app.

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