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E-ZPass Violations To Avoid & What To Do If you Don’t

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Key Takeaways

  • E-ZPass violations arise when a vehicle doesn’t pay the toll in an E-ZPass lane, incurring a toll fee and an administrative charge.
  • Common violations include toll evasion, insufficient funds, expired cards, and speeding in toll lanes.
  • To handle violations, pay fees online or by mail; disputes can be raised for incorrect charges.
  • To avoid violations, keep transponder funded and mounted properly; update credit card info regularly.

What is an E-ZPass Violation?

An E-ZPass violation happens when a vehicle goes through an E-ZPass toll lane but doesn’t pay the toll with an E-ZPass transponder. This leads to the vehicle owner receiving an E-ZPass toll violation notice.

If you’re issued an E-ZPass violation, you’re required to pay not only the missed tolls but also an administrative fee.

The administrative fee can be substantial, sometimes exceeding $50, even for a toll as small as $1.50.

Common E-ZPass Violations

Common E-ZPass Violations include:

  1. Toll Evasion: Driving through an E-ZPass lane without a functioning, active transponder results in a violation. Transponders must be correctly mounted, either on the windshield or front bumper, to ensure the toll booth reads them.
  2. Insufficient Funds: Your E-ZPass account must have enough funds to cover tolls. Violations occur when the account balance is zero. Setting up automatic account refills can prevent this.
  3. Expired or Cancelled Credit Card: If the card linked to your E-ZPass is invalid, your account can’t be refilled, leading to insufficient funds. Link a backup card or account to avoid this issue.
  4. Improperly Mounted Transponder: Incorrectly mounted transponders may not be read by toll scanners. Interior transponders should be on the upper windshield with arrows pointing up, and exterior ones above the license plate on the front bumper.
  5. Transponder Malfunction: If a correctly installed transponder with sufficient funds doesn’t scan, it may be malfunctioning. Contact E-ZPass customer service for troubleshooting or replacement.
  6. Incorrect License Plate: The license plate number on your E-ZPass account must match the vehicle’s plate. Inform E-ZPass if using the transponder with a different vehicle.
  7. Vehicle Type Issues: Some vehicle windshields interfere with transponder scanning. In such cases, use an external transponder mounted on the front bumper.
  8. Speeding through Toll Lane: Exceeding the speed limit in E-ZPass lanes can result in a violation, as the transponder records your speed.

What Happens if you Receive a Violation?

If you receive an E-ZPass violation, it typically includes the toll amount plus an administrative processing fee.

The notice will detail the date, location, and include photos of your vehicle at the toll plaza. It’s important to read the notice carefully.

You can pay this fee by mailing the lower portion of the notice to the specified address, or opt for online or phone payment.

To dispute the violation, you can call the number on the notice or mail in a filled-out dispute section from the notice with supporting evidence.

This can be particularly relevant if the vehicle photographed is not yours, or if there was a malfunction with your transponder.

In cases of a malfunction or incorrect installation, you might request a new transponder. Additionally, E-ZPass may waive the administrative fee, especially for first-time violators.

If the violation was due to insufficient funds in your E-ZPass account, ensure to refill it. In case the linked credit card has expired, update its information or provide a new card.

How to Check E-ZPass Violations

To check E-ZPass violations, visit the website of the state that issued the violation.

On the site, you can search for violations using the violation number, your E-ZPass account, or your license plate number. Creating an account login on the site also allows you to pay any violations online.

Some of the states that use E-ZPass and their sites are listed below:

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the fine for the E-ZPass violation due?

The due date for an E-ZPass violation fine is typically within 14 or 30 days, as specified in the violation notice. Delaying payment or dispute resolution risks additional late fees and potential loss of vehicle registration.

Does E-ZPass send you a receipt to your house after you pay the violation?

If you paid the fine online or have an email on record, you will likely receive your receipt via email.

Will unpaid tolls affect my credit score?

Unpaid toll violations can be sent to a debt collection agency, similar to other unpaid bills. Debts in collections can negatively impact your credit score. To avoid this, ensure you pay fines and tolls promptly.

Can I use someone else’s E-ZPass in New York?

You can borrow someone else’s E-ZPass or use yours for a rental vehicle, but let E-ZPass know the license plate of the car that you will be driving. You can temporarily add the car to the E-ZPass account to avoid having it flagged for not matching the license plate number on file.

To Sum it Up

The E-ZPass makes traveling through tolls faster and more convenient.

It is widely used on roads in many states across the country.

To get the most out of your E-ZPass, make sure it is installed correctly, has sufficient funds to cover the tolls, and that you pay any violations that you receive as soon as possible.

Drive safely and carefully – and take the E-ZPass Only toll lane!

1 thought on “E-ZPass Violations To Avoid & What To Do If you Don’t”

  1. I thoroughly dislike the idea of having to link my EZ Pass account to my credit card which You then KEEP ON FILE! The way you have this set up there are evidently no more cash lanes and I am being forced against my will to have your service. Until you manage to get EZ Pass required by law (which it is not) you Abdolutely MUST provide OPEN CASH LANES on highways. I am most certainly NOT a happy user. It’s a royal nuisance.


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